Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mayor of Toronto

So the Mayor of Toronto has admitted he smokes crack cocaine, but only does so when he's out of his skull on alcohol.

That's reassuring. Were it otherwise you may have thought he lacked judgement.


Anonymous said...

Apparently every time he gets caught at something a little bit reprehensible, his poll ratings improve.

I am no fan of the class known and loved as politician, but he must be doing something right for this to happen...

...Maybe he only spends his own cash on his crack?

Cascadian said...

Indeed, and the mayor of London is a piss-artist and philanderer. Such are the choices put before the public. Perhaps what they do in their own time is their own damned business, but that does not seem to be relevant in todays world of Entertainment Tonight and TMZ informing the electorate.

I suppose leaders could be selected only from the new puritans, as the left would wish to convince you. You could then have humourless leaders with no life experience like Harperson, Clegg and Milliband. Ooops you already do-how you liking that?

The mayor of Toronto is a dumbass for consorting with crack dealers, and he should be berated for it. However you should be aware that this campaign emanates from the ultra-left public-sector unions who's cushy existence with left-leaning politicians is severely threatened by Ford's policies.

Ford for all his faults would get my vote were I a Toronto resident.