Wednesday, 26 June 2013

UK's Stasi upsets Fritz and Michael Eavis

A glance at the following images will explain why the Germans are so miffed at GCHQ copying all the traffic that passes through the UK's big IP pipes;

Practically all of Europe's IP traffic either passes through the UK or through undersea cables close to our shores - and which the Navy have long practice at accessing to attach 'hoovering' kit. It's really no good William Hague telling the Germans that we're stealing their data for their own good - they had that from the Stasi for a number of years and are no longer inclined to give it credence.

What they do with it once they get it is also questionable; as the Guardian reports today (and as reported here yesterday), shady police units maintain secret police records on law-abiding individuals; 
"Another activist, Guy Taylor, 46, who campaigns against capitalism, discovered that he was spied on while attending Glastonbury festival – which is known to have been frequented by a number of police spies in recent decades. He and Catt are among the thousands of activists who have been categorised as domestic extremists on the unit's files. The Met previously used the term "subversives" to describe citizens with radical political views whom it was spying on."
Poor Fritz, whose every search for images of "bauernmädchen mit oven gloves" is now recorded at Cheltenham, isn't happy. And for once, this is a good thing. 


Anthem said...

"A glance"???

I'm still looking at them and trying to work out what the hell I'm looking for.

That first one looks like a particularly good episode of Dad's Army, though.

Tony Harrison said...

I like "bauernmädchen mit oven gloves" but wonder if this reflects the recondite interests either of your friend Fritz (Who he? Ed.) or yourself...
I think we should be told.
If GCHQ really has been lifting all this material for years, I find it encouraging that at least our spies are quite competent even if the government are a bunch of cut-price cock-up artists.

Anonymous said...

What always amuses me about apologists for this kind of activity Raedwald... Like Hague for instance.

Is that they insist that only suspicious looking stuff is looked at.

What seems to be not being said, is that suspicious looking stuff looks exactly the same as non-suspicious looking stuff...

...Until you scan it,


Johnm said...

And, of course, innocuous and legal stuff today may/will not be so next year you may be in trouble for something that was typed/said today. And "they" don't need to attach anything to undersea cables...they make landfall here and then get routed to terminals for the next leg....and most of the traffic is duplicated via satellite.

Katabasis said...

I wanted to say many thanks Raedwald for being one of the few other Libertarian bloggers covering this.

I'm very disappointed in the Libertarian blogosphere over this. We were all over climategate for example and yet this - which to my mind speaks much more closely to libertarian concerns than all the CAGW issues every could - has resulted in mostly tumbleweed.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the technicalities of these diagrams; it's been my line of work (the internet business, not GCHQ!) for 15 years. The worlds biggest metropolitan exchanges are MAE (Metropolitan Area Exchange) East on Broadway, NY; Mae West (not what you're thinking!) in SF Calif and The Telehouse group of exchanges in London, mainly on Coriander Ave.

The main carriers of internet traffic are the usual telecoms companies; C&W (network now owned by Savvis - AS 3561) Verizon. Telefonica, Deutsch Telecom, Belgacom and many others, but they mostly route through London and transit the UK - USA sub-marine cable systems, of which there are many. That is why the UK teamed up with the USA as most of the worlds traffic flows through their respective systems and exchanges. Technically, it was an easy collaboration.

Of course, they will say "if you've nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear". Maybe, as citizens, we should turn that weapon against them and say to our respective governments "if you have less to hide, you will have less to fear" - from us!

Coney Island

BrianSJ said...

'Blind Man's Bluff' is a good read US rather than UK.

Blue Eyes said...

So Britain's telecoms industry is the European leader? Kein Wunder the German government is upset!

Three cheers for the deregulated market!

G. Tingey said...

Anyone read "The Zimmermann Telegram" by Barbara Tuchman?
We have LONG experience at reading German radio & telegraph traffic.
No reason to stop now!

{ Contrariwise, the "spying-on-everybody" is not acceptable )

cuffleyburgers said...

Shocking positively shocking, however anyone who thought it wasn't happening must be an idiot, and franky compared with most of the other shit the government gets up to I can't get too worked up about it.