Friday, 31 May 2013

Blair MUST stand trial over Iraq

A year before the invasion of Iraq, long before the UN had completed its programme of weapons inspections, long before the Parliament of the United Kingdom had considered the matter, long before even the publication of Alastair Campbell's fraudulent and false 'dossier' and long before the exhaustion of diplomatic means, Blair wrote letters like an infatuated schoolboy to the American President assuring him that the the UK was committed to support an invasion of Iraq for the purpose of regime change. 

Fine. Except such actions are more than embarrassing - they're almost certainly illegal, contrary to international law. 

The Mail reports Cameron's refusal to release the Blair letters and attributes it to a deal for electoral support. Rubbish. Cameron and Blair are from the same mould - and Cameron is as committed to all members of the political class being immune for their actions as is Blair. Cameron is with-holding the evidence because he doesn't want to set the precedent of a politician being held accountable for his actions.   

Blair, whose 'peacemaker' role as ME envoy has become a risible parody of all the past failures there, must stand trial before the International Court to achieve what the Septics call 'closure' on Iraq. Or he will go to his grave with the 'war criminal' tag firmly attached.


mikebravo said...

I am sure that Blair could find and pay a bunch of doctors to prove that he had incurable cancer. With only months to live the trial would be a waste of time leaving him to spend the rest of his life swanning around with his ill gotten millions.
Better a summary trial and execution al la Coucesceu.

DeeDee99 said...

He'll never stand trial. There are too many people who would be dragged down with him ... so they will rally round to protect him.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone took a shot at him, though.

I hope he is haunted by the knowledge that he is hated and despised like no other Prime Minister in living memory.

G. Tingey said...

Good little christians, both of them, so they can't possibly do anything WRONG, can they?

DD999 - even worse than Eden?
I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Scabrous Jackal and guilt ridden, even though the spin-meisters have tried their damndedest to rehabilitate the Nu Lav Liar - he is still deeply reviled and something he senses but doesn't fathom.
It should be noted - but the real nastiness lies in the power behind the throne.
Nothing but nothing Tony ever did, wasn't first sanctioned by the other half - but that one, will never come to attest, nor to stand trial.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I yield to nobody in my detestation of the grinning fool Blair, but this business of the war being "illegal" needs to be stamped on, firmly.

Sovereign nations can make war - they can, as and when they choose. They may be unwise to do so, but the fact remains. There is (thank goodness) no world government to decide what is and isn't illegal. Nor should there be.

The UN may pretend to such but (again thank goodness) it is not.

Blair may have acted unconstitutionally in UK terms, and could be indicted or impeached for that, but the legality of a sovereign government's actions is a moot point.

(PS of course I know that the UK is not a sovereign entity, but the suzerainty of the EU is unconstitutional too, and I refuse to acknowledge it.)

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm with the Weekend Yachtsman. This talk of illegality is just bollocks. The real problem regarding Iraq is that it was worse than immoral, it was a mistake.

Intervening in the Balkans and bombing Serbia was also 'illegal' but that was successful, so we don't hear a peep from the "not in my name" lefty wankers about that.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing but nothing Tony ever did, wasn't first sanctioned by the other half - but that one, will never come to attest, nor to stand trial."

The lovely Cherie or the equally lovely Mandleson?

G. Tingey said...

It's worse than that ...

Truly scary, the cover-up & suppression of evidence is scary, as is the collusion.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm with the Weekend Yachtsman. This talk of illegality is just bollocks. The real problem regarding Iraq is that it was worse than immoral, it was a mistake.

Intervening in the Balkans and bombing Serbia was also 'illegal' but that was successful, so we don't hear a peep from the "not in my name" lefty wankers about that."

