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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Please lose the £ ...

Well, I almost did it. I actually started filling in the online membership form, happy to pay £30, happy to declare I've only ever previously been a member of the Conservative Party and not the BNP, NF and their offshoots, but then I couldn't do it. That bloody Mr Byrite pound sign. It's just so naff.

Please, UKIP, get a decent graphic artist working on your logo and I promise if you lose the £ sign I'll join. 


Anonymous said...

Farage has declared we will be getting a new logo, It is likely to be after the 2014 Euros though.

Mike Spilligan said...

I don't understand why it needs to take so long. I refused to wear my badge at Corby - because it really is naff, and it looks like a logo saying: Givus yer money. (Of course, it originated back in the days of "Save the Pound".)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment, but your suggestion gives the wrong impression, I fear. We want the UK connected with the world, not diconnected from it or anything if you see what I mean. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

....or even disconnected

Budgie said...

The UKIP £ logo is certainly important from a (recent) historical perspective. Keeping the pound kept us out of the Eurozone (EZ).

As the power in Europe has moved to the EZ, the EU itself is turning into a hollow shell. All that is left are hundreds of prodnose rules and a hefty annual membership fee. Apart from that, we are already "out".

It appears that the EU was, all along, just a plan by the Franco-German axis to suck money out of us and hobble our competitiveness.

Cascadian said...

Everybody knows new logos follow a pattern.

They have to look like they were drawn by a three year-old, have a wavy banner or ribbon, and are preferably green or pink (or both). If you wish to appear edgy , you cannot go wrong with some mis-matched fonts.

Of course, policy is secondary to marketability.

Anonymous said...

I've supported UKIP for many years, and have never really noticed the buntings. However, I appreciate that the "£" logo is probably past its sell by, and the colour purple always says "beware" to me...

...Maybe that's why I haven't noticed... I have deliberately averted my gaze, it's that bad! It's well known that the party was started on a shoestring by a group of people that were not professional politicians, I am guessing that none of them were graphic designers either.

Anyway, if only for the direct democracy policy, they are worth a punt, and a few quid in the collection tin.

Edward Spalton said...

Don't forget that we are still signed up to every stage of EMU apart from the changeover of currency. It is a trap waiting to be sprung as as soon as times change and people can be stampeded by fear to feel that they need "the strength of Europe" around us. We have become a very risk averse (I.e. cowardly) people and I can easily foresee such a stunt being pulled before the Goetterdaemerung of the E U.

DeeDee99 said...


Your £30 might be the additional sum of money which UKIP needs to fund the design of a new logo.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover and the same applies to UKIP. If the policies are what you agree with, ignore the naff logo and join up.

The logo will be changed in the near future.

Edward Spalton said...

CHanging over from the torch emblem to that green tree (presumably for the tree huggers) didn't do the Conservatives much good.

In the early days of UKIP, I rigged up a little display stand, all professionally done and quite smart. Then, without and discussion they changed over to the £ sign logo and it was all my own money down the drain. The initial symbol wasn't bad but I must have thrown the display material away years ago.

Umbongo said...

While changing the logo, what about changing the party's name? UK Independence is so defensive and cringing. It's OK for a small pressure group but for a party with wide ambitions - beyond the EU - it really won't do. What about "Liberal Party"?

Budgie said...

Umbongo said: "What about "Liberal Party"?" Snappy, accurate - yes I like it.

Raedwald said...

I'll third that - time to reclaim the Liberal Party

Anonymous said...

They all "go native" in the end, and the end is not far from the beginning.
There is, literally, so much money swilling-around that being honest is almost impossible.
Look at the labour and conservative parties.....both owned by those with more money than many small countries.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Raedwald

Please don't join UKIP*.

UKIP needs more dedicated people than those who refuse the first hurdle because of the logo.

The logo is now instantly recognised by a large swathe of the politically aware. It serves its purpose. To change it now would require a huge investment in an unknown logo, with a high risk of consigning all the work of thousands of active supporters over many years to the dustbin.

There may come a time for a change. I would say it is after we get out of the EU, not before. Likewise a change of name.

The proposals to ditch the pound sign now or after 2014, seem to be a europhile's wet dream.

I stood alone in the cold for two hours outside a polling station during the PCC elections. My rosette drew smiles from many voters. One told me 'I didn't vote for you but I agree with your leader. I have met him several times in Brussels'. The badge and Mr Farage are inextricably linked. He would abandon it prematurely at his, and UKIP's, peril.

Many of our stalwarts worked tirelessly and donated generously without being members. Most are now members and continue to serve. I am not currently a member. I stand for district and county elections, deliver, canvass, tell, collect nominations and donate modest sums little larger than the membership fee.

I cannot say I fancy the Conservative, Lib Dem or Labour logos.

I like their policies even less.


* But if you must, join through your local branch or association – that way your first subscription stays local, otherwise it goes to head office. Our local branch forms don’t have the prohibitions on previous affiliations. There was a time when other small parties were the only ones offering to get us out of the EU. UKIP offers a much better home for those people to invest their efforts for our future.

Anonymous said...

Any party that bans previous BNP supporters/members is not libertarian and is just as bad as the others as far as I'm concerned.