Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cameron's Roma future

Roma gypsies are tough. You really have to take your hat off. Never welcome in western Europe, we used to hang any who made a nuisance of themselves. The French shaved their heads and branded them, and the Czechs cut their ears off. They are one of the few races that sought refuge in Russia as a place of tolerance. The Nazis consigned several hundreds of thousands to the death camps but they found no respite in the post-war communist world. The Czechs had given up on cutting their ears off and removed their wombs and testes instead, in a programme of compulsory sterilisation. Yet they survived, stronger than ever, and now there are well over a million of them in Romania and Bulgaria all set to desert their villages and head for Dover and a life on British benefits. 

As I've written many times before, you can't blame immigrants for immigration. It's not their fault. It's the fault of either treasonous and poisonous governments such as Labour's last administration, which used immigration as a tool to destroy domestic opposition, or of spineless and pusillanimous governments such as Cameron's, whose brave words aren't matched by his vacillating and ineffectual actions. But the Roma as the Press describes them are lawless; they're thieves, scavengers, squatters, polluters and destroyers, and will deface and despoil all they touch. The Mail chronicles the effect on a German town of the arrival of just 400 Roma gypsies. 

There are difficulties. Roma form a minority of Romanians and Bulgarians, the majority of whom are no better or worse than any other east European migrant workers. Their originating nations don't want them and would be glad to see them depart for other European countries. And we can't make laws that target only Roma. They do apparently have some peculiar taboos - hens' eggs and frogs are both anathema to them - but staffing the benefits offices with amphibians is simply not practical. 

However, this what politicians are elected to office to do - find ways through the difficulties. And when the results of both the Euro elections in 2014 and the general election the following year may well be conditioned by voters' experiences of the depredations of the Roma in their own neighbourhoods, if Cameron does nothing he will have only himself to blame for an unprecedented electoral drubbing.


Anonymous said...

"...but staffing the benefits offices with amphibians is simply not practical. "

Why not, they do this in the House of Commons?

DeeDee99 said...

If we controlled our own borders it would be perfectly possible to deny the Roma entry on the basis that they don't have the skills we need.

I don't suppose the Australia, Canada, NZ etc would simply permit thousands of unemployable welfare claimants to enter their countries and live off the taxes of others - and neither should we.

But that means leaving the EU and Cameron will never do that. So he's electoral toast in 2015 - but he already knows that. The question now is how large the Conservative defeat will be.

Chukka Bryck said...

If Camerloon is no longer in power, I don't think he'll give a stuff about the ongoing daily riots and mayhem in all our once peaceful towns.

G. Tingey said...

Send them back to the Rann of Kutch, where he Roma originated from?


Peter Whale said...

So lets be clear about this. We do not want the Conservatives, Labour or Liberals in power.They are all culpable in the destruction of Britain's economy and culture.I really do not want Farage as prime minister but I really want to put a shot up the arse of the establishment.
Start now go all out for UKIP it will put the fear of god into the establishment, which should invoke change.Lets all be Italians in politics. I am Spartacus. That is after we slaughter them tomorrow on the rugby field.

Anonymous said...

"So he's electoral toast in 2015 "


He deserves it for what he has (not) done to date, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cameron a huge disappointment, had the makings of a good PM, pity about his policies, he certainly deserves a drubbing but the alternative is Labour or Lab/Lib government, more years of borrow and squander. The Tories have some good people such as Gove, IDS, Carswell - name any from either of the other two useless parties.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think the Roma and bad as they are undoubtedly are, are the main enemy of the social fabric of British society.

No, the Roma are an easy target but one which is entirely an unnecessary extra problem and Cameron will allow them in, it is to be hoped some end up in Witney.

The real enemy, our main enemies, the bane of all the indigenous peoples of Britain is the UK government - that's who we should be shouting at and hating.

This deliberate and pernicious multiculturalism, is down to the social engineering of our own councils and civil service and all enacted and cheered on by Brussels proxies sitting in Westminster.

The real damage has already been done, what with a febrile birth rate and with the mass influx of Islamic people's into Britain.

