Sunday, 15 September 2013

Green Nazis mar Bayern polls

With the German Federal elections just a week away, Bavaria goes to the polls today in a State election that could make next week's context a thriller. Germany's UKIP equivalent AfD has taken the decision not to stand in the Bavarian State elections, saving its powder for the big one, and has urged all its supporters amongst Bayern's 9.5m electors to vote for the Christian Social Union the CSU. 

But this is not the sole reason for the low profile. The CSU supports the secession of Bavaria from Germany as a way out of the EU (Mr Salmond please NB) which suits the AfD's purposes (though the AfD wants out of the Euro but into a reformed EU) but the concerns are deeper than this and stem from a repetition of the sort of events last seen on Munich's streets in the Red / Brown / Black battles of the late 1920 and early 1930s. 

The AfD was set up as a 'respectable' party devoid of right-wing skinheads. Just as UKIP bans ex-BNP members, AfD bans those from German far-right organisations. It's opened itself particularly to women and intellectuals. In Bavaria Reuters reports that its members are being targeted for street violence from a neo-Nazi group of thugs called "Green Youth" led by a shadowy figure Jurgen Trittin. No one knows much about him or where his funding comes from - but suspicion is that the money can be traced back to Brussels. Like the rent-a-mob who forced Nigel Farage to seek refuge in an Edinburgh pub recently, the paid thugs of the Europhile movement are starting to be more active on the streets. 

Ambrose's take on the AfD and their potential effect in the Telegraph (£) blames the growing instability in Europe on the Federalist ambitions of Brussels;
My assumption was that Germans would be splendid ally, and friend of Britain, as it might have been in the 20th century in other circumstances. However, I am surprised at where this is taking us. It is reminder to Euro-sceptics (like me) that you should be careful what you wish for, that once you uncork all this tribalism and nationalist nostalgia bubbling away beneath the surface, the outpouring could take ominous directions. We may swap the EU Leviathan, for a dangerous and fragmented Europe.

Needless to say, I blame the EU elites for pushing matters to a point where these sorts of rebellions are springing up across the EU. Had they not ratcheted up their encroachments with one treaty after another, and had they not disregarded the French and Dutch "No" votes to the European Constitution, and then the Irish "No" to Nice in the only country allowed a vote, and had they not launched the deflationary death trap of monetary union, these revolts would not be happening. But they are happening, and we have to be rigorously honest about the risks
 Rather than being a force for peace and stability in Europe, fanatics such as Barroso and Rumpoy are driving the EU to war. And all over our continent, ordinary people are waking up to the risk and demanding a brake on the EU's Imperial ambitions. But with a treasury of billions at their command, and pro-EU thugs targeting political opponents in a campaign of violence, is it too late?


Anonymous said...

'But with a treasury of billions at their command, and pro-EU thugs targeting political opponents in a campaign of violence, is it too late?'

The UAF's cheerleader-in-chief is one David Cameron.

We live in an age of treason, Raedwald.


Anonymous said...


Not for one minute, would I doubt that Barroso would most definitely resort to using street gangs and thugs to keep the proles down at heel.
In Britain, thanks to ACPO, Zanuliebour and the Home Office backed [EU inspired] legal blizzard of anti terror state legislation, we will soon have our own official state paid and enrolled Stasi thugs and we'll call it the police service, even now it's become a gendarmerie to defend the state.

Anon 2 said...

And all over our continent
Raedwald: I agree that we "need to know" about the doings of the euSSR, and I thank you for helping keep us up to date.

But "Our Continent"? --- No; it ain't mine, and I'm nothing belonging to it. Now spot of earth where I stand (dead or alive) accrues to that vile entity - from which God separated us after the Younger Dryas. At this point, for all practical purposes, I loathe and despise euroland.

In that spirit, I find nothing 'exciting' about jerrymian elections. They may prove useful, though.

Anon 2 said...

Correction .. 'no spot of earth'

Dick Puddlecote said...

This has been the case for a while. The EU has been known to lob the odd enviro-charity some cash so their renowned stunt-merchants will, say, enforce EU flags being raised above intransigent Czech town halls.

It's also interesting to hear of teh AfD position as it is one I've repeatedly encountered from Germans. They sorely want a return to the Mark, but not necessarily out of the EU.