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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Who is Tom Harris and what is this drivel?

Who is Tom Harris? I've never heard of him, and I'm better informed than the average bear. Whoever he is it seems he has a high enough opinion of himself to imagine that he merits a piece in the Telegraph (£) and it seems someone in the Telegraph's editorial department is deluded enough to waste print space on an unknown non-entity.

No, I haven't read it. Life is too short for such drivel. If anyone can, in the comments, and without recourse to Wikipedia, quote one single improvement to my life that this man has secured I'll send them a banana.


Ian Hills said...

Dour anti-badger culling DEFRA-shadowing moaner about having to commute to Westminster from Scotland.

BTW - avoid paying the Telegraph by deleting their cookies.

DeeDee99 said...

A few years ago he wrote a fairly balanced and readable blog (for a Labour MP, anyway).

Then he took huff when the plebs responded in a fashion which he didn't approve of, so he stopped writing it.

Can't think of anything else he's ever done to warrant the vast sums we pay him.

Raedwald said...

Ah yes now I remember - the chap Iain Dale used to talk up on his blog when he had one. The Telegraph's really dredging up ancient history then - I assumed he was chopped by Cameron

Anonymous said...

I think he's just moaning because he has lost his slot at the top trough and now must go back down with the plebs in the Commons trough.

Sniper said...

one single improvement to my life that this man has secured:

He is no longer in Governmement - I claim my banana

Elby the Beserk said...

Raddled. He's Labour.

Raedwald said...

Yep. Not only Labour, but he was sacked back in 2008; the bloody Telegraph is recycling old news with a vengeance.

What next? A piece on "Coming home - Return from Afghanistan" written by Gen Arthur Barrett (1857 - 1926)?

DtP said...

Perhaps he wrote a lovely letter to the Barclay boys offering freelance hypocrisy & duplicity.

Geez, the quality of polemics these days is a waste of bogroll. Littlejohn, Hasan, Aaronovich ppphhwww - bored even writing their names. I doubt anyone buys the Observer but Will Hutton is a fucking treasure - not only wrong & delusional but haughty with it too - what a package!

Dale did used to H/T this Harris dude but only 1 visit necessary but total magnolia.

Elby the Beserk said...

Not all bad..

Anonymous said...

I remember him patronising me in an online dabate. A tosser would be my sumnation.