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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Expenses-thief Kaufman calls for press muzzle

Expenses-thief Gerald Kaufman not unsurprisingly called for press regulation yesterday. Kaufman's display of Golders Green kitsch at the taxpayer's cost included bespoke grapefruit bowls, a 42" plasma TV and other expensive and luxurious home furnishings all of which he said were absolutely necessary for his role an an MP. Since the Telegraph's exposure of his gross peculation, Kaufman has been smarting and looking for an opportunity to get his revenge. Leveson is it. A regulated press would be blocked from publishing details of Gerald's exquisite vulgar and tacky cut glass tableware. No wonder so many MPs also support Kaufman's position.

In fact, it's not hard to see how the pro- and anti- regulation supporters line up. Those in favour of press regulation include alcohol-abusing footballers with lives of unconstrained promiscuity, adulterous TV personalities, mendacious politicians, Russian oligarchs, bent and incompetent bankers, high street chains selling slave-wage goods, unethical doctors, arms dealers, con-men, Ponzi-schemers and snake-oil salesmen, corrupt Whitehall mandarins, fat-cat quangocrats, actors who pay for sex, lying Eurocrats, PR agents seeking to gull the public, negligent pharmaceutical companies, polluters and waste-dumpers, price-fixing energy companies, actresses with rotten septums, arselicking minor royals with a fondness for dictators, drunken Saudi princes, war criminals in hiding, benefit cheats, insane Council jobsworths, bent coppers, thieving public contractors, sex offenders, overpaid BBC executives, incapable military commanders, and every single minister, junior minister or PPS in government. 

And you really only have to look at those in favour of it to understand what a very, very, bad idea it is.


BrianSJ said...

Those in favour: The listing is a wonderful itemization of the "establishment".

Anonymous said...

The establishment?
Putrid to the core.

G. Tingey said...

Unfortunately, when the press cannot be truatsed not to interfere in a murder enquiry, and hack into a a murdered schoolgirl's phone, for "a story" then regulation IS the only answer.

Now what?
Because I agree that the grubby details of public figures like Kaufmann SHOULD be exposed.
Where does one draw the line & how, remebering that there should be "one law for all" ???
becoming an leected MP or accepting a post in the Lords' means that you have, by taking that post, surrendered you private-person's privacy rights?
Would that fly?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand this, the whole sorry affair [Levenson] was over originally a trumped up charge.

The subsequent circus, after the original lie was proved to be just that was lost in the Z-sleb frenzy.
Then, a parade and long line of drug and sex addled self publicizing jerks - telling us how put out and sorry for themselves they all were.
Further, which cost us, the taxpayer millions to advertise how fawningly obeisant the judiciary is towards the chatterati.

Now someone tell me - what was the point of this exercise?

Newspaper censorship?

The Times is behind a paywall, the Telegraph self censors all comments on disqus and the rest of the rabble - are only interested in tits and gossip.
The Graun and the Mirror were at it, tapping up the coppers and bugging left right and centre and that has been hushed up - so give me a break.

AGAIN: so what exactly is the problem?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The first thing to be regulated should be G. Tingey's comments.

Because I don't agree with him and would like him silenced.

Q: In what way is this different from the "argument" used by the Political Class as so spendidly catalogued by our host?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Anon 0908: more seriously, you miss the point; they'll start with newspapers, but then it will turn out that newspapers aren't the real problem, so they'll move on to their real target, which is the blogs, Twitter, and the internet generally.

It's always a wedge, thin end of.


Argue from principle, don't engage them on the details.

Anonymous said...

Regulation of the internet.
Heading towards you on the crest of a child-porn wave....any excuse will do, but child-porn is the best because nobody will complain in case they self-label themselves.
Who can forget the Paediatrician who had to move after being "outed" by his job title...the dumbos' thought he was a paedophile, because they know f*** all.
Those too think to think alone are easily recognised, by the ring in their nose.

Anonymous said...

Or too thick to type think instead of thick !!

English Pensioner said...

There are already laws against most of the things that the press has done wrong. There are laws against phone hacking, defamation, bribery and most of the other crimes that the media are alleged to have committed. It's just that the police, generally, aren't interested. I'm sure that they wouldn't have investigated the hacking without pressure from some "Celebs". Similarly there are laws against bribery, but again the fact that some of the police were involved would have been a problem.

The only problem area is that defamation which is a civil matter, and most of us couldn't afford to face up to the media in court. This is the only area where some change in the law might be appropriate; just as the police investigate if someone makes a complaint about racism, perhaps they should also be able to investigate is someone complains that they have been defamed by the media.
Otherwise, just leave things alone but enforce the existing laws.

Budgie said...

G Thingey said: ".... hack into a murdered schoolgirl's phone, for "a story" then regulation IS the only answer."

No, it ISN'T. It is a price worth paying for press vigilance on our lords and masters (as listed by Raedwald). NI did not murder, or cause the murder of, the child, merely obtained information illegally.

Nasty and unlawful though this is (yes it is already illegal) it is far less harm even than the loss of jobs on the NoW, let alone holding the establishment to account.

Demetrius said...

I've got a little list and none of them will be missed, or words to that effect. Perhaps the establishment prefer everything to be done by rumour and random thinking on the internet>

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Apropos Tingey's usual tendentious bollocks, we should remember Enoch Powell's comment: "a freedom that cannot be abused is not worth having"

Anonymous said...

I think the ultimate goal is censoring the internet since that is the real source for non-government controlled info.
In the US, at least, 90% of the media already self-censor anything harmful to the establishment (other than Republicans) and frankly, the Republicans don't really matter much anymore (at least not for the next few years).
If the information is obtained illegally, prosecute for that crime.
In the US, the left is never prosecuted for anything along this line, even obvious crimes like stealing national secrets. The right, well that's different.
One interesting factoid is that the Obama Administration has prosecuted more 'whistleblowers' than several earlier administrations combined.
Fortunately, that isn't a problem because nothing Fearless Leader does is wrong.

Ancient + Tattered Airman said...

Oh come on Raedwald. Don't pull your punches. Speak your mind! (While we still can).

cascadian said...

An excellent list, with well-chosen adjectives, may I add one more?

Climate trend fabricators.

Anonymous said...

"In the US, the left is never prosecuted for anything along this line, even obvious crimes like stealing national secrets. The right, well that's different.
One interesting factoid is that the Obama Administration has prosecuted more 'whistleblowers' than several earlier administrations combined.
Fortunately, that isn't a problem because nothing Fearless Leader does is wrong."

Are the USofA aping the Europeans?
Or, have the Bilderberger claque taken over the world?

Good grief, the Green loonies/EU/BBC/progressives/Marxists et al wet their knickers over this side of the pond when Muslim-in-chief won again.

Anonymous said...

The internet is an information instrument that was outside the control of the establishment. This could not be allowed to go on.

So it will be child porn and paedophilia, that will be used as an excuse to gag the internet. That has been on the agenda for well nigh ten years. The Saville affair is just the right "perfect storm" for getting what the establishment crooks want.


William Gruff said...

Kaufman should be wary of taking on the press as he has a dirty little secret that isn't as secret as he might wish. My late mother's MP told her about it thirty years ago and said it was common knowledge in the House at that time.