Saturday, 3 August 2013


A couple of stories in the news that show that the fat cat troughers aren't getting it all their own way must at least send a frisson of warning to all those still robbing public funds. In Caerphilly the then Chief Executive Andrew O'Sullivan and his mate were arrested for awarding both themselves and another score of top-troughers a gut-busting pay increase in the face of a three year pay freeze for the rest of the Council. Plod is not pursuing charges, the unlawful pay increases have been reversed and they've brought back the old CE rather than shoeing-in O'Sullivan's bent mate Nigel Barnett. 

And top-trougher Phillippa Williamson, who featured here as the work-at-home former SFO boss who paid herself a near half-million pound pension top up is today considering whether to pay the money back in an effort to avoid prosecution. New SFO boss David Green has written to three former senior managers  inviting them to return the money, but you can be sure it is more than a polite request. The move to find broken laws and thus get Plod involved is a smart one - and ex-SFO boss Phillippa will no doubt be considering the possibility of being arrested by grinning plods in a dawn raid on that idyllic Lake District hideaway of hers.

One problem remains; who will arrest the many top cops who have awarded themselves and their chums gut-busting pay and bonus deals that make the PM's wedge look like an office trainee's salary?


Anonymous said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Chicken, egg, egg, chicken?

corncrake said...

If plod had been doing their job properly when the MPs' expenses scandal broke. It would have set an example to one and all.
Instead we had a few sacrificial lambs thrown out to satisfy us proles. Whilst the rest of our elites continued their troughing at the public's expense.
But it is nice to see a few experiencing sleepless nights; if not HM's pleasure.

Anonymous said...

"Plod is not pursuing charges,"

You coulda knocked me down with a feather!

Anonymous said...

Which should read:
"plod have been told by the prosecutors that there is no charge that will stick in a court system dominated by troughers"
But, as usual in anything concerning the highly uncivil civil no-service, the police get the blame.
Except in very minor cases, the POLICE do not prosecute.

'allo 'allo, what's all this then? said...

If the CPS is wasting police time by refusing to prosecute, then the police should arrest them and keep them in solitary until they see sense. A few cold nights with only bread and water may start a whole new ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Bread and water ?
Have you never heard of the Police And Criminal Evidence act ?
Bread and water is a surefire compensation winner....and since the vast majority of police detention staff are NOT serving officers but civilians, they would get fed the usual food.
This isn't the fifties....