Sunday, 27 January 2013

CAP and the perfidious Kermits

It looks like Cameron will be powerless to prevent changes to the Common Agricultural Policy that will increase already unsustainable subsidies and maintain artificially high food prices. The EP is due to approve the measures on Wednesday, and the CAP is a 'co-decision' item with the Commission and the Council of Ministers. If one assumes the Commission approves the measures, then approval by the Council of Ministers will be a vote for French interests and a vote against the interests of their own farmers. 

Some 20% of CAP goes to France's half a million farmers. Another 17% is shared amongst the 12 newly accessioned states, including Poland and its 2m farmers alone. French farmers are just 0.1% of the EU's population, yet get 4% of the total budget. The CAP benefits only Gaston and the Kermits.

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

But we mustn't leave, or we will have no influence.

Aye, right.