Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ACPO's poisonous convenience

I have no doubt that the appalling revelations about the 'Special Demonstrations Squad' have their origin in the mindset that made use of ACPO as an alternative to democratic policing. ACPO offered Home Secretaries and Chief Constables an easy and unaccountable way in which to do all sort of dodgy and questionable policing that wouldn't stand the scrutiny of democracy in the light of day; the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (which infiltrated environmental groups with agents provacateur) the Confidential Intelligence Unit (which created threats from innocent political activists) and the national Extremism Tactical Co-Ordination Unit (taken away from ACPO by the Met Commissioner from 2011) are all examples of the type of unregulated, uncontrolled semi-detached policing that the 'Special Demonstrations Squad' appears to have been. 

The one lesson in this is that the public can never, ever trust the police to govern themselves. At senior officer level they're profoundly corrupt, seduced by power and purblind from ambition. Not one single Chief Constable in the land can be trusted to run his own force without effective public and civilian oversight and governance. Let this lesson never be forgotten. 


Anonymous said...

Agreed Raedwald.

And without the ability to recall the"sheriff" or whatever the so-called elected official that oversees all but the Met Police, there is no real improvement over accountability from the previous "board" set up.

It amazed me to watch a bunch of old has-been politicians jockeying for this role, which was supposed to be non-political.

G. Tingey said...

ANOTHER bureaucracy ...

A friend, whose late father was a Cheif Inspector (or Superintendant, I forget) noted, with me, that ...

The Met would rather be thought & seen in public as "Institutionally racist" rather than admit that some of their officers were corrupt, on the take & in some cases, in the pay of the local mobsters (Dahn in Sarf-Eas Lunuon)

strawbrick said...

What I have never understood about ACPO is that it's insignia / logo looks just like a "normal" police force (royal crown etc) but it is in fact a Company - Company Number: 3344583 - and is run as a business ...

Anonymous said...

The British malaise runs much deeper that this, unfortunately.

Just look where we have ended up:

NHS regulator corruption
Police corruption
Politician expenses corruption
Sport corruption
Transport corruption
Higher education corruption
Industry / Lobbyist corruption
Banking and finance corruption
Surveillance corruption

The list goes on and on. Just who the hell can we trust? The root of all this evil is the "snouts in the tax-payer trough" element - a very large element at that - who think they can just take what they want, when they want. So far they are getting away with it.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

ACPO Ltd tell us about their mindset themselves. On their About Us web page they say that they work "in equal and active partnership with government".

Now if you are in equal partnership with government, does that not indicate that you consider yourself to be the equal of government, able to make your own decisions on all matters without reference to any higher authority?

I have been shouted down before for saying this, but I'll say it again anyway: ACPO Ltd behave as though they believe themselves to be a government in waiting.

PC 49 said...

A C P O = A Common Purpose Organisation.

wv: ferkit one [close but no cigar!]

Blue Eyes said...

Agreed, Mr R.

What we need is borough-based policing with an elected but recallable "Sheriff"-style commissioner (in the true sense of the word) of services. And funded by local taxation.