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Monday, 12 November 2012

2016 Charter for BBC in question

It's been a year in which the painful shortcomings of the BBC have become all too obvious. There was the disaster of the Royal Jubilee river pageant, during which the world's broadcast technology leader with a £5bn a year budget couldn't even manage to maintain an audio stream from some boats in the middle of the capital's river to its banks because of drizzly rain, though the content, produced by the BBC's Head of Jackanory, was deeply insulting to anyone over 12 years old anyway. We learned that the BBC's new breed of reporters, like David Cameron, are deeply ignorant of our history; Lock the hatters, they avowed, made the hat worn by Nelson at Waterloo. 

We also had the BBC outclassed at every turn in reporting events in Libya, and currently Syria. Whilst Sky and Al-Jazeera film teams were up with the action on the ground, the risk-averse BBC teams, four times the size, filmed from their hotel balconies. Sky gave us the fresh debris of war and tracer rounds impacting on adobe walls whilst the BBC gave us distant plumes of smoke over the rooftops.

The Olympics were not filmed by the BBC and therefore went OK. 

Then, with interludes telling of coke-snorting on Blue Peter and Pudsey being in re-hab, we learned that the BBC's Saint Jimmie was actually Britain's most prolific kiddie-fiddler, abusing children under the BBC's banner for decades; "We thought everyone knew" they said, echoing the position argued by Labour's Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman that “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage”. Harman was no doubt duly astonished at the stream of highly-damaged individuals who subsequently appeared on other channels telling their stories. 

That the Savile story wasn't broken by the BBC was the result of an editorial timidity exemplified by the Corporation's new Chief Executive, George Entwhistle, a man as charismatic a leader as an aged Galapagos tortoise, and with about as much sustained interest in his own organisation. Then the McAlpine story that was broken, and missed the target by a mile. Even this blog warned against mistaken identity. 

And now Incurious George gets a whacking payout from the TV tax in return for his past credulity and future good behaviour, still sulking and clearly believing the need for his resignation was 'not fair'. The BBC's 2007 Charter, awarded for 10 years, made it fair; the BBC Trust, headed by Lord Patten, was for the first time completely operationally independent from the broadcast organisation - and clearly Patten believes this also means that the Trust has no responsibility whatsoever for operational disasters, for his own resignation is slow in coming.

The shape of the BBC's new Charter from 2016 must now be in serious question. The need for change is manifest. The Culture Secretary now has the opportunity to re-think the Charter from the ground up - though I have little hope this omnishambles government will actually have the will to tackle the task.


Anonymous said...


- Apologist in chief for;
the EU and all it's corrupt evil works,
Agenda 21,
global warming fictions,
Islamification of Britain and Europe,
Paedophilia amongst the upper echelons of British society,
the Labour party,
Tony Blair,
Ted Heath.

DeeDee99 said...

The BBC needs to be broken up and its permanent revenue stream from the Licence Poll Tax needs to go.

But none of LibLabCON will do it. They haven't the guts and unfortunately the great British public will rally to the BBC's defence if they are threatened with losing EastbloodyEnders and the rest of the daily drivel it pumps out.

In view of Entwhistle's outrageous severance package I've cancelled my Direct Debit and emailed the Trust to tell them. I will pay up eventually, but they can whistle for their money for a few months. A small protest but I feel slightly better now.

G. Tingey said...

You really are seriously deluded, arn't you?

Let's see the person NOT responsible (because he had been "in charge about 2 months) has been forced to resign.
The catholic fat creep Patten is still in charge ....
As for you comments:
The EU - the beeb ar REPORTING - maybe you've heard of it?
Same way as during the Falkland war it was the MoD & the guvmint the fucked-up, but the beeb got the can for it!
What "agenda 21"? - some imaginary conspiracy I assume?
GW IS REAL (there is a scam, perpetrated by guvmint & the fuel companies, but that is a separate story.
Grow up.
Islamification - agian, this is (a) reporting & 9b) the beeb is horribly soft on all religions - church ckooks, liars & blackmailers (of any "church") get a ridiculously easy ride - seculariam, never mind atheism does not get a look in.
MArxism is a religion of course, & in Europe it is dead, anyway. So more codswallop.
Paedophila is again reporting.

I think you need to report yourself to the nearest bi, actually ....

This whole business is very British.


Anonymous said...

The BBBC is totally immune, detached, remote, insulated and unreachable. Did you hear the rediculous Dimblebum on Today this morning? Untouchable,one of generations of Dimblebums who have sucked on the teat of the BBBC at the licence payers expense. It is characteristic of public purse feeders that they are oblivious to little people. Fat Pang is just another one, cut from the same cloth as Two Jags and the Welsh windbag, nourished on public funds, other peoples money.

