Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Immigration, stupid.

I think the UEA Climate Change charlatans may have had more effect on how statistical research is reported in the UK than anyone has realised. The debacle over the exposure of their manipulation of statistics has made even the BBC wary of reporting any statistical revelation without offering some covering doubt. So when the voice of the global corporates Chairman of the CBI declared that the EU was worth £30bn a year to the UK, most responsible news media also reported that the cost of EU membership to the UK economy had also been put at £100bn a year. No longer are they just parroting the words of the press releases with all their gushing certainty; they may not be scrutinising the science, but at least we now have Doubt. That's good.

Nowhere was this more apparent yesterday than in the reporting of the economic effects of immigration. The Centre for Research and Analysis Migration had attached a press release to a complex report that claimed that immigration to the UK had produced a net economic benefit. As Tim Wigmore points out in the Telegraph this morning, up to a point, Lord Copper. What the report actually shows is that non-EEA immigrants actually cost the UK economy £104 billion. Sensibly, even the BBC reported a degree of uncertainty over the figures, and MigrationWatch was allowed to put the countervailing case. 

In fact, all the recent figures have just underlined the findings of a seminal Channel 4 / ippr report dating from 2007. I wrote about this in 2007, 2008 and 2009. So did the Speccie. 

"For every Pakistani sucking at the taxpayer's teats is an Indian paying those taxes. For every feckless Somali demanding housing and health care is a Chinese grafting sixty hours a week to pay for it. The left-leaning ippr carried out an important study in 2007 that identified why Labour's immigration policy had not raised per capita GDP in the UK one iota; half our immigrants are net contributors, adding to GDP and paying taxes and creating wealth, and half of them are net consumers, spending taxes and subtracting from national wealth. The key, of course, is knowing which half is which. And it's not based on skin colour.

The Speccie commented in 2008:
If the government is serious about optimising the planning of public services, it needs to disaggregate the immigrant population and find out which groups are profit centres and which are cost centres. No doubt it has been doing so quietly in the background, but it looks as if talking frankly about the results of this exercise in public would blow their political cover to smithereens. The best research so far available (prepared by the IPPR late last year for Channel 4’s Dispatches) makes for uneasy reading. Only 1 per cent of Polish immigrants claim income support, as opposed to 21 per cent of Turkish immigrants and 11 per cent of Pakistanis; only 8 per cent of Poles live in social housing, compared with 80 per cent of Somalis, and 41 per cent of Bangladeshis.
And within national groups, as well as between them, things are complex. Tens of thousands of honest, hard working Nigerian health care workers keep the NHS working, on low wages for the most part, doing jobs the white underclass scorn. We'd be better off deporting our own chavs to Lagos than losing these Nigerians. But there are also tens of thousands of Nigerians engaged in petty fraud, feeding on British public services, on the take and on the make. We don't need them, don't want them and would be better off without them taking up accommodation and crowding out access to public services. But we need above all to distinguish between them."

When I wrote this previously, it was under the shadow that any comment critical of immigration was liable to earn the tag 'racist'. Gordon Brown and his bigoted stupidity did more to demolish the demonising effect of accusations of racism than anything else; Gillian Duffy made him look like a big, stupid, sectarian Gorbals lump and lost him the election. So this too has changed. 

And there you have it. The Climate Change frauds from the UEA and Gordon Brown - unlikely heroes both, but both responsible for fairer and more transparent and honest public debate. 


DeeDee99 said...

Neither the Climate Change fraudsters nor Gordon Brown can be considered heroes.

Both of them are better described as beneficial failures.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

How dare you suggest the big feartie from Fife is a Gorbals lump? As an expat Glaswegian I can't tell you how offended I am.

Anonymous said...

@SW - that made me laugh out loud!

I see this is quite simply pigeon-holing immigrants into two simplistic groups:

Those that come here to contribute and

Those that come here to scrounge and/or harm us.

Welcome the former and deport the latter.

Coney Island

mikebravo said...

How many Chinese, grafting away for 60 hours a week does it take to pay for a family of 5 Bangladeshi's living in a flat in Chelsea. (10pts).

Show your working and explain your conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Hard working Nigerian cleaners?


Sure it's a nuanced picture, here we're talking about an influx of peoples inimical to everything we believe in and do.

So, we have some good uns, they 'pay' for the bad uns and that's OK then?

ie a Net balance.

Wow, leaving aside the Bullshit Burbling of the BBC - Raedwald that's a bit rich , the immigration problem is far greater than that and to suggest otherwise is naivete in the extreme.

What about imported diseases,
extended families bringing generic, geriatric infirmity [one Pakistani family can cost the welfare state £100s of thousands p/a],
child birth of 100,000s,
mass fraud of the taxpayer - tax evasion [how many Asians pay taxes?],
imported terrorism, home grown terrorism,
voting fraud - embedding Labour and as the Asians vote for their own - you think Westminster is corrupt now - have a look at Islamabad/Delhi/Dhaka.

and a gamut of other social 'cutting' problems.

Poles, for the most part are good but even they do not integrate much like their grandfathers did.

Your drift, the implication is wrong Raedwald, totally wrong.

Better off because of mass immigration?

I think not - how many British engineers, scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs + British born businessmen have left these islands because Britain is now the shit tip it has been so fashioned?

We had regulated, restricted immigration before - it was good.

Now; opening he doors to all and the detritus and with such a generous welfare state - was, is, utter political lunacy.

This was a deliberate policy, formulated by so many of the left wing, it had been coming. It started on the Oxbridge University campuses in the Twenties and Thirties, it was widespread in the 60's and 70's and academia is now so corrupted by the cultural Marxism of the left wing, logic, reason and science [see global warming and statistics] has flown out of the window.

"Rubbing our noses in diversity"

It happened propelled by the FCO and from Europe, those societal engineers lounging in the salons of Brussels but also in Hampstead and Notting Hill.

From the financiers in the City and the Corporate giants - they love it too, it keeps 'unit costs' on the bottom rung.

The corporates, what is this - in alliance with the left wing intelligentsia? Ho, ho and the political elite - a conspiracy, and the people told what to do - never were they consulted - democracy, elective dictatorship more like.

Yep and Britain, it's tradition and [sometimes] cohesiveness was the main target - in Europe but also Catholic France was in their sights and so too the Italians.

It's happening in the USA but that an was a mainly unforeseen [by the Anglo-protestant bloc] Hispanic takeover.

Melting pots with a transient population of tenants and migrant workers with no loyalty to anything other than to themselves - was the desired outcome and it is coming to pass.

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

As Burns had it.

The only fly in the ointment and also uncalculated by TPTB - is the formidable threat from salafist Islam.

Civil war and revolution will come here and the elite will have wrought it.

Anonymous said...

The people who proclaim the economic benefits of immigration conveniently forget that every working immigrant means one more unemployed British National, the cost of whose benefit provision needs to be factored in . (Less of course the cost of Training Brits to actually DO the jobs)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have let the Wermacht in.

G. Tingey said...

Sorry Radders
You are correct re the EU & the corporate/fascist scams.
You are wrong on climate change.
The experts really do have it correct & you've swallowed the ever-so-plausible lies of really corrupt vested interests.