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Friday, 6 December 2013

Patten, the last life peer to Chair the BBC

It seems likely that Chris Patten will be the very last life peer to chair the BBC. Patten, who in popular opinion should be doing three years chokey for his part in fraudulent and illegal payments made from the TV tax to favoured chums, is also refusing to testify to the Commons European Scrutiny Committee on the BBC's bias in reporting EU matters.

Unfortunately the man has no shame whatsoever and so cannot be expected to resign simply because he has been caught in the web of irregular payoffs and BBC HR bosses lying to Parliament. People like Patten neither resign on principal nor take the blame for their subordinates.

But since it's his status as a peer that allows him to refuse to appear before the Commons, one can be sure that MPs will now ensure that the next Chairman of the BBC is endowed with no more than a knighthood, and that no life peer ever again chairs our national broadcaster.


DeeDee99 said...

He should be sacked - and replaced with someone who WILL face the Committee. That would solve the problem.

Unfortunately, he's Cameron's placeman - and if Cameron intended anything other than a repeat of the 1975 Referendum campaign with the BBC propagandising for the IN faction, he wouldn't have appointed Fat Pang in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Really? I only see status quo.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I can never read a story about that oaf without thinking of Alastair McAlpine's withering observation in his regard.

"“You can always tell the character of a man when he eats oysters,” Lord McAlpine noted in his memoirs, and when he asked the then Chris Patten out for a seafood lunch in 1975, he did not like what he saw.
As Patten tucked in to his meal at The Dorchester hotel, McAlpine watched “his blond forelock falling forward, hiding both his face and the oyster that he was eating…I marked Patten down as greedy”."

That is really damning... A politician referring to another politician as greedy.