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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The coming storm

I am struck by the similarity between two maps reproduced below. The first shows the divisions between the various authorities and sects of Christianty in the Thirty Years War and the second those between the various authorities and sects of Islam today. 

Of course our proclivity to either lay down our lives or have them taken unwillingly from us in the name of either Catholicism or Protestantism has gone, even in those parts of Ulster where faith is now just a proxy for power. The Thirty Years War left Europe devastated, with populations decimated, diseased and starving, infrastructure laid waste and the lands plundered by brigands while law and justice were ridden under the hooves of warhorses. Out of the mess came, after time, the second enlightenment and the changes that would make Europe dominant in the world. In the year 1600 the Christian and Islamic worlds were just about neck-and-neck in medicine, science, art, literature and technology. By 1700 we had left them as far behind as savages poking in the dirt with sticks. 

The Islamic world is packed full of young men of prime fighting age who have no jobs, no land and no futures. Median age in Europe is well over 40; in the Islamic world it's about 27. The Sunni - Shia civil wars have already started, and like the European battles of the 1600s the war will roll back and forth across the middle east, this year in Syria, next in Yemen, then the Gulf, then Lebanon again until even Turkey is engulfed in war and the battles reach Europe's borders. Millions are going to die. Whether it's better to be shot, blown up by a missile, gassed, decapitated by bread-knife or dismembered by rusty Panga I don't know but that's the fate of millions of Muslims in the coming years, until they reach an endogenous realisation that the nuances in dogma that separate the sects aren't worth the life of a single Muslim. 

Already the refugees are seeking Europe's peace and shelter. De Spiegel leads with the German reaction against the Afghanis, Iraqis, Egyptians, Libyans, Malinese. And now no doubt the Syrians are already on their way. The defence and foreign policy issues that face this government are far far greater than either Cameron or Miliband give any hint of understanding.


Andy Baxter said...

Powerful......but will Islam with all its divisions reinforced by dogma and violence in a modern world be able to reach the self realisation that to continue in such is futile?

I wonder....

DeeDee99 said...

The fact that our Leaders continue to call Islam "a religion of peace" indicates only too well that they have no understanding of what is happening, let alone any plan to deal with it and protect their own people.

One thing's certain: lobbing 1000 missiles into a Sectarian civil war zone isn't going to achieve anything positive.

Anonymous said...

The millions of Muslims that are already in Western society will bring the same terror and disruption they do to their own countries.
At the first, the very first, indication that a Muslim is acting in disregard or disrespect to Western life and morals they should be summarily deported to a Muslim country of their choice.

TrT said...

Our leaders cant believe that, they are desperate to recreate the situations that led to the 30 year war here.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Your analysis is good but you have missed an important point - there are millions of Muslims already embedded in the Europe.

This war will not stop at our borders, it will continue (or even start in parallel) within them; the peace and shelter of Europe is built on the sand of complacency and will not survive long.

And we seem to have given up all the confidence and self-assertion which is needed to defend it. The stirring deeds of those who drove the Islamists back from the gates of Vienna so (relatively) recently will not be repeated. A new dark age may come.

Sorry to be so gloomy on a Saturday morning but the demographics are against us, and demographics tells you the future.

Anonymous said...

There is already talk of Sunni v Shia on these shores, as if we do not have enough problems.
Though stories of such, they are heavily censored by the authorities there are reports of low level violence between the various sects and ethnic groups within the Sunni population and widespread assaults on the local indigenous peoples of Britain. Sunni, Shia all could, will unite to bring Britain into the Ummah.

Militant Islam, that's a fact, as usual the political elite, in particular - Cameron, Miliband are in denial - as are the left leaning liberal mulch who invited them all in.
The cities of Britain, will suffer civil strife, killing on the streets and there will be [see northern Ireland] total segregation of towns and cities in the midlands and the north - be in no doubt - it is coming.

Anonymous said...

As the immigrant Muslim said to the young Swedish girl he'd just raped:

"..this is our land now."


Span Ows said...

For 1700 read 2000.

Anon 2 said...


Me - I refused to take european history- so I always ignored everything about euros except insofar as it influenced Britain ---- and insofar as we modified/normalised those influences to suit ourselves. In the meantime, of course, euros always invade in some way and set themselve over us (1066, and the despicable JI/VI) invariably cause horrible damage, manifested by strutting frogs and their homo***ual preferences.

Here we go again, then. BO's always made it clear he preferred frogules - and no doubt he has been influential in suborning our armed forces to their power. So this whole scenario is just part of forcing us into the euSSR - and enforcing its hegemony over us.

Note also how many of the mozzies get here via frogland. Subversion by the vileness of islam is certainly a part of the destruction of British power and influence in the world.

So perhaps we should count the frogs as our oldest enemy. I have long understood that the Portuguese were our oldest ally, though. How ironic that the franco-german treaty which removed our sovreignty should have been signed in Lisbon.

G. Tingey said...

Ah, someone else has noticed - do you think the politicians will tumble to it, some time in the next year or so?

Andy Baxter - & what , precisely is the difference between 16thC christianity & islam today?
Noting at all, actually - very depressing.

VARIOUS. (including WY)
NO. The islamic sects will NEVER "unite" to bring Britain into "the ummah" idiots - remember - heretics are WORSE than unbelievers, in islam as in christianity.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Greg, I never said they would. My point was that we can't expect this war to pass us by just because we're not in the Middle East - the Middle East has come to us. Already.

I think we agree on this, actually.

Anonymous said...

Why is an English Summer like a Muslim?
Sometimes its Sunni and sometimes its Shiite

G. Tingey said...

Well, then, we can do what we do with any other gang-war.
Jail the lot, can't we?

Anonymous said...

Set up a penal colony on South Georgia for them.
They can leave any time they want as long as its back to their ancestral homeland with absolutely no chance(automatic execution upon discovery)of ever being allowed back into the UK

DK said...

It is not the nuances that are getting people killed, but Islam itself. It encourages an immediate resort to violence. It justifies your sense of resentment and rage so you try to hit back. The ideology of vendetta and civil war, it is the very opposite of all the practices of mediation and appeal to greater good by which Europeans settle disputes. It would be appalling enough to watch the ME tearing itself apart, but the same violence driven by this same ideology will probably break out in our European cities too. Then we will need the same determination to overcome it that Europeans showed in the seventeenth century.