The whole sorry adventure was a cock up from start to finish, that cunt Bliar did not even know much about the geography let alone the tribal associations and religious tinderbox he was sending British troops into.
There was no plan, certainly no exit plan and no clue as to what to do with the damned country afterwards.
Bush and Bliar in a CIA sort of way thought that the people would rejoice and thank them ever after not realising there were hundreds of thousands of Iraqis wanting revenge for Sadam's removal and their consequent loss of power. Then al qaeda spied an opportunity and waltzed in.
All in all, a calamity on such a scale the repercussions will be felt around the world for decades and in Syria [destabilized after the Iraq balls up] we are gonna reap the whirlwind of a failed state right on the doorstep of Europe.
But worse and with the threat of Israeli intervention we could be looking at something truly world shattering, because the Russians are angling for a showdown.

Bliar never asked the British people and he lied to Parliament and he has blood on his hands but his handiwork is ongoing.

Budgie said...

I am with WY and SW on this. Blair is detestable, lied to us, and misused both Parliament and his office. He deserves jail in the UK for offences to the UK.

But it is an unfortunate fact that if a nation wants to go to war, it can. The UK could declare war on Monaco tomorrow if we wished - it might be insane, but it would be legal.

Anonymous said...

Blair is a cunt of the highest order, but sadly he will never be punished.

If we lived in a true and just world he would have been in the Hague by now, but sadly our world is far from true or just, at the higher echelons of power it is absolutely rotten to the core.

Bill Quango MP said...

WY and SW are both correct.

The cock up is the worst part. Even at the time sensible people, Colin Powell for one, were asking.."We're going to win..of course we're going to win..we're unbeatable..But what do we do next? What's the plan for reconstruction?"

No plan. Just the same idiocy that infested the pentagon during Vietnam. An almost comic book belief that everything would be OK because 'we're the good guys."

And a quick look here from The Rand Corporation.

Our XXXX escalation followed not from a theory of limited war but from the American way of war, reliant on bombing and shelling.. ...Public revulsion to the XXXX war is not a result of cyclical change in American attitudes toward war in general, but rather is a response to this war: to the way we entered it, the way we are conducting it, and our evident lack of progress or prospect of success. The American bureaucracy must bear substantial responsibility for our failure in XXXX. Initially there was great ignorance about the society and problems of XXXX, which the bureaucracy has not corrected. Moreover, we persist in denying and disguising our failures there. This suggests the folly of U.S. intervention in areas and problems of which we know little. It is essential to study the governmental and military learning process to discern its limits and ways to speed it up."

1969 assessment of the Vietnam War.

Anonymous said...

Blair turned to Catholicism after he left office. In any case he is a consummate politician and will do anything to get an office - in this case he was after the presidency of the EU.

As for his policy in joining the USA after 9/11 in its intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have to wait till the war is over before drawing conclusions. The war is still ongoing, and will last at the least another 30 years.


Anonymous said...

Legal or illegal the thought of all those Iraqi children, screaming for their mothers when George and Tony's fully digitized shock 'n' awe show hit Bagdad is hard to shift.

And they're still dying.


Anonymous said...

The best appraisement I ever read of the guy:-

Highlights include:-

1. "Michael Levy, the former pop music impresario who became his chief fundraiser, tennis partner and Middle East envoy, met Blair right after the 1997 election for their usual Saturday afternoon tennis match:

When Tony and I finally made our way down to the tennis court, he suddenly stopped dead. He looked around, checking to make sure his security guards were not close enough to overhear him and then he did something truly astonishing.

He literally jumped up and down, like a small kid who had been let out of school for the day, and shouted, laughing out loud: "I really did it! Can you believe it? I'm Prime Minister! I'm Prime Minister! I'm Prime Minister!"

In other words, he was shocked to suddenly find himself in Downing Street because although he was a consummate opportunist and front man, he lacked the wherewithal for such a role. But he now knew that with his minders continuing to ease his path he could act the part and live out his fantasies while enjoying the status and perks to the hilt. "I particularly remember one Sunday," writes Levy, "when he turned to me after tennis and said, smiling: 'Michael, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Being Prime Minister is really pretty easy'."


2. "On the eve of the 2005 election, for instance, during an interview with The Sun, he and his wife boasted about their sexual prowess. Introduced with a lewd front page headline and carrying a photograph of a bare-chested Prime Minister inside, Blair was quoted as saying, in response to a question about his fitness, that he was "ready for it…five times a night" (emblematic of the vulgarity, impropriety and patent self-deception which marked their Downing Street years)."


