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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

EU and Labour power failures will kill Britons

First the EU came up with an energy strategy so utterly away-with-the-fairies, so holistically fantastical and so completely unrelated to anything remotely achievable that one suspects it was the work of some adolescent wunderkind from the Berlaymont who had been weaned off his Lithium. Europe would be powered by the Sun and the wind, it stated; we must all throw away our coal-fired power stations and build bloody windmills across the continent.

Then came Labour. The party that destroyed the economy, realising that windmills can't vote, preferred to throw money at GPs, Council bosses, fake charities, Common Purpose members and anyone who could, with the result that although they'd complied with closing the coal-fired power stations, they'd put nothing else in place.

In 2010 the situation was reversible. Just. The Conservatives could have reversed the closure programme, declared a dependence on windmills as nuts and secured the immediate letting of construction contracts for new nuclear at the existing nuclear sites. But they failed to act and even promoted more bloody windmills to be built at great cost by their chums. 

So this Winter we face power blackouts - an advanced Western nation without any fuel shortages, with some of the highest electricity bills in Europe, with an advanced distribution network in good condition. And if we get power blackouts, some of the very vulnerable - the young, the old - will die. And it will be the fault of those unelected clowns in Brussels, Blair and Brown and that Stupid Boy.


Cascadian said...

The missus harangued the camoron, the rest is history.

Ditto Syria and Post Office privatization.

Dave is henpecked and hopeless.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

None of this is a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

Nick Drew said...

don't forget:

(a) for most of Europe, 'renewables' = biomass (bad joke] and in many cases hydro [already in situ]: it is us, the Germans and the Spanish that have gone truly bonkers on wind and (in their case) solar

our scope for large-scale hydro is limited

(b) the timeframe between the 2010 election and this comning winter is so short that no coalition policy could have made much difference - the problem is one of Miliband's making when in power (pun intended)

likewise, to those who say the coalition could have kept the EU-doomed coal plants running it must be pointed out that those plants were truly doomed a long time ago - no discretionary maintenance had been done on them once their death warrants were signed over a decade ago, and you can't resuscitate large-scale capital plant in those circumstances

(it is fair to say you might have eked out another winter from them, but that's about it)

of course I am the first to point out (as I have done, ad nauseam chez nous) that coalition energy policy has been crap, too

Budgie said...

Much though I detest the idea, I must disagree with my friend Nick Drew.

Even he admits of the closed Coal plants that "you might have eked out another winter from them". So that's one more year available for new plant builds on top of the 3 years wasted so far.

Many large plants (eg oil refineries) are maintained on the basis of "run it 'til it breaks then replace it" ("it" being one unit in the plant). And, yes, I realise a Summer re-tubing is not as straightforward, or cheap, as replacing a conveyor. But I would expect that at least some of the closed Coal plants could therefore have been encouraged to run for another 2-5 years, albeit with shorter MTBFs.

It only takes around 30 months to build a new CCGT electricity production plant. So the Coalition cannot forever hide behind the excuse that it is all Labour's fault, lamentable as they were.

The biggest blame lies with those who acquiesced in the CAGW hoax; but that includes the EU, and Millibrain, and of course husky driving Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Come off it. You all voted for them.
Over and over.

G. Tingey said...

It is ALLEGED that we MAY face power outages ... not quite the same thing.
However, it's a disgrace - NUCLEAR POWER NOW!
( But then, I'm a physicist )

[ Budgie - CAGW is not a hoax, it's real.
Trouble is the solutions proposed are useless - see my plea for nuclear, above ... ]

Budgie said...

G Tingey, CAGW - Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax. The global warmists claimed that "catastrophic" meant that the effects of "man made" CO2 would completely and continuously swamp any natural variations. Hence the "predictions" of "runaway", and inexorable, global warming.

You can clearly see the last 16 years have shown that to be false.

Moreover the particular predictions for this country (amongst others: children by now would rarely see snow; and we would experience wet, warm winters and hot dry summers) are so wide of the mark that global warmists are rather discredited. And that is without mentioning the antics displayed by them in the Climategate emails.

Johnm said...

The National Grid’s forecast #margin# on electricity supplies for the winter (2013) is 22 GW. That was against a normal winter peak demand expectation of 55.1GW and a forecast generator capacity of 77 GW.
Normal winter peak demand is expected to be 55-60 GW, with a forecast generator capacity of 77 GW.
In a severe winter a demand of some 59 GW could be expected, and if occurring at a time of widespread freezing on the continent then the interconnectors could be zero flow.
Coupled with known zero wind, and hence no wind-power, during severe cold, we could be looking at a fall in capacity to 59 GW. Close.
However, we also have another source of power in the STOR (short-term-operating-reserve) of some 3-4 GW, which, because of the much higher price paid, is increasing all the time. We could have a reserve of 6 GW of STOR (ironically, large amounts of the STOR are banks of diesel generators, privately built and operated)
Large users of power will be disconnected first.
So, not a large worry…at this present time we are taking 1.5 GW from France and 500 MW from Holland with an assistance from wind, of 4 GW (from an installed plate capacity of 8 GW)
Coal generation is at 15 GW, nuclear providing a steady 8 GW and gas around 13 GW.
However, that 15 GW of coal is unlikely to be available by 2015(due to the large combustion plant directive, which practically all of the EU ignores, so more CCGT is being built, with some 800 MW of CCGT becoming available next year. (although one coal-fuelled plant, Drax, has converted some steam generators to wood-pellet to benefit from sustainable-renewable “benefits”….the wood comes from the US)
Interestingly, some 40 shale drilling sites have been licenced in the UK, but the EU is going to insist on comprehensive risk assessments first, so we will go the US-EPA route of having plenty but be denied it because of EU tree-huggers.

Johnm said...

We are about mid-way in electricity prices in the EU countries. Denmark is the highest (25p/KWH), Bulgaria the lowest (7p/KWH).
And we are in the lower cost region for natural gas @ around 3p/KWH equivalent. Highest is Croatia @ 31p/KWH equivalent.

Johnm said...