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Saturday, 4 January 2014

You'd need a heart of stone ...

You'd need a heart of stone not to enjoy a laugh at the plight of Chris Turney, visiting professor of bovine flatus at the University of Luton Parkside. Turvey had hired a survey ship at vast expense to go and look at the way in which climate change had shrunk the Antarctic ice fields. Unfortunately, the ice fields have grown rather spectacularly rather than melted - trapping Turvey on his hired vessel in the ice that he says shouldn't be there.

The Chinese, with new global interests and investments ranging from vast copper mines in Africa to car plants in Europe, have developed a marine support infrastructure to match, both military and civil. Looking at a 1978 IMO directory of tugs, salvage vessels, oil spill tenders and SAR co-ordination resources available to mariners across the globe, China figures nowhere. Now of course she's caught-up and has such vessels placed strategically across the oceans. What irony then that Turvey should have arranged his abandonment of the frozen Shokalskiy by using a new Chinese icebreaker. 

Oil-burning ships are of course the new target of the MMG warmists; they would eschew global maritime trade in favour of hand-knitted yoghurt cardigans from Wiltshire and diseased vegetables. Astonishing, then, that Turvey should have chosen a motor ship for his high-carbon jaunt in the first place - or is wind and solar power really only suitable for gullible fools on land?


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Even more amusing was their acceptance of the rescue Helicopter's "carbon footprint" so they could be taken home in safety. The buggers should have been made to walk!

Cuffleyburgers said...

I'm afraid my sense of humour is really starting to run very thin indeed. I sincerely hope that 2014 is the year that seriously unpleasant things start happening to some of these unspeakable bastards.

As a libertarian I am of course opposed to the initaition of violence as a matter of principle, but as a weak and feeble minded man I accept that my principles can be elastic.


DeeDee99 said...

You have to laugh ..... the climate change obsessives just can't help making themselves look ridiculous.

Katabasis said...

And the Guardian is desperately trying to rally the catastrophist troops in the light of this debacle.

First they post a piece about "research" (actually just another f**king computer game model) promising we'll all be boiling in our fluids this century. Oh and its from one of Professor Captain Turkey's departmental colleagues, Sherwood. Coincidence?

Secondly, they run a piece claiming that the build up of antarctic sea ice is in fact "weather" and not "climate", in spite of the fact that it has been an inter-annual increase (meanwhile stating that the decrease at the arctic is "climate" and not "weather". Got it?)

I'm finding myself increasingly in the same place as Cuffleyburgers above. My temper is rapidly shortening with these frauds.

Anonymous said...

I just read on the Telegraph that now even the Chinese rescue ship is stuck in ice.

Hilarious stuff, but would be nice to know just how much this debacle has cost taxpayers.

John M said...

Indeed sail power was enough for the great Ernest Shackleton when he explored the Antarctic, albeit with a bit of steam power for when he got to the ice.

But Shackleton was away for three years at a time during which no bugger knew what happened to him. And that in itself is a reason to encourage Dr Turney to make best use of it.

Anonymous said...

Future historians will judge late 20th/early 21st man very harshly indeed. They will wonder what collective madness led them to believe they were causing warming; which has now stopped, that was a perfectly natural event. These lunatics are killing people today over an imaginary problem that they think will hit us in 100years time.

When the lunatic criminal Chris Huhne went to jail I was certain that the UK government would never find anyone as delusional as him to oversee the British department of climate change. Oh, how I was wrong, the latest incumbent Ed Davey is both delusional and mad. Only a lunatic would commission the building of a nuclear power plant with a guarantee of an electricity price of twice todays level.

I am likewise naturally opposed to violence but the time nears when we may need to rise up and slaughter the Ba*****s.

Anonymous said...

I watched their little shindig, some of it was televised and everybody was having such a good time, yah!

Turney, hardly a prime example of the human race [expedition to the Antarctic??], his happy little dial kept turning up on camera.

Turney, how could this pathetic gimp ever be awarded a degree, let alone a professorship, he came all over schoolboy 5th year jejune from the woodwork class.

Correspondence courses, English courses for students from the subcontinent in how to screw more welfare but are they now offering degrees and higher degrees at South Dewsbury Tech college?

Dave_G said...

The whole AGW 'scam' is still the mainstay of Article 21 - we will never see the end of increasing energy costs and now they're aiming at water supplies to further enhance their drive towards a new world order.
The AGW scarenhas served its purpose hence its 'defence' is starting to wane but its implementation has had the desired effect - centralise taxation is on the cards and will NOT be stopped.

Most of us are judging the book by its cover whilst the real story carries on inside the pages.

G. Tingey said...

Sorry Radders, but - PRAT.

A warmer climate is a more extreme one - more energy in the whole system
So you get bigger swings overall (including more cold) whilst total (OVER WHOLE PLANET) temperature goes up.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Just when you think it's old hat - done to death, over, done, kaput - somebody breathes more life into Downfall - aww.... deepoorliddlepengwins....

Hitler Gets Trapped in Sea Ice

Tingey - feckorf back to CiFland

Cuffleyburgers said...

But Greg, there's been no warming since 1998, sea ice is inceasing not reducing and studies have shown that actually there has been no significant increase in extreme weather events.

Anyway believe what you like, it's essentially a religious issue.

Just don't tell me how to live my life.

Anonymous said...

"A warmer climate is a more extreme one - more energy in the whole system"


What a div you are.

The Solar influence is the only input into the terrestrial atmospheric system, the solar influence is quieter than usual and is slowly entering a quiescence. Therefore, a lack of energy in the terrestrial atmosphere is the real bugbear.

