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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Maybe we should have hanged more Japs

Cruel, buck-toothed little men with pebble glasses yelling 'Banzai!' were all the stuff of the comic books of my youth - Victor and the like. Smirking brutes with samurai swords would inevitably get their come-uppance at the end of a solid British fist after inflicting their dreadful brutalities. In reality, it may be that far too few got their come-uppance. Maybe we should have hanged lots more Japs. Perhaps we should have hanged their Emperor.

Unlike the Germans, whose breast-beating and self-incrimination over the NS period has now gone far too far, the Japanese nation have never even come close to admitting the truth about their barbarity during those years. School history books have been censored to remove all references to slaughter, enforced prostitution, bio-warfare experimentation on prisoners and the casual cruelties of invaders who regarded their captives, particularly the Chinese, as sub-human. It says something when, during the rape of Nanking, the atrocities were so bad that even the Nazis in the city gave shelter and protection to the native Chinese. Guttentag's 'Nanking' is due for DVD release here on 24th February. It will end up being seen by every nation on earth except one - Japan.

This is dangerous. Just as the myth of the 'stab in the back' in 1918 allowed the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the 1930s, Japan's institutional refusal to come to terms with the reality of the Tojo years is allowing a dangerous militaristic resurgence. The US is as mistaken in not only permitting but encouraging Jap militarism now as they were after 1946 by the softness of their occupation policy. Of course, Japan is not solely responsible for the rise of tensions in the Pacific. In becoming a global power with interests from African copper mines to European car plants China has discovered she needs a naval fleet to match. With Chinese carriers on the way, Japan already has HMS Ocean-sized carriers in service - and bigger ones planned.

The truth is that until the characteristic and dangerous pit-bull like aggression has been bred-out of the Japanese race they remain a threat to peace. The plea in today's Telegraph by the Chinese Ambassador is of course one-sided, but he's asking a question that the UK may soon have to ask itself - which side will we be on?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Raedwald...

I am not so sure that the Chinese are any less savage...

I had heard that just last year they executed 2000 people, and the genocide in Tibet has not stopped its inexorable progress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in 2014 I'd be much more worried about the Chinese than the Japanese. You sound as though you're still living in 1945.

G. Tingey said...

Film due out next week (?)
"Railway Man"
Which I shall have to see ...
One of my uncles survived it ....

Elby the Beserk said...

Well, my dear old dad held that the two greatest threats to us were as follows

1. The Yellow Peril
2. Anthony Wedgewood-Benn.

In no particular order.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Given a choice between supporting the present Japan or China, having lived in and done business in both, I would opt for Japan every time.

Anon is right - it isn't 1945 anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Given a choice between supporting the present Japan or China, having lived in and done business in both, I would opt for Japan every time."

Doing business indeed, friendly ie working for a Japanese company? Or, were you selling your British firms wares? A UK government negotiator perhaps - then you'd need to be friendly.

The Japanese mindset has changed little since 1945, or since 1745 for that matter.
After Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the West kind of felt very sorry for the Japs. Indeed, all the apologizing swung the other way and using that, manipulating that sympathy went a long way to rebuilding the Japanese Corporations, which were pretty much unchanged from per war days.

Yes, they had to surrender but never actually 'lost' the war because sacred Japan was never conquered. In their eyes - that was not a defeat and the West has been apologizing ever since - they like that, it is proof of being unbeaten.

They did not respect their victors and still don't - theirs is the supreme arrogance in their ethos. Thus, no apology for the death train either and remember the way the Thais aided the Japanese Army to surprise the British - orientals stick together but that the rivalry between them is great also.

It takes years to understand it and even when, after years of one sided friendliness you think that finally they do - they still don't like the gaijin.
Speak the language, obey their customs and live a 'small life' in Japan and they will tolerate you.

AndrewWS said...

Let's face it, they're all a load of slitty-eyed gooks, so we might as well stay well out of it and let them try to wipe each other out.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@Anon - Since you ask I worked in the Japanese office of a German multi-national selling things to them (I did the same in China). I found them much like people everywhere else. Some of them nice, some not, most of them indifferent. I must say I found their culture similar to Britain in some respects. Specifically it is a negative politeness culture - like the UK, if you step on my foot I will say "sorry" as a reflex. They do the same.

Btw, don't imagine the Japs hold a monopoly on having contempt for other peoples and cultures. The. Chinese are more than equal to them in that regard.

My basic point is 1billion+ nationalist aggressive Chinese intent on expansion is more of a threat to our interests than the Japanese. If it were 1934 rather than 2014 I would make the opposite choice.

G. Tingey said...

Andrew WS
Real, actual hate-filled racism.
Just like the Japanese, in fact ... oops.
Yea, the Chinese are very like us, in business ... they're a collection of Barrow-Boys, but, once a read "deal" is agreed on, they will stick to it.
Japan - well - look at the Olympus scandal.
Or their treatment of the girl who OUGHT TO BE the next Empress of Japan.
The one in blue, at the back.

Anonymous said...

Sebastian Weetabix - 2 January 2014 18:50

Fair comment, both sides need to back down [Sino-Japan] but neither can because of the need to preserve 'face' - another problem with the Orient.

btw, I have met and have known some remarkable Easterners, they all are a fascination but a mystery also, inscrutably so. Moreover, it is always a great mistake to underestimate our cousins from the East.

rick hamilton said...

As we can see from these comments, the British are not entirely tolerant, fair and balanced in their judgement. Try insulting a certain well known gang of mediaevalist religious bigots in this way and you are likely to find a bearded ignoramus coming at you with a large knife. Today's Japanese do not do such things, they have learned their lesson and do not wish to see any repeats of the past.
Turn your venom on those who deserve it today, not 70 years ago.

Raedwald said...

Rick - the facts defy your words. If Angela Merkel laid a wreath at the grave of Josef Mengele, people would rightly question whether the Germans "do not wish to see any repeat of the past"; Abe's visit to honour Nippon's barbarous war criminals was inexcusable.

And if you want to see too many examples of Japanese failure to confront the past, look at the serialised version of 'Nanking' on Youtube and read the Jap comments condemning even the heart-rending eye witness testimony as 'lies'