Monday, 1 July 2013

Public Sector 1% - MPs 32%

Yep; at a time when, quite rightly, we're holding the public sector down to a 1% pay rise MPS have told the IPSA that they're grossly underpaid and deserve at least £86,000 - a whopping pay increase outstripping any corporate current pay deal anywhere.

Let's allow them to do it. In fact, let's encourage the purblind, snuffling shit-faced toads to go for £100k after the 2015 election, with increased subsidies for their bars and restaurants. But let's also demand from each candidate standing in those elections a statement on whether they'd support or oppose the proposal - and cast our votes accordingly.


DeeDee99 said...

Nice idea, but I think we know that the vast majority will vote themselves as much of our money as they possibly can.

So let's just reject them anyway.

Barnacle Bill said...

Let them have their 32% pay rise but in return we want a cull of 33% of them.
Fair deal?

Anonymous said...

No, no and thrice NO! The very notion of MPs being able to vote for their own pay deal is as corrupt as the police saying that they can investigate themselves for wrong-doings.

This is looking very much like the last days of the Roman empire or the fall of Saigon.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

"The very notion of MPs being able to vote for their own pay deal is as corrupt"

There is an alternative, each MPs salary should be set by his local constituency office and paid out of the Council tax and shown on the form in the same way as water and aptly, sewerage charges.

Nessimmersion said...

Why not resume the old method of not paying MPs at all, that way only pensioners and those with sufficient other income could sit.

I said...

Could we also ban lawyers from the place while we are at it?

Anonymous said...

So so disappointing, such miserable performance, such lack of effectiveness. No hope whatever of any of the three main options being any use at all. I plan to hold my nose and vote UKIP - as do a lot of folk I know.

I would cheerfully pay (somewhat fewer) MPs £160K if only they were any use, but as things stand the actual as-delivered value-for-money is zilch.

Scrooge said...

Payment of our MPs should be reduced by %10 per anum until a system of democracy is introduced in Britain.
Government by elected dictatorship is not democracy. Until the people approve the annual budget by referendum nothing will change.
This is same method our ancestors used to control the monarchy, which was never so out of control as the present political class.

Budgie said...

The reason MPs do so little so ineffectively is that most of it is done for them by the EU.

Frankly if the corporates in the CBI have their way we will be finally locked into the EU forever(*). That being so, what is the point of MPs at all?

(*) that is, until it implodes naturally.

visceral said...

Not there yet but remember pay grade doesnt always mean efficiency - Nigeria has the highest paid parlimemntarians in the world at around $500,000 pa

But as said elsewhere I wouldnt midn so much if they were such a useless bunch of turds

Anonymous said...

Actually MPs havent told IPSA anything of the aort. IPSA has come to that conclusion independently,

We didn't want MPs to be able to decide their own salaries and no thr Independent body thinks they should get a much bigger payrise than anything they ever proposed on their own.

Unintended consequences, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anon: "IPSA has come to that conclusion independently .."

Ha ha! That is already the line toed by Redwood. 'I didn't know about this, but the parliamentary regulator is independent.."

Yea, never heard of Regulatory capture?

It's happened with the Banks, the so called CQA and I'm prepared to bet the parliamentary authority too.