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Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting the message out

In the run up to May, I'm convinced that the message that all Euphobes need to get out must be above all simple. The electorate really aren't interested in arcane arguments about treaty clauses - this is an issue for administrators. So we must take command of the agenda and make the key points as simply and clearly as possible. I'll be doing my bit, on a wholly non-party political basis of course, with mock-ups of simple issue messages such as this;
The visualisation may be a bit crap, but the ideas are free, gratis and without any conditions.


Restoring Britain said...

Yes, yes yes yes. That is all.

Anonymous said...

"Democracy? Nobody voted for this lot!"

Might have been a more fitting caption.

Herod said...

Is being elected some sort of guarantee of fitness for use?
Brown, Blair, Cameron. Clegg, and even Milliband were elected. Were any of them more useful?
Democracy is an illusion. Dictatorship of the majority would be a better description.

Anonymous said...

Herod wrote:

"...Brown, Blair, Cameron. Clegg, and even Milliband were elected"

That is not so...

They might have been elected to act as an MP to a small selection of the total electorate that they claim/have claimed to represent, but that is a different matter.

There is no difference between the idiots that run the EU and the idiots that tell us that we must listen to the idiots that run the EU and do what they tell us to do.

This is why the idiots that Herod mentions above are scared shitless of any successful campaign by pressure group, armed insurrection or mere political party (like UKIP) that forces these idiots to allow us to tell them (for once) WHAT WE WANT.

Of course the folks behind the Harrogate Agenda have got a very good point, in that a directly elected PM will give the electorate a bit of democracy... and the rest of it is very well thought out and researched.

But before we start a shooting match, we need to get the only political party that dares to question the established "elected dictatorship" (HT WfW) into a position to either force a referendum with a clear and concise question, or just announce that we are going to leave by whatever method that is required at the time.

Vote UKIP and vote often.

Anonymous said...

Wot right_write says - it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:15

'Wot right_write says - it's all good.'

I concur.


Herod said...

Like all sentient human beings I shall vote UKIP. However I do so knowing that they are just
another political party and must produce ultimate disappointment.
But Harrogate is altogether another matter. There lies the ultimate up grade for our sorry system.

G. Tingey said...


Anonymous said...

Can I get this a a stand alone email to send to all my contacts?

Davey C said...

It might appeal to policy-lite Kippers but a lot of people want to know there's a plan for what happens when this lot are kicked to the kerb. Having politicians saying "trust us" isn't going to wash anymore even if they're Ukip. That's what you lot don't get. A few Sun readers might go for it but many more won't.

john in cheshire said...

Regarding democracy and the deficit we have with the current bunch of chancers and worse, I'd suggest googling the Harrogate Agenda. The proposals are easy to understand and are eminently sensible. The more people learn about the 6 Demands, I feel, the more will recognise that this is the only way to address the malaise we currently have in our country regarding the so-called ruling class.

Seth the pig farmer said...

Next one with salaries

Then one with their expenses

Then one with the tax they pay

Then one with their pension

You are looking at 300 nurses.

Anonymous said...

If I may quote Tony Benn's test of democracy:

1) What power have you got?

2) Where id you get it from?

3) In whose interest do you exercise it?

4) To whom are you accountable? and...

5) How do we get rid of you?

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