Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Abnormal Sexuality

It is of course the hallmark of a post-enlightenment secular civilised society that except where actual physical or mental harm is caused to persons or beasts that those with abnormal sexualities should not be persecuted for their sexual fixations. The sciences of psychology and psychiatry have allowed us to understand, from a variety of viewpoints, that there are those whose mental development in this area is arrested at the stage of infant sexual narcissism and that their adult inclinations are therefore inverted. So long as such persons remain in the minority, their behaviour is by definition abnormal but in practice tolerated by the majority. In every other respect, most are entirely normal. 

The gay marriage business is therefore nothing to get particularly excited about. We will not be less tolerant of harmless sexual abnormality, Freudians and Jungians will continue their therapeutic psychoanalyses, psychiatry textbooks will remain on the shelves, the catechism and canon law of the Church will remain unchanged and the normal sexual behaviour of the majority will not be undermined. Most inverts will be sensitive to the reality of buggery still being offensive to many and will continue to be discreet. I'm sure we'll learn to live with it.


G. Tingey said...

Perfectly correct.
In other words, it is largely a fuss about nothing.

Three points ....
What SHOULD have been done was to hand "marriage srvices" off to private organisations - churches, civil grouping etc, and made the ONLY LEGAL FORM a state civil union.
Like France - thus escaping both sets of trolls ....
Those unfortunates with unusal chrmosome-patterns still need a lot of help [XXY & XYY]
Pshchoanalysis is crap & Freud was a fruad - & - Jung can take a jump ... [ See Medawar for details ]

Anonymous said...

My main concern and worry is that my little boy, despite going to a C of E school, will be taught "alternative" relationships! I consider this offensive and harmful to young children and should not be allowed to progress any further. Children are not allowed to be children any more.....such a shame! Furthermore, the latest vote on "Gay Marriage" will create considerable animosty, even hatred, towards our "Gay" community.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Agree with both the above, which is odd as one of them is Greg ;-)

I wonder - did "Anon" remain anon because he feared he would attract abuse of some sort?

Edward Spalton said...

I don't think that setting up a lie as the law of the land can ever be right - though, as you say, people will get used to it. But, like successive EU treaties, this is not a point of stasis, merely a way station in the relentless advance of the "human rights" agenda.

By its nature, this is infinitely extensible - whether by statute or by legal activism, requiring ever greater state interference in our lives.

That noted libertarian, Vaclav Klaus pointed out that "human rights" are supranational and also inimical to stable civil rights within a system of limited government.

This isn't the end of the militant homosexual agenda. Organisations are campaigning for legalisation of "consensual" sex with children and this is nothing new. Harriet Harman was involved in promoting this when she was at the National Council for Civil Liberties. One of its affiliate organisations was PIE - the Paedophile Information Exchange. These activities too come within the aspirational agenda of "equal love".

If you consult you will see that this programme is mandated by the Council of Europe. As with the EU, Mr. Cameron is its willing marionette.

Ernest Bevin, Mr Attlee's Foreign Secretary, was opposed to the Council of Europe. "If you open that Pandora's box" he said "You don't know 'ow many Trojan 'orses will come flying out"
But I doubt whether even he would have foreseen this one.

Anonymous said...

Cameron has already agreed with the Eurotrash that this will become law.

Nobody cares about civil partnerships or if two males can find a priest who will give them rites. They can found their own "Church of Sodomy" if they like.

The danger is the left's agenda to attack family life. In Washington state, people were told that gay marriage would have no effect on ordinary marriages but within 12 months the words husband and wife are being removed from all legal documents in that state. This issue is not being pushed out of any regard for homosexuals but as another attempt to attack family life. Futile really, as the "new socialist man" bullshit is already dead and buried but many of the believers in it are not.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Anon.

We already see the dire consequences of decades long policy of demoting the institution of marriage, in broken homes, abandoned children, and its effects on lawlessness, lack of discipline, bad manners and behaviour, disrespect for teachers and people in authority, teenage pregnancy, numerous single-parent families, an epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction, and consequently, lack of educational achievement. This stretches across generations and boundaries – from the very highest level to the socially disadvantaged.

Society is being atomised, allowing statists to control every aspect of our lives.

