Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Polly's wish may come true

Lady Toynbee has long urged the governments of Europe to tax the wealthy in order to fund the recession. Now, it seems, not only will her wish come true, but Polly herself will be able to share in the noble sacrifice. If Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph is right, and EU finance ministers move to taxing holiday homes, Polly's Tuscan retreat will certainly give her the personal opportunity to contribute a great wodge of cash to the tax-starved club Med administrations.

No doubt readers will share Polly's undoubted joy at the news.


Anonymous said...

I reckon that it will be like water off of a duck's back for her...

...I would rather her experience some of the less dignified processes that many people go through in socialist systems...

...Like a spell of "re-education" in a psychiatric institution, for instance.

Nick Drew said...

that would indeed be amusing

in the same vein, I'm guessing our Pol is a bit miffed by her old mucker Posy's warm tribute to Mrs T

Anonymous said...

No, it won't worry Polly, come the big tax day - all champagne socialists will have exemption.

Anyway, she cares not, the 'long March' and cultural Marxist's work is nigh on done in Britain.

Mass immigration and gradual annexation into the bosom of the black squid - the EU, has from a great height shat on the nation.
A rainbow reflection observable on the surface of the noisome cesspit that we have become, and all thanks to Polly-claque and their evil excrescences.

Her life's toil is nearly done - soon, hopefully very soon- the Liverpool pathway awaits.

Edward Spalton said...

Reminds me of my landlady back in the early Sixities, a redoubtable, undaunted woman who had withstood much tragedy and adversity in her life with Christian fortitude,

A neighbour in the village was a red hot socialist, much opposed to inherited wealth from the highest of principles.
The neighbour came in for a very substantial inheritance.

My landlady turned up on her doorstep to congratulate her and ask "When's the share out?"

But the high principles were strangely altered.

Hugo Tillinghast said...

According to this Polly has sold up in Umbria (not Tuscany apparently).
It wouldn't surprise me if she's invested the proceeds in a taxpayer-supported "green" swindle or even cash (stashed in a friendly jurisdiction natch).
Did she suspect (or was she told) that her friends in the EU would be coming after her? I guess we'll never know but, since she is the ultimate political class insider, it wouldn't do any harm to follow her lead and make your assets a bit more mobile.

Anonymous said...

Then Britain should reciprocate by taxing EU assets in Britain. We'll start with all Santanders branch offices, then move to all properties in or around London. Mind you Cameron hasn't got the balls.

Coney Island

Jeff Wood said...

They already did this here in Italy. After the EU coup which toppled Berlusconi, the Monti administration extended a tax, which already applied to second homes, to principal private residences.

It did not go down well, and in the recent elections the party which Monti founded got not quite 10% of the vote.

La Toynbee must have paid most of the first year of the tax. Whether that contributed to her decision to sell up I have no idea.

Predictions are difficult in this mess, but I suspect that if this becomes EU/Troika policy, we can assume that the Germans have printed all the Deutschmarks they need and are ready to break up the Eurozone.

Budgie said...

I have come to the conclusion that statists have a surfeit of emotion, particularly sentimentalism, and an impoverishment of imagination.

Hence when something bad happens directly to them, it really, really is bad; and everyone must be told of it. Even if it only nearly happens to them or their tribal group as well.

Yet their favorite monopoly state solutions which lead (as in this case) to yet another example of taxation as theft, and ultimately to the Gulag, worry them not one bit: it is happening to someone else, whether kulaks, the middle-class, capitalists, "rich people", not them or their tribe so it doesn't matter.

Occasionally they hoist themselves by their own petards, as with Polly here. Then I laugh.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Polly has sold up in Umbria"

She's probably put the money into an ISA.

We should ask her whether she pays tax on the interest, and if not why not.