Thursday, 15 August 2013

A greeting from Bucharest

Vă mulțumim tovarășul Dave!
Suntem bogat, bogat, bogat!

 ( Thank you Comrade Dave! We are Rich, Rich, Rich!)



Demetrius said...

Aha, but for UK pensioners to sell up in UK and buy one of the many vacant properties in Bulgaria might yield quite a profit. Also, if invested wisely and with declining UK pensions, Bulgaria could be a good place to go. The incoming Bulgarians, essential to driving down UK labour costs, are only half the plot. See you in Plovdiv.

G. Tingey said...

.... "Essential to driving down UK labour costs"
Allowing expoitative, greedy & stupid bosses to participate in a race to the bottom, impverishing us all.

DeeDee99 said...


Having visited Bulgaria on holiday a couple of years ago, I never intend going back.

It was the most boring, uninspiring country I have ever visited. No wonder so many want to leave.

The last thing this country needs is another influx of poor, economic migrants from Eastern Europe driving down low-skilled wages and taking job opportunities our own young people should get.

If Cameron doesn't stop the influx, he'll be looking at a massive UKIP landslide in the May elections, just one year before the next General Election.]

flyinthesky said...

Dee, They've all known about it for years and none of them want to address it, it's off message. we mustn't blame the Bulgars, I would do the same in their position. The blame firmly belongs to the eu and our incumbent facilitators. Addressing it now would be seen as hostile and no successive government wants to be seen as hostile to the collective.

Demetrius said...

Long ago in the old "Punch" there was a series of despatches from Plovdiv, I think by Alan Coren. It was satirical. My own post was in this vein. The idea of swapping UK pensioners for Bulgarian travellers is something that our Civil Service and political masters could well come up with. And I had a few bits in "Punch" all those years ago.

Edward Spalton said...


With the greatest of respect, No!
Don't blame the EU. The Commissioners and Officials are totally immune from our displeasure.

Blame the treacherous British politicians, whom we elected time after time. So blame us too. None of them got hanged for treason, so they went on doing it to their own great profit.

The EU has not the slightest power over us which has not been given to its institutions by people who look and talk like you and me but whose loyalties are elsewhere - and most people don't mind in the least, re-electing them time after time.