Bob said... are obviously too lazy to investigate anything for yourself but I'll give you a start..

Anonymous said...

Greg... normally I'd enjoying rebutting your comments, but in this case a simple "Fuck off you leftist prick" will have to suffice..

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@G Tingey: yes it does look a bit "unfair" in Entwhistle, that he was engulfed in this shitstorm so soon after starting the job, but hey - that's what he gets the big bucks for.

If you're in charge, you're responsible. End of.

It makes no difference whether it's your platoon, your shift, your watch, your ship, or your enormous multinational organisation: if a screw-up occurs, you're the man.

Ask Lord Carrington, or John Browne, or Fred the Shred, or - now - George Entwhistle.

With reward comes risk.

Anonymous said...


I understand the responsibility bit completely. However, what gets my goat is the pay off. 20x the national average wage; pretty much a lottery win; enough to set up your average working Joe for life. And guess what, its my money and yours; and its all part of the "f*ck the tax payer" mentality of people who collect and spend tax payers money.

If anything is going to start riots in this country it will be people who deliberately steal then waste our money.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Well, in the US we feel your pain.
We have the Public Broadcasting System which is so leftist it thinks Stalin mollycoddled the Kulaks.
However, it has a bunch of Muppets spouting left wing propaganda to toddlers so we can't defund it.
The only way to deal with all the US Media is to ignore it and try not to fund it in any way (except for our taxes, which we know will be misused by our Fearless Leader.)
I'm waiting for the US newspapers and commercial broadcasters to start getting public funding because they can't keep their heads above water otherwise.
The do such good work for the government (Democrats only) that I'm sure they will be rewarded with lots of public funds (as are all the Fearless Leader's cronies).

mikebravo said...

Tingey has forgotten to take it's medication again and reverted to the usual abusive, I'm right so you are all wrong mode.

G. Tingey said...

No I am not leftist (I do have a prick, so I'll ignore that)

I find the BBC excellent value for money, but then it is free (I don't have a TV) & raidios 3 & 4 are sufficient for my needs.

The only area that I have problems with the beeb is its horrible softness on religion, but that is understandable, given the peole in charge, & the attitude of crawlers like Cameron & Blair to the lying blackmail of religion.

G. Tingey said...

Oh I forgot.

I've just been shocked by a "real leftist" - actually another sadly deluded and mad person, as far out on the other side as some of you [plese read my post in the previous thread to understand).

If you can stomach it, read THIS:

Warning, it is deeply unpleasant.

mikebravo said...

You are not wrong there Tingy.
What a puffed up twat!
He was asked on behalf of the students. If he didn't want to do it he should have passed the ball to someone who would.
I fully expect to see him as a Labour party parachutee soon bestowing his infinite wisdom on the plebs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we ought to be framing the future of the BBC, rather than leaving it to the politicos to decide.

J P Floru wrote a piece on ConHome today, suggesting that the BBC be privatised.

Naturally, with nary a successful privatisation under its belt (where the taxpayer wins), the peasants are not too keen - and I'm one of those.

I wouldn't mind if the BBC were broken up and sold off, so long as:

* we, the taxpayer, weren't forced to finance the winning bidder's future earnings - i.e., the winner sinks or swims on his own efforts and is not backstopped in any way by UK citizens' cash, except on an entirely voluntary basis, entered into via individual contracts.
* the public gets a return on what it has already invested in the BBC - perhaps by way of free access to BBC archives.
* the winning bidder pays tax in this country and does not use taxpayers/consumers here to subside operations in other countries.

Anonymous said...

Fausty - pretty good ideas there.

G. Tingey said...

"Many successful privatisations"
Like erm,
The railways?
The phone company which now charges me for my time while I pay their bills the lying theives?
The incompetence of the water companies.

err ....

On the matter of the real religious bleliever, the ULU vice-president ...
apparently a large number of students are now demanding his resignation/removal, I'm glad to say.

However, this guy REALLY IS A "socialist" unlike the false accusations made against me.
Note the religious beleif in "socialism" (By which he means marxism) the acceptance as true of doctrines & accounts that are known & proven false & & etc ...

Deluded? yes!
Nasty little twerp?
Yes,that too!

Budgie said...

Raedwald, good post. The BBC is corrupt and rotten, as only a statist corporatist entity financed by a monopoly tax can be.

We all know the BBC uses Guardian journos to excess who are as biased as the come. The BBC promotes its own interests first then the EU, the EZ, CAGW, statism, abortion, under age sex, middle-class Marxism, and is vehemently opposed both to all things Thatcher, and to religion where its output is at level suitable for 10 year olds.