Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vote for filth!

It was inevitable, of course, that Labour and the LibDems should put naked party self-interest before the good of the nation and vote down the proposed constituency changes. In a Parliament mired with the filth of sleaze, corruption, peculation, avarice and mendacity it is simply too much to expect that our rotten and diseased political class will do anything other than sink further into the faecal mire. 

The UK's electoral quotients have become so distorted that they are now even beyond third-world standards. Where once ours was the Mother of Parliaments, a model of probity and democratic rectitude, it is now a laughing stock, a banana chamber, corrupt and rotten beyond even the standards of Africa or Central America. And these wicked feculent dogs are responsible. They had a chance yesterday to correct the imbalances, and if not bring us back to the standards of the Old Commonwealth nations (EQ of +/- 3%) to which our Parliament gave birth, then at least to the democratic standards of the 'developing nations' (EQ of +/- 5%). They chose party interest instead. 

How can our ancient nation, our democracy, be so betrayed by such loathsome and verminous filth? What have they, the corrupt, the rotten, have to do with us who would have fair-dealing, equity and integrity in our democratic system? How dare they assume they represent us. They are lower than the scrape of shit on the street. 


DeeDee99 said...

Nothing to add. You said all that was needed.

Anonymous said...

By 'eck lad don't thee just cause one to, "summon up the blood" and by God - that was well said Sir.

"feculent dogs" - quite so, a marvellously succinct and apt description.

Robert said...

And in due course they will award themselves an above inflation pay rise from our borrowings for their efforts on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

Labours rotten boroughs.

G. Tingey said...

Any hope of another try?
Or attempt to bring it in via the Lords - & keep on doing so until they get the message?

Oh, & it isn't "just" NuLieBour & the Lemmingcrats ... the re-drawings are blatantly a fix.
Here we had a solid Labour, & solid Tory & a marginal seat - guess what - they exterminated the marginal, whilst defying over a thousand yesrs of local history ....

Nick Drew said...

Reserve a different kind of contempt for the Tory strategists who screwed up their best (and only?) opportunity to fix this

Woodsy42 said...

I fully agree about the sale of morality to party gain, in fact I think you have been quite restrained in your comments.
In the very local sense however I am quite pleased because in our area the new constituencies were completely out of sync with local areas, lumping totally unconnected areas together while splitting through other communities. Thus they passed the test of equal representation but totally failed the second - and equally important - test: That of having a representative for a community.

Wildgoose said...

I made my own predictions about this last year, using an analogy with the Oriental Game of Go.

Cameron's an idiot and he has lost the next election.

Anonymous said...

Bang on the money, yet again. I can't think of anything you haven't covered perfectly, so - thank you and please keep telling it as it is.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And did you notice that the poison dwarf Bercow has "warned" Cameron not to interfere in the current plans for huge pay rises for MP's?

They think they salaries should increase by 30% apparently (no I am not making this up).

Well I think my salary should increase by 30% too - after all, it hasn't change at all in the last five years apart from the debauching of the currency by these same slime - but my employer oddly enough doesn't agree.

Do the MP's propose to ask their employers? (ie, us). No? Strange?

As Dr. North says, the reason we do not rise up and slay them is what, exactly?

Edward Spalton said...

I pointed this out to my Conservative MP, who is a member of the Better Off Out Group. When he was setting up the Second Reich, Bismarck enshrined the principle of "the equal vote". That is, within quite strict limits, constituencies were required to have more or less the same population of voters. She was quite amused but didn't think it was a point to raise in the House.

I remembered hearing an impassioned speech in the Bundestag which included this point. The speaker was actually referring to the grossly unequal number of voters per MEP, comparing Germany with the much smaller constituencies in other countries.

Listening to excerpts from the Westminster debate on Radio 4, my wife and I thought that MPs barely reached the standards of the Third Form.

Colonel Shotover said...

"Where once ours was the Mother of Parliaments, a model of probity and democratic rectitude ..."
Come off it Raedwald. Sleaze today, sleaze yesterday.

Demetrius said...

As I have suggested the Lib Dem's are neither liberal nor democrats. Labour does not represent the workers and the Conservatives do not represent the land or the middle classes. Time for the New Eastern Association?

Anonymous said...

Time for the New Eastern Association?

I deem, that, an old Eastern Association will be soon in power - here in this land and given a few short years, it will come to pass.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

What chance the Great Reform Act 2032?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter ? England will soon be 'EU tax zone x'
and patriotism asnd nationalism will not only be banned but equated with racism etc.

BulloPill said...

They're not representatives of the community in any particular locality. They represent only their party interests and themselves.

Anonymous said...


Brilliant Raedwald.

But the political pigs at the trough are so full of the sounds of slush that they cannot hear anything else.

Meanwhile a 30% pay rise to do nothing is in the offing.

James Higham said...

How can our ancient nation, our democracy, be so betrayed by such loathsome and verminous filth?

They've been parachuted in, Radders. All part of the great work.

Anonymous said...

Another Labour government.
More EU.
More unbridled immigration.
Economic ruin.
The politics of envy.
More progressive fascism.
If the idiots put Labour in again I shudder to think of the outcome.
Not that the Conservatives are much better.
Their placemen the whole lot of them.
This just proved it.
They have to go all of them.
But how?

Woodsy42 said...

"They're not representatives ...They represent only their party interests"

Yes I realise that - the entire system is dishonest. But even were one to find an honest candidate it's meaningless if that person has a constituency that has no social or geographial coherence.

Anonymous said...

It is not enough that they go now, it is not even enough that they go and never return.
It is enough if the entire rotten system is disposed of and replaced by another bereft of political parties and "placemen" fronting for other organisations.
Unfortunately, disposing of "them" is going to be harder than eradicating the common cold.