Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bent poll from the 'Media Standards Trust'

The 'Mail' this morning explains how the Media Standards Trust rigged a recent poll question on press regulation in favour of a Big State regulator, thereby demonstrating the levels of distortion, omission and misrepresentation we can come to expect from this off-shoot of the 'Common Purpose' cult. 

Like the Moonies and the Branch Davidians before them, these cultists always start by peddling a web of lies, part-truths, inventions and inversions and contortions of the truth. They then accuse everyone else of lying

The Media Standards Trust is nothing of the sort. It has none of the talent of the media, its standards are in the gutter and it is unworthy of public trust. 


Barnacle Bill said...

I'd put Common Purpose in the tin foil file, but now I'm beginning to think they are a bigger and more real threat than I took them for.

The sort of Opus Dei of local politics?

Anonymous said...

As soon as I see the word "trust" as interpreted by common purpose...

I run for the hills..

As should everyone.

I don't see Cameron trying to ban these cu*ts.

Instead of moaning about "the cuts" we should be moaning about "the cults", but the BBC has been infected too, indeed it is one of the main vectors.

G. Tingey said...

If you read the questions in the two polls, they are anything biut identical.

"Framing" the question, & loading oit, can give very different answers.

Quite franky, I wouldn't trust EITHER "result" quoted, since one appeared to be loaded-up by CP & the othe by the Murdoch press.
Which would suggest, to me, that they are both crooked liars.

Doesn't help, though, does it?

Restoring Britain said...

Like the commenter above, the language is very different. They're the same question though.

It's a great illustration of what seperates the harder left and those of a more small c conservative persuasion.

To those on the left, the war is everything. It's never over and the war is one of inches in an effort to dominate the culture. A vital part of that is language - suitably placed words that evoke a preferred response in the people hearing them. Like it or not, it will have an effect. Like in this case, the question is essentially the same but the words are very different and likely to elicit the response they did.

They get this but such an approach is something that is either an anathema to small c conservatives or they just don't make the connection.

The problem is whilst they don't get it or don't understand it's importance, they will always find themselves on the losing side. The left have an aim of their big state utopia and drive it forward. Conservative / Libetarian thinking is more live and let live. If one's pushing and the other isn't resisting and just screaming in howls of outrage, the result will be the one we're getting.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the press are to blame for this mess and loss of freedoms should statutory regulation go ahead. This has been the most spectacular own goal in the history of freedom and democracy (other than voting for Tony Blair that is). What on earth did they expect? The press very rightly uncovered the whole ugly machinations of our MPs and they should, at the that time, taken a hard look at their own house to see if it was in order. Having hurled the stones, they should have made damn sure that their opposition had no ammunition to fire back with. But no. Sun Tsu's "Art of War" 10 principles eluded them. Their own grubby practices were seen as an open goal for 660 angry-as-wasps MPs and this was their once in a lifetime chance to get back at the press and gag it for good.

Every country in the world is watching what happens in Britain with the Leveson outcome. If our press comes under state regulation then it will be a Siberian day for freedom and a rosy glow will settle on those dictators and demagogues who seek to stifle it.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

CP rife here in Rotherham too. Their by-election candidate and also Joyce Thacker! No surprises there then!

Anonymous said...

Rotherham, maybe, the cntus can be stuck, lets hope it really happens,

On the press thing, nobody cares much, not once have I come across the topic unsolicited in a conversation nor have I heard other or anybody discussing it or anything to do with the freedom of the press. I use italics because the press ain't free - it's nearly as biased and up its own arse as the BBC undoubtedly is but it is relatively free of the common purpose drones and that's what the left hate and why they abhor the free press so much!

In the end and Dave will cave; if it is regulated by those numb nuts in House-of-Jackasses - then the public may well get interested then and it will be too late in the day.

Budgie said...

The BBC claims it is something that's impossible: impartial. All humans have faults, and those that have gravitated to the BBC have the common-purpose/guardinista/statist/CAGW-believer faultline.

Newspapers also have their faults and biases but at least we don't have to suffer the misplaced smugness of the BBC from them. The wide variety of newspaper stances gives the customer both the freedom to choose and the chance that a story will be aired somewhere, unlike the monolithic BBC.

I am categorically opposed to a state regulation of the press. As Ian Hislop said all the recent press wrongdoing investigated by Leveson is already illegal. The state already had the remedy but failed to exercise it because both the police and MPs were (are?) corrupt.