Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Add three years to their bird ...

My Blair and Brown fantasy imprisonment league, with jail sentences linked to my sense of outrage at the continuing effect of their criminal malfeasance, sharply increased cell-time for them both this morning  after reading Simon Jenkins in the Guardian;
Eight years ago, David Craig's Plundering the Public Sector calculated that 10 years of New Labour had seen £70bn vanish from taxes into management consultancy, PFI and IT fees, to no noticeable public gain. Most Whitehall IT projects had been fiascos, and there is a new one each week. The beneficiaries have been the rich: firms such as KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, Capita, Serco, McKinsey and others. Today's public accounts committee may howl about waste, but the stable is bare and the horses are over the horizon, laden with gold.
I'd begun to forget just how very, very economically destructive Labour are. 


Anonymous said...

Agreed Raedwald...

But little David and his chums are pretty good at this stuff too!

As David Craig never fails to point out!

cuffleyburgers said...

A good point well made.

The cleanout of the Augean stables that is required goes well beyond IDS' worthy reforms.

The good thing is that the evidence of these pharaonic amounts of useless spend and waste tends to confirm what one has always suspected - that if the state were shrunk back to where is should be, then the tax take needn't be much more than 25% of GDP.

Personally anything over 20% seems to me too high (one day a week working for the state).

Just think, despite these handicaps, and a moribund europe on our doorstep, growth should reach 2% this year. What could be achieved if taxes dropped to the levels I have described?

Kudos to David Craig for his excellent books on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I do understand that there are a comparatively small number of people that behave like the worst examples described in that Channel 4 programme.

Overall, the out of work benefits bill is but a drop in the ocean compared, to the amount of taxpayers' dosh that is wasted on the rest of big government.

Interesting to note that when Farage was interviewed by Oborne, and he was pressed (on and on, it went) about doing deals with the CONservatives... he listed what he considered to be huge areas of government folly and/or waste, but there was no mention of out of work benefits.

In 1910, the government overhead was around 10% of GDP, that is now much nearer to 70%, and you could probably plot a chart to demonstrate that as the overhead increased, so the prosperity of the nation decreased.

The phrase, "Go away" comes to mind!

G. Tingey said...

Oddly enough, if the middle-men & troughers & consultants were all sacked ... the "welfare" payments wouldn't be so onerous on the state, would they?
NOT that I'm saying that we shouldn't be careful about such payments, mark you, so as to avoid misinterpretation..

Example: I have an acquaintance, who really needs crutches to walk more than a few steps.
The consultants who had taken over "disability assesment" gave him an awful run-around & he had to appeal (which should have been unnecessary - you only have to watch him for a minute) before he got his monies. He does what he can (which is not a lot, but ...
Who profited from this?
Not us, not my acquaintance, but ATOS did very nicely, thank you.

Yes, it's a criminal disgrace

Johnm said...

Yes, but atos get less money the more points they award the claimant. Which is
why their average award is 6 points, with 15 the point where disability
As for labour…the debt/grp ratio may well be 70%, but after the second war it
was around 250%. It fell during their spell in gov, rising towards the end of
PFI started under Major, and contains extremely onerous buy-out terms.
Still, at least they didn't give the hospitals and schools away!
(Those biz running the school academies were GIVEN the assets)
The ONS contains all you need to know.
Of course, you could check the "family tree" of conservative links to private
healthcare companies (who are busy running hospitals and GP practices)(on long contracts).
Mind you, you could also look at the labour parties links on the same ¨áº—roughers"chart, and note several well-known names with their snouts firmly engaged.

Johnm said...

Johnm said...

And the largest group of benefit claimants are the elderly.
And that includes housing benefit and council tax benefit.
In fact, the WORKING benefit claimants claim several times more than the disabled/non-working.

Mr Ecks said...

NuLabour and BluLabour are both thieving parasites. IDS is esp annoying as he is a freeloader too and has personally cost the taxpayer more than a street full of bogus benefit claims.