Once more again, for those who are hard of hearing and mentally challenged: it must be stressed that the earth is in a warming period between ice advances. Indeed, our 10,000 years of warming are up and at any moment the earth will - RETURN TO THE ICE AGE.
Presently, at the minute we are looking at a considerable pause in natural warming. We must all hope that it, this cooling does not presage something much more severe.

Cold kills mankind, warming in the northern hemisphere especially if you live more than 50º N [the UK] makes life more comfortable.

The green mania, is a manifestation of that very Anglicized/European puritanical streak which runs through the DNA of northern mankind. The idea that, somehow we've all had it too easy and that we must atone for our sins, that sort of religious lunacy fits nicely into the regressive 'scorched earth' policies advocated by the green lobby and taken up very keenly by investment bankers to the political elite more especially the totalitarians inhabiting the left wing - Marxists, Trots, Socialists, Labour call them as you see fit.

If one wishes to live anywhere north of 50ºN, then you need a reliable and sustained supply of cheap energy, the greens are against this on all levels - why?

Misanthropic means the green agenda, until the public realizes this and calls a halt to the political elite driving it: then we are travelling down a one way street to de-industrialization and therefore to total annihilation.

Cold, mark my words - will be the death of us all.

G. Tingey said...

Oh for feck's sake!


Trying to claim it's a world-wide CONSPIRACY (of scientists? - Have you ever experience how they ARGUE?) is so stupid as to be risible.
Conspiracies only work when SMALL ...
The one you posit is huge _ & therefore non-existent. [Note]
I mean, even the small conspiracy between Exxon & the Koch Brothers, paying to deny GW is well-known.
Unfortunately, some loons, like on this blog, believe it ...

Note: I mean a conspiracy involving every member of the Royal Society, ALL the equivalent scientific bodies across the nations on the planet, & it hasn't been exposed, except by loonies?

Please grow up - I grow vegetables & I happen to think that I agree with the experts.

Monty Donna Kebab said...

Ah bless, G Tingey's gonna skweem and skweem and skweem until he's sick. It's not a conspiracy and it sure as shit ain't science. It's a pathetic over reach of metric measurements based on flawed foundations and unknown complexity. No one disputes that climate change is occurring but err... it always has. Thus, any solutions or conclusions proffered are both ignorant and pointless - a bit like your good self. Now off, back to your rhubarb, it's smarter than you - ask it for advice.

Dr Evil said...

How ironic that the Chinese isebreaker is stuck in the ice too. Even more ironic, it's summer in the antarctic. Even more ironic, a US icebreaker is on the way to free (LOL) the Chinese icebreaker and the Russian ship. Delicious. The AGW idiots deserve the red faces. But the excuse is always global warming or climate change. It's ice age time though folks. CO2 always goes up prior to........

Budgie said...

G Tingey - you are too imprecise to bother debating with. So let me educate you instead.


Well, blow me down, guv, innit, of course it's real - as Anon 00:07 actually said - otherwise we would be under half a mile of ice.

The issue is whether Anthropogenic Global Warming (that means "man made" to you G Tingey) so overwhelms the natural climate systems that we get catastrophic global warming locked to the rise in CO2.

Well, CO2 continues to rise but GW has stopped. So the core postulate at the heart of CAGW has demonstrably failed. Any continued belief in CAGW is purely religious.

Conspiracies only work when SMALL ... The one you posit is huge.

No, the CAGW conspiracy was quite small, maybe about two dozen globally, as demonstrated by the Climategate emails. Of course large numbers of non-scientists like journalists, politicians, Bilderburgers, etc have jumped on the bandwagon over the last 20 years because "doom" makes news, and enable new political controls to be imposed on us serfs.

The CAGW hoax also satisfies the craving for a pseudo-religious experience for those who have run away from real religion.

G. Tingey said...

Budgie, at least has attempted an argument on the facts, rather than call me names.
Since this is a matter of vital scientific & world importance, I will try to answer him.
The rest of you can either find an argument that holds water, or stop being personal, OK?
Though I do note his inaccurate cheap & lying shot in the last sentence, which I will ignore, this time.


Budgie appears to be claiming a small (& therefore believable) conspiracy. Which, I admit is a great change from the usual rubbish.
The "Climategate emails" actually demonstrated nothing at all, other than normal correspondence between concerned individuals.
If he & others are trying to re-manufacture the use of the word "trick" referring to a particular mathematical tool or set of procedures to elucidate resualts, then he is sadly mistaken.
This sort of dialogue certainly USED TO BE normal - it has & had no malicious intent whatsoever.
It referred to perfectly useful methods, that were disclosed in the papers & documents published.

I will refer readers AGAIN to a mass-observation experiment that has been running in the UK for over 10 years now, where many thousands of observers note down makers of cahnge in the climate, year by year & year on year.
All there markers are natural events, easily observed & with very small error-bars, because of the large number of observations.
Being based in the UK, with the longest record of such observations PLUS other historical data (Tree-rings being a good example) it can be relied upon.
The overall conclusion is very clear ... the climate, overall & on average is warming, though it appears to have slowed down a lot in the past couple of years (But it hasn't "gone back").
Try googling for "Nature's Calendar"

Budgie said...

Anyone who is unconvinced by the "consensus" view of CAGW put forward by G Tingey will find the following useful:

The Hockey Stick Illusion (subtitled "Climategate and the Corruption of Science") is an expose of the extent to which supporters of CAGW will go.