Anonymous said...

One concern I do have, which seeing some of the pro speeches seems justified is that not agreeing with this means you are homopbic akin to a white supremacist or n@zi. It appears this will be another thing to add to the hate/thought crime list.

Anonymous said...

Society is indeed being atomised, and men and women separated from what they knew to be right and moral.

"Communities" - the buzz word of the progressive Marxists actually no longer exist and this is a deliberate policy.
In Britain the population is become far more transient, reflect on another irony, now that didicoys enjoy greater rights because of 'human rights' than the rooted communities they now despoil.
The mass immigration of the recent 15 years, means we are no longer 'an indigenous entity' - one that was able to prosecute a war against a formidable foe just 68 short years ago.

Cultural Marxism, as we live and breathe it and the political classes are complicit.

Powerless, we can't do anything because the law is EUropean and rigorously enforced by the police service or should I call it our own Gendarmerie.

Rear shafted by our political masters in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) I wish our politians would get off their arses and do something constructive in repairing our broken economy and stop fiddling around the edges with matters of irrelevence such as "gay marriage".

2) We needen't worry about gay marriage spreading like a disease because Darwin has already defined that these "couples" are self limiting and spawn no future generations.

Coney Island

Brightside Bob said...

Re: Coney Island.

Producing offspring the "conventional way" is so last century. Gays regularly "spawn" future genarations.

Brightside Bob said...

generations, even...

Anonymous said...

Fixing the economy. Easy. Accept low wages/salaries. It works for Korea, China etc.
Indeed, that is what is happening anyway. The problem being that the UK economy is dilapidated, and that dilapidation is endemic.
Of course, that is all the fault of unions/socialists/priests/gays/....nothing to do with corrupt banking managers running corrupt businesses...
How much is the debt due to over-priced derivative trades ?
Isn't it in excess of 20 trillion UK£ at the moment ?
Sometime, soon, that bubble is going to burst. It will make 2008 look like a pocket-money fiddle. No account yet of the credit default swaps...somewhere, globally, between 25-65 trillion [dollars]....
Nice round numbers.
Gays ?
Who cares what they do, who cares what anyone does. Just do not confuse gays with kiddy-fiddlers.
Who cares about religion anyway....the church marriage is only legal AFTER it has been registered..

Anonymous said...

Ian Hills said...

Tatchell is trying to get the age of (gay) consent down to 14 now....

Mike Spilligan said...

Much has been said, here and elsewhere about the definition and future status of marriage. I think of simple practical matters, and while I may smile at the sight of a mixed couple kissing in the street, I have - because I have experienced it - a stomach-churning revulsion at seeing two men kissing passionately. I suspect that this will happen more commonly in future. Will I have to be re-educated to avoid such "thought crimes"?

Anonymous said...

Of course not.
Just mind your own business.
They are not doing anything illegal. There are far more unpleasant things deserving of your attention, such as corrupt politicians.

G. Tingey said...

Anopn @ 12.51
Society is indeed being atomised.
But it is nothing to do with the left.
After all the Madwoman from Grantham famously proclaimed that the was no such thing ass society, didn't she?

Anonymous said...

Most inverts will be sensitive to the reality of buggery still being offensive to many and will continue to be discreet.

Hahahahahaha!!!! What world do you live in? The "inverts" are not discreet.

Anonymous said...

Most buggery takes place within the walls of male/female marriage.
Nice to see bigotry is still in vogue.

Anon 2 said...

Total degradation and disgrace. And nobody does a thing about it ... we even keep sending our children to the filth factories they pretend are schools.

And Re Coney Island: We needn't worry about gay marriage spreading like a disease because Darwin has already defined that these "couples" are self limiting and spawn no future generations. Well that's the whole point. Don't forget the marxist masters see Orwell and Huxley as Handbooks.

So it's going to be like Brave New World: i) In vitreo fertilisation (plus genetic modification); ii) The world has 'moved on' and families are outmoded. All young [in]humans will be raised and 'educated' by state institutions - and then assigned to work that suits their training and/or genetic makeup (nurture/nature).


G. Tingey said...

In the same way as the right see Margaret Attwood as a handbook, you mean?