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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hutton, like Dworkin, is deeply Illiberal.

There's another characteristic whine from Hutton in the Guardian this morning. The recently dead Dworkin, Hutton writes, "argued that to live well and with dignity was every human being's aim – one that law and government should support" and that this was true liberalism. Poppycock. 

Let's just Fisk that quote above. By 'support' Hutton actually means 'enable' - he sees an all-powerful State regulating individual lives and rationing-out rewards equally to all, using law to prevent the emergence of a meritocracy in a system in which all are beholden to State Welfarism and to the State alone for the fulfilment of their own lives. What a dreary, squalid Soviet Hell.

In proclaiming the virtues of a Statist, repressive and coercive vesion of what he terms 'liberalism' in the Guardian, Will Hutton demonstrates nothing but his own essential illiberality. Hutton simply can't stand the simple realisation that even the Economist has reached that many more British people, and particularly the young, are rediscovering true Liberalism. Tolerant of people's differences, but with a deep distrust of the State, the Political Class and Welfarism; we should rejoice that the new generation of Brits growing into power are likely to follow Burke rather than Engels. Hutton despairs.

Let's turn that quote around and say "Neither law nor government should obstruct, hinder or restrict every human being's aim to live well and with dignity". That'll do.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Raedwald... As I have commented ad infinitum, the political party (currently) known as "the Liberal Democrats", is neither liberal nor democratic, but brighter chaps than that shameless lefty, Hutton, seem to confuse liberalism with that party.

Likewise those same people persist in applying "far right", to people and parties that are neither right, nor far, but rather racists and moderately left, like his beloved Labour party (which doesn't have much to do with labour).

It's a funny old world innit?

Anonymous said...

And if you read the Good Bishop Hill and EU Referendum you will have noticed that the Energy dictators want to indulge in demand regulation (aka rationing) because they consider that nanny knows best!

English Pensioner said...

If that is the way this country is heading, I'm not surprised that so many of my acquaintances have children or grandchildren who have emigrated to places like Australia, Canada or the USA. A problem for this country is that they are all people whom we need, with good degrees, from good universities, people who want to stand on their own feet and get on in the world.

cuffleyburgers said...

Top post, as ever Raedwald