Sunday, 1 December 2013

State child snatchers out of control

Unless we act now and do so boldly and decisively the UK will really deserve its European reputation for State nastiness. This is wholly due to the inexcusable abuse of powers by the State Child Snatchers. Already many European workers have come to the UK only to have their children seized by these abusive and out-of-control petty functionaries. The problem is simple; they are incapable of evaluating risk, and incapable of understanding that there can never be 'zero risk' for any child in any family. 

Booker has long highlighted this gross abuse of state power, and today breaks a story that both Richard North and Autonomous Mind feature prominently. A child snatched from the womb, the Italian mother drugged and cut-open whilst strapped to the operating table; it's a tale that could have been told as testimony at a War Crimes tribunal.

This is the most appalling instance of maladministration I have ever come across. The judge who granted the order must be sacked - clearly he should never have been appointed to the bench in the first place. And I would encourage the Italian authorities to issue European Arrest Warrants against all the 'social workers' involved, and to extradite them and try them in Italy for their revolting crimes.

We must halt these abuses. And we must stop them now.


Anonymous said...

The judge is not the only one with a "lack of judgment"
(Google it)

That's his son.

Anonymous said...

BBC ''interested? NO I didn't think so.

Dear God in heaven, the devil rides out in England.

Bureaucrats do his work and we shy away from evil - ignore it because, "I'm alright!"

All of it, done in OUR governments' name - because you voted for it.

Bring them to account and look in your heart and bear witness.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, like you, I think our best hope is for the Italians to issue the arrest warrant. That will put the shits up any other petty functionary who thinks they can behave like this.

Coney Island

Budgie said...

If this is true (and I can hardly believe it) then this is one of the most appalling actions of even a social(ist) workers collective I have ever heard of: indeed, evil.

They promote "alternative family structures" at the expense of the proven biological parents family unit, fail to stop shockingly cruel treatment of children, encourage vice in state children's institutions, break up families for no good reason, and now this.

I agree, the social workers being hauled off to a (long winded) trial in Italy would be a salutary lesson for all.

Moose said...

The Boiling Frog has the email address of the creature in charge of children's services in Essex.
It is and I think we should all write to her expressing our disgust.
I have already done so.
As to a European arrest warrant for the judge and all the social workers involved..... well, yah! Bring it on.

anon 2 said...

I don't think the euSSR should have any jurisdiction in Britain - at all.

However, there's no reason why the Italians shouldn't protest about treatment of their own ... and demand restoration of their own child to their own land. If, in this case, Essex subsequently decided to extradite its criminals to face foreign judgement: well, fair's fair.

And while we're at it, let's start looking into what 'social services' do to old people. That's another scandal waiting to be developed; and it's a very old business (the right word), too.

Jublet said...

At last, a reason for the European Arrest Warrant. If we must have the thing, use it to get these bastards out to Italy and give them hell. Can we send the judge with them?

Fantana said...

Fascinated to know that you know the complete background to this case and all the facts that were before the judge. I'd be really grateful if you could share them with us.

Raedwald said...

Fantana - yes, so would the people of Britain; unfortunately this was dealt with by a Secret State Tribunal contrary to all the rules of open justice and democracy, and the SS are with-holding the full facts.

However, the abduction and mutilation by the Essex SS of this young woman cannot be excused under any circumstances; it's like pleading justification for the slaughter of Lee Rigby

Oh, of course that's exactly what people like you do.

Fantana said...

' it's like pleading justification for the slaughter of Lee Rigby' Total bollocks and unnecessarily offensive bollocks too.