Monday, 10 December 2012

While Jimmy fiddled

A reminder this week that back in the 1970s when Jimmy fiddled his way across the UK and we bopped to glam rock at the local YMCA, across the Atlantic the regime in Argentina was quietly killing its young dissidents. The Navy Mechanics School (ESMA) housed around 5,000 political prisoners over the time of its use of whom only about 150 survived. The remainder were either taken to the cellar and shot, or drugged with Sodium Pentothal and 'transferred' in batches on one of the Navy's Short Skyvans. They would be stripped naked, and once over the Rio de la Plata, pushed one by one from the rear cargo ramp. 

Alfredo Astiz, the 'Angel of Death',  who surrendered to our forces at the beginning of the 1982 war, was once again in the courtroom with 67 others, facing charges over the murder of over 700 victims of the Argentine regime. He is already serving a life sentence imposed in 2011. It has taken all week just to read the charges to the accused. 

It's unlikely you'll have read of the trial in British papers last week. However, El Pais reports fully - not only because of the traditional interest in South America, but because of the resonance within Spain for bringing to light such crimes committed during the Franco era within Spain itself. As more and more skeletal remains and scraps of leather and buckles are dug from their execution graves a question is gaining traction in Spain as to the future of Franco's tomb itself in the Valle de los Caidos. 

A reminder that in many parts of Europe living memories of being groped by a vacuous radio DJ pale into insignificance in comparison to experiences of State terror, torture and death.


G. Tingey said...

And there is no doubt that the Brit defeat of the ARgentine junta's forces over the Falklands' brought that vile regime down.
Don't seem very grateful, now, do they?

Anonymous said...

State terror has not gone away, however the tactics have been somewhat refined.

Welfarist policies coupled with onerous authoritarian diktat + a national death service.

Then the traditional institutions removed and replaced by false gods of global warming and multikulti.

Political and electrical power removed and strictly rationed will cause mass and necessary 'culls' in the harsher winters to come [all to the good - cold is "warming" too] - it's nuanced, it's anti logic and anti science and it's also Lysenkoism.

All of it, driving towards, in the vehicle of state terror, because the end game is: human 'dispatch'.

Anonymous said...

@ Greg Tingey

Spot on. We did that country a favour like no other.

And in Spain, there is an saying that goes "the ghost of old Franco is never far away".

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

How come you can see thro' the multi-kulti leftist bollocks but still swallow whole the femmi-nazi shite about Jimmy Saville?.

Edward Spalton said...

A communist acquaintance was scornfully opposed to the "imperialist" Falklands war. He was quite happy that British people should be consigned to the care of such a regime.
He demonstrated to me that his main motivation was real hatred of his own countrymen and country rather than ideologically coherent love of the workers of the world.

Come to think of it, an exactly similar hatred moves the "cultural" Marxists who impose PC.

G. Tingey said...

Edward Spalton
Why should you be suprised?
This was the exact reaction of (some) Roman Catholics after 1583 ...
The religion is more important than your country or your neighbours.

Edward Spalton said...


I wasn't all that surprised - just rather disappointed as I had rather liked this chap until then. It was a lesson that ideas have consequences and the power to warp an otherwise rather decent, pleasant personality.

With regard to your comparison, as my Scottish wife might say, "I hear you"!
Best wishes,

Blue Eyes said...

"Don't seem very grateful, now, do they?"

I dunno, when I was in Argieland ten years ago people were pleased when they found out where I am from. I think the governing elite in Argentina are rather disconnected from the population.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX G. Tingey said...
The religion is more important than your country or your neighbours.XX


Religion is merely a hobby.

G. Tingey said...


Not to me or you, but to a lot of poor brainwashed inadequates it is very important.