Friday, 27 September 2013

Patio doors win RIBA Sterling Prize

I can't disguise a bit of a chuckle this morning to see that architecture's prestigious Sterling Prize has gone to a practice that renovated a 12th century castle with patio doors. Those staying at Astley Castle can now fire-up their Lidl BBQs within sight of the 42" plasma. This must be the equalising tendency of the profession, which has long been committed to removing any sort of status from our public and ceremonial buildings.

We're more used to seeing Anglican bishops living in modern estate houses rather than in mediaeval palaces in the UK, but the same doesn't apply in Germany and Austria. The Pope has just given the German bishops a bollocking for their lives of luxury at the taxpayers' expense, and the sour old pusses are now contemplating with displeasure trading-down their E-Klasse Mercs for the sort of battered old Fiat driven by His Holiness.

In Germany the Church gets 8% in Bavaria and 9% elsewhere of all income tax paid by those declaring themselves church members - an arrangement envied by their Austrian cousins, who must pay an additional 1.1% income tax to the Church over their 'civil' income tax if they declare they are members of the Church. And yes the Catholic Church collects every cent - taking defaulters and debtors to court - to enforce the law introduced by Hitler and retained by the Republic. More and more Austrians are declaring to their local Gemeinde that they are Buddhists in order to avoid the impost.

Yes, I know it niggles, but are we really ready to see the Bishop struggling to light his barbie over the garden fence as his wife wipes fingermarks from the patio doors?


Anonymous said...

Driving Merx, and doing the work of the Crescent by driving people away from the church.

The church is fat, the church cannot see the clouds of the whirlwind on the horizon.
The church has been persecuted before by the Romans and had its schism but the new purge will be far worse and it will seem like the fires of hell on earth.
No quarter shall be granted, you are either with them and join them or, you are against them and die.

Europe, fatally divided and with the political classes obedient to Islam - will be a cinch, America will be more problematical but it will fall unless they are united.

Anonymous said...

"I can't disguise a bit of a chuckle this morning to see that architecture's prestigious Sterling Prize has gone to a practice that renovated a 12th century castle with patio doors."

Wot? No rooftop windmill? Or is that a bit "last year"?

Nigel said...

I'm a bit confused, whats all this Church stuff? As far as I know Astley Castle is owned by the Fitzroy Newdegates of Arbury Hall. After it was requisitioned during the War it was subsequently opened as a hotel and restaurant. The original tenants having retired, it was taken over and run by a couple of homosexuals who did not do well. Their final attempt to derive financial benefit from the place, so I am told, was to set fire to it. It lay in charred ruins for many years, when it would have been available for, again so I am told, £1 a year on a 999year lease to anyone who would restore it. I think it is English Heritage that has finally done it and I believe it is £2000 a week to stay there. I, being a mere prole, cannot comment on the architectural merit of the reconstruction, but when I go to have a few words with relatives who lie in the next door churchyard, I enjoy the time I spend there much more for the work that has been done.