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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"UK will debate proposals, then obey them"

When the war correspondent Alan Moorehead reached Brussels shortly after liberation, he found the city's zoo being used to hold alleged Nazi collaborators. "What will happen to them?" he asked. "They will be given a fair trial, then they will be shot" came the answer. 

It seems the character of the Bruxellois hasn't changed a great deal in sixty years. The Speccie publishes the EU's programme for the latest stage in its takeover of national governments; "National ministers study the AGS and adopt conclusions" is this Winter's task for Cameron's government, and in June of next year Cameron is instructed that "national ministers discuss the Commission's budget recommendations and adopt conclusions"

Osborne is nothing but a foolish and incompetent dilettante who shouldn't be let near running a tuck shop, but at least he's our idiot. I've no confidence that the foolish and incompetent zealots from Brussels will be any better at running the UK economy than 'Boy' Osborne but why on Earth should we give them the chance? Why are all 27 EU nations included in surrendering their budgets to Brussels, not just the Eurozone masochists?

Bring on the referendum.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Note also, in the linked diagram, that all the initiative and policy comes from the Commission (unelected, accountable only to itself).


(1) The job of national ministers (elected, but in a controlled way and only from existing political class trusties) is to study the policies, agree them, and implement them - no mention of being able to change anything.

and (2) The job of the parliament (elected) is merely to express opinions - absolutely no influence resides there.

So much for democracy.

Why do we put up with this?

Anonymous said...

We don't need no stinkin' "referendum" Raedwald...

We need a UKIP controlled government that will just take whatever are the appropriate steps required to leave.

Article 50 if anyone wants to negotiate with the buggers, or just a simple repeal of the 1972 ECA.

If the government gets the chance to hold a "plebiscite" (not a referendum), they will definitely make THEIR question a threatening one in favour of a "yes".

Then they will bring out the Beeb and its clonic mates at Sky and ITN, they will mobilise the scandal sheets, like the Telegraph, Times, FT, Mail, Sun, Mirror... Yes and the Express, to declare that "voting NO would be an act of madness", and the status quo will be the inevitable result.

Whichever mode is chosen, it will inevitably lead to a massive bureaucratic tangle that will probably last long enough to keep surplus bureaucrats happy until their retirement.

What UKIP would do, if they were to be in government, would be to introduce direct democracy, and then people would be perfectly capable of starting a petition to get the government to negotiate entry into the EU/Euro on our behalf.

After all, it is only right when surrendering to a foreign bloc, to start any such negotiation with the support of the people who are going to be deprived of their liberty first.

G. Tingey said...

I'm not so sure.
Quite a few people I know are traditional Laobur voters & they are getting royally piss-off with the EU.
Their "leaders" don't seem to have noticed this yet, but they will, fairly soon, I'd think, especially if/when UKIP start pinching their votes, too!

Anonymous said...


I think you misunderstand my point...

...Which is that the ruling party tends to have a powerful ability to scare voters to vote "the right way"...

They phrase the question, they set the date, and then they mobilise the media to get the desired result...

This does not matter whether it is called by the EU (through its helpful idiots), a Labour government, a CONservative government etc...

The point is that UKIP have two policies on the EU... One that they inherited from the Referendum party after Jimmy Goldsmith's untimely death, and the UKIP policy which is unilateral withdrawal.

The advantage of unilateral withdrawal is that it neatly reverses the underhand behaviour of previous governments in one swell foop...

Of course once it has been established that we are leaving, a voter organised (through petition) referendum, might call for a hasty rejoining of the EU.

Such an exercise would occur without any undue influence from those vested interests in the bureaucracy and the corporations (the other two pillars with the governing party of the fascist triumvirate)

For these, the EU is an advantage because it destroys SME's, which cannot afford the luxury of being as inefficient as large corporates.

We see how say a large supermarket can trade at a loss (illegal if you have only one trading outlet) for as many months or years as required to put others out of business.

Katabasis said...

Well we're now under siege on two fronts. Thanks for the FUD, Obama:

anon 2 said...

The nature of the 3-headed monster glares more obviously every day. As it does so, the so-called 'lower classes' will notice realise that the cause of our "socio-economic" stratification is ETHNIC. It's just that Marx and Engels managed to muddy perception by using labels they dubbed "class."

However, hese 'toffs' are, as they have been since 1066, invaders from euroland. We lower orders are the indigenous people of the isles. It's just that, for a few centuries the robber barons appeared to integrate and set their power-base in Britain.

That no longer suits them: their socio-economic advantage, once again, lies in euroland. They don't need us now that they think physical war is obsolete. So they've joined forces with their own kind from 'over yonder.'

We'd do well to remember, though, that we long had many things they wanted. Among them, the ability to fight (and win) their wars....

anon 2 said...

Apologies for typos --- would revise if google's system allowed.

Blue Eyes said...

The EC's document also notes that Britain is in no way obliged to follow its recommendations.

So either you haven't read the document (freely available on the Commission's Europe2020 website) or are being disingenuous.

Either way, the more tilting at windmills "sceptics" do, the more they undermine the genuine arguments against the UK's membership of the EU.