Friday, 18 October 2013

Enjoy climate change while you can!

The anti-global warming lobby made their point with fantastic graphics of the earth shrivelling up like a lettuce in a hot oven, with relentless heat turning the atmosphere red, straw yellow and white hot as we eventually implode in a million degree puff of smoke. How different the whole argument would have been had they depicted the consequences truthfully; brown, arid land turning green and lush, polar bears fat with freshly eaten seals, old people living longer and enjoying time with their families. What, you say, you mean climate change actually makes human life better?

It seems so. In a terrific piece in the Speccie, Matt Ridley sets out exactly why climate change is so good for the world, and how much grimmer human life would have been had the temperature not risen by 0.3deg. 

So keep burning that coal on the home-fires, keep your heavy right foot on the accelerator and feed your cows on legumes to increase the Methane - it really is for our own good.


lilith said...

Yes indeed. The idiots want us to have a hideous gurt windmill here...I am contemplating a Balcombe style encampment. Elby got a text read out on the BBC yesterday "The great thing about solar panels is that those of us who can't afford them are subsidising those who can".

Burning coal is great for roses...stops black spot.

G. Tingey said...

All wrong
A very samll warming is, indeed good - as we have seen in the past 50 years or so.
However, much more & we will start to get significan sea-level rises & an increasinlgy violent climate - this latter has already started.
So, we have to be very careful.
I als note that the "argument" has changed - no longer denying the actual & true, but looking to adapt to the change.
This is a start & a much better idea.

Katabasis said...

" & an increasinlgy violent climate - this latter has already started."

- NOT what the latest IPCC report says.

Ed P said...

I see Kiribati is "convinced" they'll be under the sea soon, despite the very small sea level increase. Or are they just trying to extract money based on lies?

Elby the Beserk said...

The real problem is that temperatures are falling. Northern hemisphere winter temperatures have been in freefall since 2007 - and this is Met Office data showing this, using HadCrut4 records.

We're going to miss our global warming now it's gone...

Elby the Beserk said...

Tingey, even the IPCC state that there is no evidential link between warming and extreme weather. Please don't make things up.

Katabasis said...

Unfortunately Elby it seems many of the dedicated activists are now completely parting company with the IPCC, claiming things in its name that are just outright BS.

And there's no convincing them otherwise even when showing them chapter and verse what the IPCC actually says.

Budgie said...

G Tingey was never one to let facts get in the way of his imagination or his abuse.

The Global Warmists used to assure us that the UK would have warm wet winters and hot dry summers, all due to global warming (and no snow for the children). Now they tell us that we will experience increasing cold - also due to global warming. They cannot even agree among themselves.

These acolytes of CAGW have encouraged the last two governments to create an expensive, distorted, chaotic energy policy, wholly inadequate for our needs. Supposedly free enterprise energy businesses have become captured by the CAGW hoax which, because it is more religion than science, results in irrational decisions and a collapse in long term planning.

The resultant mess is plain for all to see except the extremist CAGW puritans.

Anonymous said...

Warming, since the LIA has been good, the solar influence is the key and its interaction with the ocean.
We can also talk about Milankovich cycles and all the rest but mankind has very little to do with it and anybody who says different is a clown or, a liar or - both clown and a liar.

G. Tingey said...

Budgie, as a trained physicist & engineer I am concerned very much with facts.

BTW - anyone noticed the news from New South Wales?

Just because you want to believe the lies of US Oil companies & rich crypto-fascists (The Koch Brothers) isn't my proble, it's your problem