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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Maria Miller's 'dependent' parents

Bent minister Maria Miller is now claiming that her elderly parents, housed at public expense, are her 'dependents' and therefore it's quite OK for her to have charged the taxpayer £90,000. Even the 2009 pre-IPSA edition of the Commons expenses code doesn't go this far; 

"PAAE is available to reimburse Members for the additional expenses necessarily incurred in staying overnight away from their main home for the purpose of performing their parliamentary duties."

In other words, the charges must have been wholly and directly necessary in providing accommodation for the MP, not her 'dependent' relatives. And I doubt also that Miller's definition of 'dependent' comes anywhere near the definition of 'dependent' relatives used by the government for immigration purposes;
  1. Parent must be unable to wash/dress themselves and
  2. Parent, even with financial and practical help from British child, must be unable to obtain required level of care, because no such care is available and there is no one else in the country who can provide it, or because it is unaffordable and
  3. Sponsor must have sufficient income / savings to be able to look after their parent without recourse to public funds
This is a crock. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Today's story in the DT, explaining how this thief's "special adviser" dropped hints to the paper about Leveson etc, is chilling even to someone of my age and advanced cynicism.

It's practically at the level of saying "Nice paper you've got here, be a shame if anything happened to it, know what I mean?"

It's astonishing, even to me, that such things could be said, in England, to a major newspaper, by a politician's unelected sidekick.

And this BEFORE they've enacted any legislation to control the press - this is just the unspoken threat of censorship.

This is how they'll do it; this is how you'll never hear any more about MP's thieving, if they get their way.

We really should be afraid of this.

AnthonyV said...

Maria Miller is the MP for my local area and I did used to have a reasonably high opinion of her. These bullying tactics along with the tax fiddling has really put her in a bad light. And yes we should be afraid of it if they want to try to legislate the press.
However good on the DT for exposing these threats.

Demetrius said...

I am quite peeved that this extra help may now be lost to M.P's. We had hoped to persuade one of young ones to get into the House of Commons so we could be fixed up with somewhere comfortable in Knightsbridge. How unfair.

John M said...

Of course it is a crock. If the allegations are true then this woman should be tried for fraud in the same way that Margaret Moran was (but hopefully with more success)

As has been said above, the truly awful aspect of this is the way that Miller's acolytes are already threatening the Telegraph with Leveson noises. Already we see how these bastards; the rich, the powerful the celebrity - would use Leveson to add another layer of smoke to thier affairs and protect themselves from legitimate public interest scrutiny.

It will be interesting to see if Cameron - spineless wanker that he is - is prepared to suspend Miller whilst a fast investigation is carried out. He was quick to find scapegoats when the expenses issue blew up originally, let's see if he has any balls now. I'm not holding my breath.

mikebravo said...

The whole episode of thieving, lying, threats and coercion shows the political class in it's true light.
They should be opposed at every opportunity until the strong lamp posts and piano wire are readied.

Country Boy said...

Fraud, pure and simple.
She comes from Wales where she lived with her parents, now lives in Ellisfield near Basingstoke, which is her constituency and is a 20 minute taxi ride from the train station.
The first train is 0539 hrs and the last home is 0105hrs.
The journey is just under one hour.
When I found out about this house a while ago I queried it with local Tory bigwigs only to be told that it was much easier to get to and from Parliament from Wimbledon.
Total crap!

Budgie said...

Good God. I must pinch myself. Here's a comment (above) by JohnM that I totally agree with.

Though of course there are other fiddles that MPs of Labour and LibDem parties are still engaged in, as well as the Tories. They really don't seem to have learnt from the last parliament do they?

DeeDee99 said...

She's a thief and a liar. And she employs the political equivalent of the mafia.

I thought Cameron was sorry about the expenses scandal and was going to do everything necessary to clear up the system and weed out the worst offenders. Here's the creep in faux-outraged PR mode in May 2009

Different now he's in No.10 of course.

talwin said...

I think Miller is 47. Ignoring the theoretical possibilities, I wonder just how old are her 'elderly' parents.

Dr Evil said...

It's a crock all right and the person concerned is a crook, allegedly.

G. Tingey said...

Well, the Parliamentary Standards commissioner is after her, now....