Friday, 10 May 2013

Lady Toynbee like Cnut against the tide

As the Labour tide is turning, as those on the left are just waking up to the real dangers and evils of the EU, Lady Toynbee plants her chair firmly in the sand and commands the seas to retreat. Her Euro-sceptic colleagues on the left are really anarcho-conservatives, says the archetypal hereditary capitalist-socialist, who should learn to love centralist, dictatorial institutions for their own good. The people don't know what's best for them and can't be trusted to make the right decision, declares Lady T; and they should not be let anywhere near the ballot box, especially in the downswing of a recession. 

If we left, Lady Toynbee wails, the same isolationism would sweep us out of the European human rights convention too. Do we want to be Belarus? She asks. Um, what, and be able to expel Islamic terrorists at will? Be able to deport prisoners after their sentences are served? Have the ability to allow our own highly skilled, just and capable courts to make case law? Well, yes please, actually.

Just as Toynbee's purblindness cannot imagine a Britain that for eight hundred years led the World in human rights without any assistance from European institutions, she cannot imagine our unique advantages in global location, language, historical links, economic strength and pre-eminence in international institutions amounting to much without Europe's parasitical deadweight. 

Luckily, those on the left who work for a living and don't belong to Lady Toynbee's privileged left-liberal aristocratic and hereditary mileau have always been as sceptical about voting advice from the Big House as they have been of foreign interference in British ways. And when the Referendum comes - and it will - half of them will vote 'No' to the EU.


Anonymous said...

Justice for Knut! said...

Mad Aunt Polly believes that the tide, as well as the people, will respect every word that issues from her imperious gob, but don't accuse Cnut of the same thing. His confrontation with the waves was intended to demonstrate that he could not command the tides.

Young Mr. Brown said...

You know, I could get nostalgic and sentimental about Tony Benn.

Anonymous said...

Satan's whore - get thee behind me.

Anon 2 said...

Well said, Justice for Knut!

Of course, had he been a faminazi, he would not have tolerated disobedience from mere waves. He'd have made sure to get there at a time when he could have proved his superiority.
Excellent post Raedwald. You put that windmill under a walnut shell* very nicely!

cf. Chaucer's "House of Fame."

Grundianista said...

More pollytwaddle. How has she managed to keep it going all these years?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lady Toynbee might like a 60 second lesson in democracy as deliverd by Tony Benn when he posited his 5 questions of democracy...
1.What Power Have You Got?

2.Where Did You Get It From?

3.In Whose Interests Do You Exercise It?

4.To Whom Are You Accountable?

5.How Do We Get Rid Of You?

Now try applying those simple questions to the EU and see what answers you come up with?

Coney Island

Dave said...

You missed a letter out of the title "Lady Toynbee like a Cnut against the tide"

Anonymous said...

The lefties argue against a referendum as they are frightened of the outcome.They are true enemies of democracy.

Anonymous said...

In the real world, a referendum is so easily slanted towards the result wanted.
The referendum, when it arrives, will be preceded by a barrage of publicity slanted towards staying in the EU.
I very much doubt that the same level of publicity will be given towards how to be out, while still enjoying some benefits of being in.