It began in the late 90's Straw opened the gates and it is now irreversible, you never know perhaps the Roma may side with the British in the forthcoming existential battle of cultures - Islam v the originals.

Tony Harrison said...

Nicely summarised excoriation of the Roma - whoever said one should not condemn a whole people? It's not some accident, or a coincidental unity of prejudice, that makes the Roma unwelcome throughout Europe: it's because they're thieving asocial bastards.
We have plenty of such lowlife in our own native stock but it would be lunacy to import more. Don't expect this to be an impediment to our political class, though, who will prevaricate, wring their hands, whimper about "racism" and "it woz the EU wot dunnit" and do sod-all. There might be no flood - but even a few thousand will be way too many.

Furor Teutonicus said...

From the German link; ‘We do not want them to go away, we know they are poor, but money needs to be spent to help them integrate.""


The sooner the public realise, that these arsehole CAN and WILL not be "intergrated", the sooner we can do something about it.

A question.

When any of you read such as this, can you HONESTLY say, that Hitler was wrong?

I am not talking about his solution, but his opinion as to the desirebility of having these..... "people" in our midst.

Bill said...

New political party just launched...

Dave said...

The various factions in the UK that have currently shown quite some 'reserve' when it comes to immigrants may just find their resolve stretched a little too far this time. And, if the accounts of Roma happen to be as true as they are portrayed then the vast majority of passive British people will likely turn a blind eye to the reprisals that will come about.

Anonymous said...

Not 'Cameron's Roma future' surely Raedwald, more like ours I'd say. You're forgetting their rule: do as I say, not as I do.

Politicians would no sooner live in Tower Hamlets than they would Islamabad - that's for the little people, the you's and me's.

And with the English now a minority in 7 cities and 13 towns in England it'll soon all be over. Perfect planning, perfectly executed.

Read your history Raedwald, the ruling class do an awfully good job of getting rid of things they don't like.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

And ... the Irish were quite happy to pay a bounty to indigenous Tinkers willing to re-locate to mainland UK were they not?

That worked well eh?

Anonymous said...

You probably are all marked for arrest for hate stuff.

Anonymous said...

"You probably are all marked for arrest for hate stuff."

Nota Bene:

Not hate luv, just reality - and that's the way of things in Britain now.
That, if you tell the truth, you are damned but toe the liberal line and even if you are lying through your teeth - that's OK and - that's called Political Correctness.

Span Ows said...

hens egg, eh? I though occurs: to enter and reside in the UK you must consume a full English every day for the two months of obligatory internship in border camps! No Roma and no others of a certain religion...unfortunately the few of another certain religion would also fail but they'd have enough money to bribe their way in some other way.

Anonymous said...

We already have the roma in our town, and they do a good job of robbing elderly people using shops at night. As well as walking out of s/marts with full trolleys, minus payment.
It's not that they cannot be integrated, it is that they do not want to integrate. Their attitude, here at least, is "tolerate us or fuck off".
As for Cameron having "promise"...not in this life...his history shows him as an opportunist of the worst sort, ruthlessly pro-self. You watch when people start challenging him. Not that the front benches of the other mobs are any different. Same schools, same univs, same people, same crap.
The Clone Wars have started.
They are not even pro-UK, they're all pro world government.

Anonymous said...

The Clone Wars have started.
They are not even pro-UK, they're all pro world government.

10 March 2013 12:59

Indeed, yes indeed "one world government" is what they seek and Cameron is an internationalist liberal leftie and only scum at that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

Our beloved governments' immigration policy for decades is part of the wider strategy of destroying the UK and England in particular. The colonisation of these shores by huge numbers of immigrants is an essential step to the destruction of the English: consider the fate of the Native Americans, that is scheduled to be ours. The destruction of the Welsh and the Scots will be regarded as acceptable collateral damage.

" ... if Cameron does nothing he will have only himself to blame for an unprecedented electoral drubbing."

Mr Cameron doesn't want to win the next election. He didn't want to win the last and the coalition was the least worst outcome after a Lab/Lib coalition, a Labour victory, with a Conservative victory being the worst of the four.