Saturday, 25 January 2014

Yo Yo Yeo

There's really nothing I can add to a wonderful story told by the Mail this morning here. It's got everything - the scion of a well known County family, a spat with a neighbouring Tory MP, a TV sleb and of course Yeo himself, fighting desperately to overturn the decision of his own local party to sack him. Oh for the pen of Alan Ayckbourn to bring the whole drawing-room comedy to stage.


Anonymous said...

Dahling, Tim thinks he's doing such important work, saving the planet and all.

Dear all,

Those ungrateful bastards, I'm singly the biggest cheese in Suffolk and Essex come to think of it and I need my legacy.

Yes, all I ask is a few more years in the 'Westminster embezzlers guild'. Just a few more years taking fees for my environ-mental clients. Then I will have 'earned' a fat public pension and then those twats who voted for me can ***k themselves for all I care.

Signed Tim Yeo MP.

PS, and green boondoggles will ***K the country too - ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Anonymous said...

Yet more reasons (if reasons were needed) to vote UKIP.

Coney Island