Saturday, 7 December 2013

Just Ambrose

Just a link to Ambrose today, and a question. First the link to another well reasoned piece concluding
"The great EU fight (is) over the locus of democracy, and whether or not the ancient nation states are or are not the proper foundation of European societies."
And a question. The comments rapidly degenerate into a puerile exchange on our respective military capacities; is it healthier to joke about the prospects of another European war, or to refrain from doing so?. 


Demetrius said...

This could all turn rather nasty.

Moose said...

Ooooh, DO lets hope so.....

Anonymous said...

In Sweden it's 45 rpm*, and Norway 30 rpm. What's astonishing is both governments deny there's a problem.

*rapes per month by immigrants.

The women of both countries have taken to dyeing their blonde hair black.