Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bercow's contempt for the British people

As Speaker, Bercow is not only the moderator of debate in the Commons chamber, he stands as First Commoner in the Realm and represents every un-nobled one of us. When he sits in Parliament his eyes and his ears are those of forty-five million electors and when he speaks his voice has the authority of the people of Britain. Or so it should be, and so it was with all but two of the Speakers I can remember in my lifetime. George Thomas, Bernard Weatherill and Betty Boothroyd were each, in their way, perfect for the sessions of Parliament over which they presided. The office of Speaker itself somehow raised each in dignity and endowed each with an amplification of the qualities of fairness, equity and balance and a diminution of their partisan and personal pasts.

The magic of the office has failed abysmally in the case of the past two speakers - a Gorbals bully-boy of remarkable stupidity and corruption and a preening, divisive, poisonous pygmy. Not only have both been utterly immune to the dignifying effect of the office but neither gained a jot in admirable qualities. Rather, their times in the Chair allowed the very worst of their own vices, weaknesses and failings to become manifest and infect the body of the House like a foul cancer. And this is nowhere more apparent than in their enthusiasm for taking money. Martin tried to hide his own squalid peculation by blocking for as long as he was able the public release of details of members' expenses. Bercow's own record of questionable claims, and his refusals to marginally reduce his own rewards as other senior office holders have done, leave him looking mean and grubby, but this is not his principal offence. 

Bercow has plotted to neuter and destroy the authority of the IPSA, the body representing the interests of the British electorate in regulating the taking of public money by MPs. As a body it should not have been necessary, but the revelations of gross abuse in the Rotten Parliament sadly made it so - and as such the IPSA particularly deserves the support and protection of the Speaker as First Commoner. 

Bercow has betrayed and besmirched his office and has expressed nothing but contempt for we, the people who look to the Speaker as the pinnacle of our estate. I repudiate him utterly and wholly as anathema and false-Speaker, and urge all the commoners of this Realm to do the same.


DeeDee99 said...

The people of Buckingham committed an act of utter stupidity when they re-elected Bercow to act as Speaker, instead of putting Farage in the House.

Mind you - it doesn't seem to be doing Farage or UKIP any great harm, whearas Bercow is simply bringing the role of Speaker into disrepute (again).

Mind you - anyone who can marry the appalling tart he did, has immediately demonstrated that he has absolutely no dignity.

Anonymous said...

Deedee: " marry the appalling tart he did, "

Please she is a proud and self confessed slut, perhaps the first slut of the realm. A little respect please.

Observer said...

To The Editor
Daily Telegraph


If you read this blog a suggestion. Recruit Raedwald as either a columnist to replace Mary Riddell or reinstate the erstwhile "Another Voice" which I seem to recall was penned by Auberon Waugh.

A subscriber but an unhappy one.

Nick Drew said...

urge all the commoners of this Realm to do the same

I beg to second

G. Tingey said...

Perfect piece in every respect.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Jerkof and his strumpet squeeze. Kindred spirits and like peas in a pod, human excreta. Undoubtedly, he is the perfect placement for the position as Westminster Speaker in the house of whores.

Anonymous said...

Bercow is a product of our HoC party political class. He was elected by the Labour MPs to enrage the Tory MPs. It's all of a piece with the squalor of the HoC.
He therefore is a very suitable representative of the ordinary commoner who elected the rabble he presides over.

Anonymous said...


investment in farmland said...

Fourthed I'd add. Perfectly well stated.

Anonymous said...
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Anon 2 said...

Hear, Hear, Raedwald.

Thank you.