3. "As his friend and disgraced former Deputy PM John Prescott states in his recent memoirs: "Tony has a habit of saying things people want to hear. They believe him because they are charmed by his smiles and nods. That's why I used to call him Bambi when he first appeared on the political scene.(9)"


4."This gets to the nub of Tony Blair and the fanciful, amoral, shameless world in which he wallows, wherein chronic failure is glorious success. The clear warning signs of self-delusion were there as early as December 1996 when he confided on the Des O'Connor Show that as a 14-year-old he had run away to Newcastle airport and boarded a plane for the Bahamas: "I snuck onto the plane, and we were literally about to take off when the stewardess came up to me," he recounted. This came as a surprise to his father, who is said to have exclaimed: "The Bahamas? Who said that? Tony? Never". It equally surprised authorities at the airport who pointed out that in the 61 year history of the Newcastle airport there has never been a flight to the Bahamas.

In November 1999, William Hague raised this telling deception in the Commons. Accusing the Prime Minister of being a habitual liar, he said Mr Blair found it "difficult to tell the truth about many things - however trivial." He also recounted another similar fantasy concocted by Blair during an interview with a local radio station in 1997. Speaking of his passion for football, said Hague, "the Prime Minister reminisced about watching his favourite Newcastle player, centre forward Jackie Milburn, from a seat behind one of the goals at St James's Park. Two problems with this - seats weren't installed behind the goals until the 1990s and Jackie Milburn left the club when the Prime Minister was four-years-old."

Article is long but entertaining - albeit ire-inducing. Best read with a stiff scotch....

Edward Spalton said...

You beat me to it. I was going to draw attention to that trenchant article in Christian Order which ( if I recall rightly) called Blair "the comic cuts cartoon convert from Hell" and denounced Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor in not dissimilar terms.

The International Criminal Court is a very dangerous institution and it was IMHO quite right of the USA not to sign up to it. Anything which creates unappealable, unaccountable supra national power is dangerous.
I followed some small parts of the Milosevic trial in the similar tribunal for former Yugoslavia and it was a total parody of justice, a political morality tale with only one possible outcome - to sanctify the unprovoked attack on Yugoslavia.

G. Tingey said...

Tony Blair and the fanciful, amoral, shameless world in which he wallows..
It's called the Roman Catholic Church, isn't it?

E.S. Bollocks - the attack was on SERBIA. Trying to re-play their terrorist activities of 1913-14.
can you spell "Black Hand" ??

Edward Spalton said...

The country was called Yugoslavia at the time. As Lord David Owen ( no friend of Serbia) remarked, a major problem was caused by the gerrymandered borders which Tito had created to reduce Serbian influence. A large proportion of the Serbian population lived outside Serbia but were given some security by the "peace and brotherhood" of the communist dispensation. However, when the local government boundaries became international boundaries, they found themselves inside new states which actually had the ambition to be "Serb-free". That they were living in areas which had Serb populations since before the Pilgrim Fathers landed in America was not a consideration for the West whose air power helped to ethnically cleanse the Krajina.

There is quite a good film on the internet about this called "Weight of Chains" - perhaps a little rose-tinted in its view of former Yugoslavia but pretty accurate. I have studied the area for some years and got to know the former Canadian Ambassador, James Bissett as well as the late Sir Alfred Sherman and the Serbian historian, Dr Srdja Trifkovic.

For a realistic account of the Srebrenica atrocities, Google " Major General Lewis MacKenzie Srebrenica"
He is also a Canadian An article of mine "The Balkans Today, The West Tomorrow" is on
As well as one entitled "On the carcass of Yugoslavia" - the result of a visit.

Western public opinion was sold a pup about what was going on. Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell were sent over to Brussels to crank up the lie machine in advance of the unprovoked Western attack.
I have no family or business connections with the area

cuffleyburgers said...

@ E Spalton - bravo!