Thursday, 25 July 2013

Banks, Big Pharma and Corporates are crims shock

It seems that the revelation that banks, big pharma and the international corporates all indulge in deeply criminal activity is news to our MPs. SOCA, in a rare and unusual effort by Parliament to exercise control over these semi-detached part of the State, has been compelled to reveal evidence that the big corporates employed criminals and criminal methods thinly disguised as 'private investigators' to carry out a plethora of criminal acts against individuals.

The banks, pharma companies and corporates who used the criminal 'investigators' were not alone; SOCA's interest came from the fact that organised crime used the same criminal methods and the same criminal operators as your bank. "I can do your phone tap later today, mate; as it happens I've got a burglary to do in W11 for a bank"

One of the key reasons that parts of our secret State are so reluctant to expose the activities of this criminal mileau to the light is that our intelligence services are also undoubtedly dependent on them to carry out a host of 'black' operations with deniability and no links to the official spooks. Cops on specialist squads who are wannabee spooks have also undoubtedly sought to use the same methods. And not a few of the criminal 'investigators' will be ex-cops - retired or forced out for disciplinary reasons. So it's actually "I can do your phone tap later today, mate; as it happens I've got a burglary to do in W11 for a bank and a spycam to plant up that way for the Vauxhall boys"

Even if I'm prepared to temporarily overlook the needs of the intelligence organisations, as a special case, the police and it's weird and wonderful offshoots, organised criminals and the big corporates should be treated no differently from offending journalists if they use such methods - that means dawn raids, lengthy questioning, widespread arrests and criminal charges.


Anonymous said...

Dream on - the establishment cannot be put on trial - that only happens to the 'little people'.

There will be no more show trials and pumped up popinjays strutting their legal interrogative method.

Leveson, was a put up job by the left to halt Murdoch's [perceived] right wing empire and to permanently gag the press - nothing else would do for the left.

The left, through the auspices of the EU and their cohorts in the intelligentsia and with common purpose: rule the nation.

The left rules until that is, Britain becomes part of the Ummah - something the left with every fibre of its being strives for and a perfidy it knowingly facilitates.

So why bother Radders - we're [Britain] fubar anyway.

Anonymous said...

Police who break the law (as over the surveilance cameras) should be prosecuted, and individuals should pay the fines and serve the time. NHS trusts who are successfully sued should take the money from the staff at fault. Taxpayer shouldn't be paying out for wrongdoers.

Robbin' said...

I would help but the Batmobile is in for its six-month service at the moment.

Anonymous said...

But first we need something more of a democracy than we have right now. There is nothing to choose between them unless we can get UKIP in.

Coney Island

Scpetical Steve said...

Another facet of this is the creation of false identities for undercover police. In the 1970s book "The Day of the Jackal", Frederick Forsyth explained exactly how this was done, but the loophole (adopting the identity of dead children)was deliberately kept open because the state found it all rather convenient.
Compare the Guardian's recent faux-outrage that undercover police had adopted the identities of dead children with the eerie silence that accompanies the near certanty that the state has used the same mechanism to create new identities for the killers of Jamie Bulger and numerous other high profile criminals.

Johnm said...

Mark my words: IF UKIP get elected (big if) they will morph, very rapidly, into a close copy of the other three. I have seen nothing to suggest that "Nigel" has any great ability, other than that of enjoying his own voice. Since UKIP is a "one-man-boat".............

Anyway, what was that about police?:

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

What's the difference between government and organised crime?

One is illegal ...

but neither is lawful.