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Friday, 6 September 2013

BBC bosses must do jail time

Chris Patten lied to Parliament, says former BBC boss Mark Thompson, who has given the members of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee a detailed dossier of Pattens lies when last he gave evidence before the committee. The BBC Trust has responded that Patten may well have lied but he didn't make the payments - a big boy did. All the illegal overpayments were made during the chairmanship of Sir Michael Lyons, who claims he knows nothing about anything and no-one even told him what the letters 'BBC' stood for or what the organisation did. Lyons claims he took the job for the good lunches and short hours and says he just had to sign stuff and was only hired because he owned his own fountain pen and had an Alpha-plus signature with swirls. 

MPs will have to try to get both sense and truth out of a series of BBC ex-and current bosses next week - concepts largely unfamiliar to anyone who works at senior level at the State propaganda ministry. BBC bosses will lie through their pants to Parliament basically because they think they're better than MPs and have the moral right to do so.

In return, Parliament must ensure that some of them do jail time. Three years each for Chris Patten and Michael Lyons should do the trick, with eighteen months for Thompson and Entwistle (Who he?).

Why not?


DeeDee99 said...

Jail time for the liars, thieves and parasites of the BBC?

Not a hope.

They will get a gentle "ticking off" and the gravy train of public sector jobs will roll on its way with most of them still on board.

Ian Hills said...

Came across an ad once for a couple of civil servants, both of whom had to be "used to ambiguity."

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Why not?

Because they're all fully paid-up members of the political class and they watch each others' backs.

That's why not.

Nick Drew said...

add BBC Trustee Anthony Fry to your 18-month list, Mr R (see Grauniad article)

who he ?

I know him, he's a sh*t

Attila said...

Which are the biggest liars, the BBC or the grandstanding MPs? Both live on the public purse and will guard against the day when they themselves may be held to account. No one must suffer in the public sector.
Sell off the BBC in all it's parts and use the money to reduce the national debt the politicos have left to the nation.

Anonymous said...

TPTB, take an extremely and very dim view of all awful posied trends and ideas more especially those proffered by the proletariat.

In that, prosecuting malpractice, peculators and fraudsters and then jailing senior exec's whatever profession they may ply - would seriously undermine all credibility or, at any rate what remains of it - in the corporate and political sphere.

Can't have that Radders dear boy, think of the number of prison places we'd have to build!

Budgie said...

The ship is slowly sinking but the rats haven't noticed. So they are still busy re-arranging their deck chairs. It couldn't happen to a nicer rat than Patten.

Anonymous said...

Stop insulting the rodent family! Us rats, we stick together unlike the human version.

Demetrius said...

Where is Dixon of Dock Green when you need him?

Last one out please turn the lights off said...

You forgot to add "Shut the bloody organisation and all its works down before the end of September this year".

Elby the Beserk said...

And some other BBC luminary - can't remember her name - who testified a while back thinks "lying" is "making a mistake".

They're going from bad to worse.

G. Tingey said...

The hatred, based on no reason or logic of the BBC continues to astound me.
If the allegations are true, then someone needs a trimming.
I must admit however, that I find the allegation that Fat slime-bag Patten is involved totally unsurprising. I could never work out why some political parties fall for people like him.
Reginald Maudling comes to mind ....

Attilla - probably the grandstanding MPs, actually.