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Sunday, 1 December 2013


Latest Opinium poll for the Guardian / Observer published yesterday;

Labour - 35%
Conservative - 28%
UKIP - 19%
LibDem - 8%

Opinium also carried out a cross-Europe survey that are still hiding - for fear it contains indications other than those 'spun' by the Observer? - and is absent either as a link from the scare story or from their website. I suspect they'll release it next week after the scare story has done its job.


DeeDee99 said...

Great to see UKIP at 19%.

And as the Observer articles show, we're winning the argument.

Budgie said...

Great news for UKIP. If they do win at the next GE we may actually escape from the hydra headed EU quite quickly, but cleaning out the establishment cesspit will take a generation. And with Scottish independence next year I suspect all current poll predictions will be be way off mark.