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Sunday, 26 January 2014

EU hubris could destabilise Europe

The deaths and disorder in the Ukraine can be laid in no small part at the fragrant feet of Catherine Ashton. As she departs her unelected role at the EU later this year with payoffs and perks that would keep the whole of Benefits Street fed for a decade she leaves a trail of blood, pain and frustration in her wake. 

Ukraine is not Europe. Not even the Western part, which has its own language and which provided Himmler with so many willing guards for his extermination camps. The desire of its people to escape serfdom and the knout is understandable; having hoped the Bolsheviks would oblige, Stalin soon disillusioned them. The Holodomor, slaughter by starvation, in 1932/33 killed many millions.

And this was well known at the time to that repulsive traitor and gulag-apologist Nye Bevan, who praised the system of his Soviet masters in Parliament while children died in agony on the streets of Kiev.

Putin is not Stalin. The Western Ukranians are no longer serfs. They have been stirred up by Ashton's promises that would gratify Ukranian nationalism, and she's done so because of the hubris of the EU, which wants to be an ever-bigger ever more powerful federation, an Empire to challenge the US.

The separatists are pressing Ashton to visit Kiev within the next few weeks in the hope that concessions will lead to the resumption of accession talks. The EU needs to be aware it's playing a dangerous game - and one that could destabilise the European peace that NATO has secured since the last war.


Anonymous said...

Mornin' Raedwald...

"...and one that could destabilise the European peace that NATO has secured since the last war."

But EUphiles claim the opposite?

You've got me all confused now!

I thought that the EU was the main reason that the whole of Europe had been relatively peaceful since 1945?

Along with the help of CND and Catty Ashton of course!

G. Tingey said...

No Putin is not J V Djugvlashii ... but he's still a secret police thug ...

Anonymous said...

G Tingey @ 09:32 said:

'No Putin is not J V Djugvlashii ... but he's still a secret police thug ...'

One day, Mr Tingey, you might just see the wider picture - though somehow I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Alack - it rubs off, and it only took 5 years in Brussels but it turned her into a megalomaniac 'nation builder'. What with fat controller Barosso and Tony talked her through it, no doubt.

Same shit with the 'Arab spring', let us hope it does not end so badly.

A road to nowhere, strewn with dead bodies, men and women full of hopelessly misplaced dreams of 'regime change' look to Syria and note the parallels.

Where, vague promises of 'help' ala Libya from the sabre rattling infantile political sponge brained jerks in Washington, Paris and London forced a mood of ill placed optimism - what did the peoples of Syria expect to happen?
Surely not that, Bashar al-Assad would just march quietly off into the sunset leaving a happy and contented new democracy to Syria?
Now think, is it not still the truth that, Bashar al-Assad is the least worst option? Tempting also to mention Iraq - how's that going - Mr. Blair?

Putin could help to solve the Syria question but the West needs to get real, for a change we should try to see it, to observe the world from a Russian perspective. R, as you say Putin is a hard man but he is not a murderous monster like Joe Stalin.

A parallel maybe and here again is the west dipping in its sticky finger with...........?

The situation in the Ukraine is now unstable and deeply perplexing.

Ukraine, they don't need to be in the Empire of sovereign and banking debt - they should look East and West but ultimately plough their own furrow.

Putin, as is his won't does make trouble but many 'Ukrainians' are also of Russian stock - Georgia was a small nation under the same illusion - that Europe would help.

EU help - militarily?

What a laugh for they could not and they didn't and neither will they help with the Ukrainian state now - so why play this charade?

But chaffing and restless, mired in debt and in economic chaos it looks outwards and the EU can't help itself.

In the form of Baroness meddlesome surely opened this Ukrainian Pandoran 'treasure trove' and it has duly loosed a legion of woes.

An internal compromise must be made quickly but does not look likely - who knows where it will end? Sadly, it has set Western adherents against their Eastern cousins in Christ and that reopens old wounds.

Truly, the Ukraine is part of the Russo-European brotherhood but evidently: the EU is too weak to undertake the enormous heavy lifting and economic burden it would impose upon the western nations of the EU - ie Britain and Germany.

Baroness unelected, never did anyone vote for her in Britain - propelled by Brown as some sort of sop or as a bad joke and to boot so dull witted - a bus cleaner overnight turned transportation boardroom executive and a stretch way too far. But all in a trice, playing stupid mind games which are not only uncalled for - at six members the EU was too big.

Baroness 'wide vision' but using polarized spectacles and strategises, an unwanted and totally needless power politicking. Yet, Baroness bonkers all hard eyed serpentine will slither back into Britain - mission accomplished and pension guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Apropos, the Baroness did I not see her swanning around in Montreux,'assisting' the Syrian peace talks. What is her remit and under what authority does she wander about interfering.
John Smerdon

anon 2 said...

And meanwhile --- her husband carries on the mind games via the powerful medium of his YouGov polls.

What fun it must be to enjoy playing around in 'high' places. Or is their world just 'up-so-down'?

Budgie said...

Raedwald whilst I agree with your opinion of the execrable Ashton, I must quibble (?) with your view that "Ukraine is not Europe". It is to the west of the Don and the Urals, so must be Europe.

I suspect though that the Ukraine (or its precursors) were more influenced by the Eastern Roman Empire, and since the EU is a resurrection of the Roman (Western) Empire, the Ukraine is outside the EU's remit.