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Monday, 26 November 2012

Tiger Tiger ...

Both Artur Mas and Alex Salmond must be musing today on that eternal politician's refrain; how much simpler politics would be without the voters. Scotland's independence movement has highly committed and driven politicians but an indifferent public, whilst in Catalonia the reverse is true. Artur Mas has coupled his CIU party to the popular surge for independence for electoral advantage, only to find that he is riding a tiger. The Catalonians want a referendum now on independence, but Snr Mas will only commit today (post result) to 'consult' them sometime during the next four years.

Doubts amongst the voters about Artur Mas' real commitment to Catalun independence cost him twelve seats; the votes going to the left-wing ERC, strongly pushing a separatist Catalonia, who won twenty-one seats. We now face the prospect of a militant and angry public out on the streets of Barcelona pushing a reluctant Artur Mas and his CIU to give them a referendum sooner rather than later, with the ERC inside the 135-seat assembly holding daggers to his kidneys for the same end. Awkward buggers, voters. 

Tigers have a habit of eating those who ride them, and the red and yellow stripes of this one may yet turn on Mas is he doesn't heed this electoral warning. Caught between the Scylla of voter passion and the Charybdis of Madrid's intransigence the formerly moderate Snr Mas, who originally wanted only more autonomy within a Spanish federation, may regret ever pushing the independence button for electoral advantage. 



Ian Hills said...

Of course, it won't be REAL independence the Catalans and the Scots get - just the regionalisation of Europe under the Brussels jackboot.

Anonymous said...

It defies logic Ian doesn't it?

The Irish have spent (depending on who is speaking) centuries trying to break free of "evil" London, only to sell themselves (not like being invaded) to something which in textbook terms is 100% fascist, but has not been tested yet... The first member to leave will find out.

Now here are the Catalans and the Scots preparing to do exactly the same thing, so it is no wonder that the ordinary folk... those wise enough not to go into politics, are looking somewhat askance at the antics of these cretins.

G. Tingey said...

The Catalans are ALSO reacting the way they do, because the current Madrid guvmint is a really unpleasant mix of catholic stooges, pining for the days of El Caudillo ....
If this was not the case, I doubt that their desire for independance would be so great?

Span Ows said...

It will be interesting to see what rainbow coalition emerges in Catalonia, also, the total seats of all those overtly pro-Independence actually went DOWN by a couple of seats (76 to 74), still enough get referendum though, and to push it through if they go for a 50% 'win'.