Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher - Stateswoman

The release of Baroness Thatcher's death certificate describing her occupation as 'Stateswoman' was something that could be disclosed without fear of contradiction from any quarter. Even her enemies would concede that she strode the world stage with the foremost of that breed. Statesmanship is not something that can be acquired by an individual; it must be bestowed by a caucus of informed opinion.

Blair's tragi-comic cavortings in his attempts to reach that status keep us all entertained, but besides real statesmen he is a pygmy. And Brown seems sensibly to have avoided the ridicule that such a bid on his own behalf would earn. Both will be there tomorrow, still in Margaret's shadow as just ex-Prime Ministers, not as elders and Statesmen. One has only to imagine, in the event of the sudden death of either, the snorts of derision that would be caused if either's death certificate made that absurd claim. But for Thatcher, the term is no more than the simple truth.  


JohnofEnfield said...

Blair tries to talk a "good talk". He is right on may issues but rarely the big things that really, really matter.

Thatcher's focus and achievements on the big economic factors in peacetime sets her far above ALL other holders of her office. Single minded is insufficiant to describe her. Any devisivness was inevitable given the utterly entrenched opposition she faced.

Would that circumstances could have allowed her to deal with the NHS.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow then. A minutes silence at work. "Statesman" - indeed she was and do you what really gauls Labour? The fact that with all their political correctness and positive discrimination [sic] they have never got a woman to the top slot; because inside, they are all old unionist bigots. That fact really gets up their snouts!

Coney Island

DeeDee99 said...

Blair is just a duplicitous shyster, on the make and using his position as ex-Prime Minister to underpin his money-making activities.

And I agree with anonymous above: the reason Trades Unions and the dinosaurs of the left hate Mrs Thatcher with a vengeance is that she was female and she was the Boss in what they thought was still a man's world. She took on the bully boys who thought she would be a pushover and she beat them. Something the mysoginists in the then mainly northern TU movement couldn't stomach at the time and never will.

Anonymous said...

Statesman - Yep, 100% agree with that.

John Major, Tony Blair and the usurper, Gordon Brown could only dream of such praise.

The mantle of Statesman is not bestowed upon someone by their fellow countrymen, but by the world community. She, and she alone stands amongst giants and has no need to look up.

When you think that when Mrs. T took over the running of this nation, it was at its lowest ebb. She transformed its fortunes and its image to the outside world.

ALL her successors have built their political and economic reputations on HER shoulders.

Being part of the ERM was a mistake, & Mrs. T, was persuaded, against her better judgement, to join. It was a mistake that eventually lead the Conservative party to defeat and ushered in the New Labour era. An era that benefited from HER economic policies and labour relations laws. Policies and laws they never changed.

Blair tried to imitate her. But Mrs. T had something Major, Blair, Brown and especially Cameron do not have. An unshakable self belief in what they are doing and, what they are doing is for the good of the people of this country and not a small cliche. A UK first, last and always policy !

Mrs T's legacy will live on. Live on because she was RIGHT.

Blue Eyes said...

Blair had his comeuppance at when W and he strode up to those podiums after their first official meeting. W the man of action in his leather jacket, Blair in his effete smart-casual pullover. Said it all.