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Monday, 25 November 2013

Pakistani corruption a block to English Localism

Pakistani communities in the UK are profoundly and predictably corrupt. It's not just the old electoral corruption, a smouldering bonfire for which Labour provided petrol in introducing unregulated postal voting, but a deep seated predilection to nepotism and financial and administrative malfeasance. So universally recognised is this, although unspoken until Dominic Grieve's interview with the Telegraph, that the very idea of devolution of government powers down to the lowest local level is always effectively countered with the spectre of what would happen in Tower Hamlets. 

And what would happen in Tower Hamlets meets no uninterested argument or denial from anyone anywhere on the political spectrum. Big Bang Localism in this London Borough would see both councillor and officer posts awarded corruptly and nepotistically, bribery and corruption in the award of contracts and tenders, peculation and theft of income and revenue and a fraudulent application of funds that would make the Rotten Parliament of 1997 - 2010 look like thieving from the poor box. 

In vain do Localists argue that the system is self-correcting, that Tower Hamlets house prices would fall, people would move out, the tax-base would fall, voters would look at their own reduced circumstances and the great wealth of their 'community leaders' in comparison with neighbours a few yards away in adjoining boroughs and vote them out. For most people, the idea of handing the Pakistani gang masters of Tower Hamlets the keys to the cookie jar is just one step too far, and so Localism stalls.

Well, at least the subject is now out in the open. Pakistani corruption is blocking the evolution of Localism in the UK; they're not the only corrupt community, and indeed white English and Scottish Labour Party members have a long history of electoral fraud - even unto the present day - but they're the most obvious and most pernicious negation of political evolution in Britain. 

And Grieve is right; the rule of law must prevail. Not Sharia, not tribal authority, but the law of England and Wales (or of Scotland). The great problem is that few persons, including Mr Grieve, have any faith in our ability to enforce the law - and so we're stuck with Big State Britain; with centralists who are also deeply corrupt, but in a very different way.


Anonymous said...

The last country on God's green earth Pakistan and East Pakistan and Britain has an open borders welcome to all comers with them.

The cultural Marxists, the hand wringing female equality pedagogues; the legions of common purpose, the Socialist Workers Party, all ally themselves with the Wahabbi-Islamists.
A doctrine widely diffused in the Pakistani 'community'. As their numbers grow and in a few years when a critical population point is reached, it will enable the takeover of institutions and it must follow take power.
The left, the enablers in the Labour party and their useful idiots will be regarded as the soft easy targets - you will be the first to be slaughtered.

Then they'll come for us - but at least we'll fight.

G. Tingey said...

Sorry Radders, but your attack on ONLY Labour is much too one-sided.

Dare I mention "Cotswold Water Park" and several other Ultra-Tory-controlled rip-offs & frauds, all of which have graced the pages of "Private Eye" over the years?

You contradict yourself in your mindless rant.
The "whining female equality pedagogues" - cannot possibly be in the same camp as the muslims, can they? Idiot.

I may add that my wife, a fully-qualified Chartered Tax Adviser, is suffering quite serious sex discrimination at work, in the City, because of a Roman Catholic management Cabal.
So, stuff, you, stupid.

Nick Drew said...

the very idea of devolution of government powers down to the lowest local level is always effectively countered ... In vain do Localists argue that the system is self-correcting

so I guess you've shifted your position somewhat on this one, Mr R

though it gives me little pleasure

Budgie said...

G Tingey said: "The "whining female equality pedagogues" - cannot possibly be in the same camp as the [Wahabbi-Islamists], can they? Idiot."

That shows how little you know G Tingey. Both camps are Labour supporting and Israel hating. They have much in common. Idiot.

Johnm said...

Never forgetting the rampant gerrymandering of tory Westminster council. Ordered to pay 27 million they eventually wormed their way to 12 million.
The most disgraceful event in modern political corruption.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@johnm -it was no different from Herbert Morrison 'building the Tories out of london' post '45. All politicians are thieving power-crazed bastards.

@Tingey - the close alignment between mad Islamist nutters on the one hand & what George Orwell was pleased to call the "pansy left" on the other must be one of the most amazing wonders of this modern age. I can only assume that taqiyya and hudna combined with the Dhimmi lefty horror of being thought racist is responsible. It's doubly odd considering those atheist lefties will be the first to be beheaded if the bearded loons ever do take over.

G. Tingey said...

Sebastian Weetabix
Tend to agree - horribly reminiscent of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, isn't it?

Fuck off.
Women still have to work twice as hard as a man to get anywhere & are still crapped on - again - ask my wife.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, you are arguing from the particular to the general - as usual. And it doesn't work you see - no evidence, and exaggeration ("twice as hard"? - really?).

You were also wrong about the "whining female equality pedagogues" not possibly being in the same camp as the [Wahabbi-Islamists], so get over it. Without being foul mouthed - as usual.