Monday, 12 August 2013

Cameron's 'Localism Lite' will cost him 2015

Cameron had the opportunity in 2010 to push big-bang Localism right to the top of the government's agenda; it had a fair wind from the LibDems and there was little that Labour could argue against without arguing against democracy, choice, freedom of local communities and the like. Instead, he bottled it. He chose big government and Whitehall centralism, and his 'Localism Lite' Act wasn't worth its weight in bum-wipe. That poor judgement is now set to cost him the 2015 election. 

The Guardian sets out explicitly this morning how the ethnic minority vote boosted by Labour's floodgate immigration policy now determines the result in 168 marginals. Ethnic minorities want to vote on race lines - for their own caste, faith or tribe, but lacking a party to reflect that first choice will vote for Labour instead. At the ratio of 68% to 16% who vote Conservative. And this is indicative of the potential future fragmentation of British politics if we allow the political class and their allies the big corporates to continue to govern under a Whitehall, centralist command and control model. 

Any UKIP supporters who think PR is better than FPTP should think again. PR will give us a Muslim Party, a Sikh Party, a Sri Lankan Freedom Party, a Gay Political Alliance and so on; every ethnic, racial and religious interest group in the country will form a party to catch the vote drop from the dying old parties. Politics will become an exercise to see which group can grab the most loot for their supporters and PR will be the vehicle and the mechanism for gross peculation. 

The only way to counter the breakup of our country on tribal lines is to devolve real decision making, including decisions over most taxes and most spending, to the local level. Very, very few lowest tier authorities in the country will fall straight into the corruption and nepotism typical of Pakistani or Bangladeshi politics and those that do will self-correct. 

Had Cameron done so in 2010 he may now be looking at a cautious victory in 2015 rather than the humiliating wipe-out that the Tories now face.    


corncrake said...

Whilst he may have done it with more public school polish Cameroon is proving to be a bigger bottler than Broon.
As for PR Raedwald, if it stops nuLabor ever getting back in I'll support it.

DeeDee99 said...

This UKIP supporter argued against AV because it was intended to cement the power of the big 2, with the LibDems trailing along in third place.

I'm not so sure about PR, since it would guarantee UKIP a sizeable bloc in Westminster, but I'm happy to plug away under FPTP because the fact that we are getting so close to the tipping point is having quite an impact on the CON Party and will increasingly affect Labour as well.

I share your fear about tribal ethnic political parties. We can already see that the bloc Muslim vote is organising itself around Respect but it won't put up with Galloway for long, when it has enough bloc voters to get its own Party of Islam elected in Muslim enclaves. The only bright spot in that scenario is that Labour will pay a heavy price for flooding the country with Muslims.

We need to stick with FPTP for the time being. We probably can't prevent tribal ethnic Parties from forming, but FPTP prevents them from gaining anything but a few inner city seats in what have already become ethnic ghettos.

Robert said...

No party funding and a stop to postal voting. Anyone who wants to vote should show their face at the polling station.

Anonymous said...

Localism is the way forward, local taxation and takes Westminster out of the equation. Although, some taxes must be kept aside for defence and other national policy requirements.
If people could see that their decisions can influence local matters and also that, in budgetary matters they have a decisive say, that would be democracy returned to the British people.
Things to do; rescind the postal vote, voting to be done at polling stations only and with identification - only.

It can be done, Dave did bottle it, although the mandarins, statists in the Tories, quangos would have baulked too - much as I hate to defend our weakling PM, he had no real chance of changing much - anything.

Local taxation, disburse benefits locally face to face and proper national plebiscites - ala the Swiss model.
Democracy, it can come back to the people.

James Higham said...

Not too sure, you know. All this UKIP blackening of late does affect the populace.

Anonymous said...

The populace couldn't give a rats backside.
They vote for what they can get for themselves.
Muslims vote for themselves, so do pensioners, so do I.

Demetrius said...

At the risk of being tiresome this one been coming but the MSM and others only recently seem to have woken up to it. The Lib Dem's refusal to allow a more democratic map of constituencies will trigger a disaster that may wipe them out. Does anyone think that a Labour government with a clear majority will allow any future election to go against it. We are looking at the end of any real kind of democracy in the UK.

Corporal Punishment said...

Well, we cold try the Egyptian solution...

Ian E said...

Demetrius said ' ... We are looking at the end of any real kind of democracy in the UK.'

Surely one would need a beginning first. Representative 'democracy' allows our MPs the great privilege of representing what their party bosses tell them. As Churchill said 'Prospective MPs are asked to stand, hope to sit, and are expected to lie.'

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What James H said.

G. Tingey said...

Careful with "localism" - because, why?
Corruption, that's why!
Try reading "rotten boroughs" in Private Eye - & that's only the bit they dare post because of lible fears - it's a lot worse than that, actually.

Woodsy42 said...

Personally I don't care if we have a small Sikh party and a Muslim party and a Cornwall independence party or whatever else party. These groups would all have valid and varied opinions and ideas to bring to parliamentary debate, while PR would ensure the majority of voters' opinions were represented by a majority in parliament.
Isn't that a whole lot nearer real democracy than what we have now?

Anon 2 said...

Oh, but Raedwald - I don't think Cameron and his handlers ever wanted the "Tories" to succeed. They're all socialists and europeanists - who actually set out to destroy any opposition.

No, no. There's nothing "right" about Scameron.