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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

UKIP Pact for 2015

Simon Jenkins sets out clearly and cogently here exactly why prospective Tory MPs in swing constituencies should reach an electoral pact with UKIP in 2015, so I shalln't repeat the arguments. And don't bother about that petulant boy Cameron's dislike of Nige; he's on his way out. Tories are talking even now of the chances of ditching him before 2015 - after the disaster of the 2014 Europeans and Locals, perhaps - and Boris is wriggling around purposefully. Cameron's membership debacle, which has seen Tory party membership fall to something not far greater than the LibDems, follows the disaster during the Thatcher years, which saw the party lose over a million members. The Tories can now hold their conference in the Goring if they choose, and not bother leaving London at all.

Oh and here's a prediction; Cameron is so concerned that women don't rate him and reckon he's completely out of touch with living costs that his minders must be desperate for a pic of Cameron with a supermarket trolley, and are ready to 'leak' details of a shopping trip to a paparazzi, but agony of agony, which supermarket?


Weekend Yachtsman said...

The Tories can do what they like, but imho if UKIP even hint at a "pact" they are finished; a large part of their appeal - despite their many faults - is that they are not "just like all the others".

As soon as it's seen that they ARE just like all the others, the fat lady has sung.

If Cameron had any sense, he'd include UKIP in his coalition talks - it would be the kiss of death for them.

Mike Spilligan said...

UKIP is the only political party I have ever joined - it answers 90% of my needs, both for myself and the nation's future. I want no pact, particularly with the Tories as their dead hands will try to subsume us into the Con Party and impose their "values" - and, being tainted, it might stop former Labour voters (not Party members) from becoming UKIP voters. An all round "lose, lose" for UKIP.

Bill Quango MP said...

Sainsburys I expect.
Middle class enough for Tory Wives and still just accessible enough for HardWorkingFamilies.

Anonymous said...

"Sainsburys I expect.
Middle class enough for Tory Wives and still just accessible enough for HardWorkingFamilies."

Yes but run by Labour people... so er no... :(

Aldi might be good... Owned by Germans... I think he likes that idea :)

JW said...

He wouldn't dare be seen in a supermarket Someone might ask him the price of a pint of milk...

Anonymous said...

Bill Quango is quite wrong - with Sainsbury's labour party connections there is no way that it is the place for a photo-op.

Anonymous said...

Should be in a DIY shed where he can purchase all the shovels he needs to dig himself out the hole he's made.