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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Miliband Snr

Grave Error
Marxism is a repulsive doctrine from the dark and evil mind of a human misfit, a miserable misanthrope, an asocial deviant, a man so repellent in his nature that only the UK gave him refuge until death. Karl Marx hated Britain, hated the nation that gave him shelter and succour, hated our institutions, our educational and social systems and above all he hated the deep and defining morality that shapes Britishness. This seething internal hatred of everything that was good and right gave rise to the pernicious doctrine of Marxism, beloved of tyrants and responsible for the deaths of millions in its name. Marxists should be reviled as lepers, fools and enemies of good and truth. 

Fortunately, Marx's three legitimate children and a girl got with his housekeeper are also dead, and his great-grandchildren are unlikely to be offended by my description of their ancestor above.

Now who is this Miliband bloke?


Demetrius said...


Eric said...

You forgot to mention that like Milliband et al he was a you-know-who

Cascadian said...

Well, miliband is of course the British Obama, raised by Marxists to implement the communist manifesto. Never had a real job, has no life experience, but of course he knows instinctively what is best for you-the same can be said for camoron and clegg.

You and I will rightly sneer at his politics, but he has proposed a solution to reducing the heating bills for a large segment of the voting population, during a time when heating costs are about to soar and the climate appears to be getting cooler-certainly buying votes with other peoples money because that's what marxists do. If you are a pensioner struggling with negative returns on your meagre savings and somebody offers a big saving then that person may well be the lifeline you are looking for.

Meanwhile, the camoron and his crew still embrace windmills and increased energy costs to support this deluded technology.

Who is the bigger fool? and who will attract voters?

Ed P said...

I shall be near the monster's grave on Saturday, so will go and spit on it.
How anyone can ignore the millions who've died as a direct result of this evil man's gibberish is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Lenin's useful idiots in Britain coalesced in Labour. MI5 were convinced that, Soviet agents had senior contacts in the Labour movement, particularly in the unions and intelligentsia.

Ralph Miliband and his big mate Eric Hobsbawm were communists and wanted to foment a Marxist revolution here in Britain.
Hobsbawm, was an apologist and staunch supporter of Soviet communism.

Ed Miliband was inculcated into Karl Marx's credo. The British left wing 'lived' at Ralph Miliband's house. Latterly cultural Marxism came about from Gramsci-ite thinking, an Italian by birth and communist, Gramsci advised the destruction of all western tradition; family, institutions, education and faith :

Cultural Marxism, was what Ralph Miliband encouraged through his writings and teachings.

Now, Cultural Marxism, has, is trashing Britain, Ed Miliband wishes to continue the march of common purpose - his father as he has noted, always stands behind him.

Karl Marx lives on, in the British Labour movement and in its senior ranks.

Anonymous said...

All of these extreme left wing ideologues (Marks esp) were responsible for the deaths of more people than Hitler - Jews by the millions included. How come that fact is not recalled more often? How come Simon Wiesenthal et al aren't running around Russia grabbing the ex high ranking WWII officers for prosecution? How come? Hmm?

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Marxism is a RELIGION (You can tell by the body-count)
NOT to be confused with the actual man, K Marx, a very perceptive social commentator ... who made predictions, based on no change in the society he saw.
But those societes DID change, which invalidated his predictions ...