Saturday, 22 February 2014

EU must scrap worthless 'External Action Service'

Sometimes, probably on the basis of monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare, even Guardian columnists pen a plain truth. Almost. Timothy Garton Ash writes today "As the Ukraine expert Andrew Wilson notes, the EU took a baguette to a knife fight. In recent weeks, it has done better. Friday's proposed compromise is a tribute to the personal engagement of the German, Polish and French foreign ministers" What he means of course is that the EU wisely butted out and did just what this blog advised; hid all trace of the fragrant Mrs Ashton, and left the deal to the Quai D'Orsay and the Werderscher Markt, no doubt with US State Department briefings in the background. In other words, effective diplomacy remains something better done by the professionals of our national foreign ministries rather than the unelected dilettante amateurs of the EU. All credit must also be given to Poland - Ukraine's neighbour, across whose borders come Ukraine's largest Euro exports, smuggled cigarettes and prostitutes - a nation one watches with the pride of seeing an awkward teen growing into an accomplished adult.

And if real diplomacy is something best left to the nation states of Europe, what of the unelected Commission's favourite toy, the 'European External Action Service'? With over 3,400 employees, 2,000 of whom work outside of Belgium, and an annual Euro tax-theft of over £420m, what, exactly, is it for?

The answer is simple. It's to bolster the insane hubris of those who like little Luxembourger Viviane Reding fantasize a new European Empire. It's the twenty-first century equivalent of the Schloss Neuschwanstein, a sugar candy show castle with walls you could poke down with a stout stick. The visions of the mad King of Bavaria were never as fantastical as the ambitions of the EU Federasts. 

It demonstrated its utter failure in Bosnia. And until Europe's professional foreign ministries stepped in last week to take over, it was leading Europe's nations down a dangerous path. It is potentially far more harmful than any other government or agency in Europe. It must be disbanded and dissolved, and all power returned where it belongs - to the elected governments and foreign ministries of Europe's states.


Anonymous said...

"it must be disbanded and dissolved"

but it won't be.

DeeDee99 said...

The Kommissars and Eurocrats will never give up their vanity External Action Service.

It's their version of the Wizard of Oz.

Lots of flashing lights, bells an whistles intended to create a powerful impression - and behind the curtain a pathetic no-body pulling on strings that don't actually DO anything.

Anonymous said...

Fair comment Raedwald, but it's still their way or no way. These EU folk are incrementalists - emphasising the last three syllables - and each step is a little victory for them. That's how they work.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely and well said.

On a similar and connected vein.

Why, why the fook are ratty and fatty [ rattus von Rumpy and the oleaginous Barroso] plus all of the Baronetry of Ruritania, its entourage invited to the G20?! For heavens sakes - it grants these ignominious clowns a very, very thin veneer of respectability and thus - somewhat of an ersatz legitimacy in the eyes of the world.
That is not right, the EU is not a nation nor is it anywhere near, to being a state in its own right.

I'll tell you what it is, its a f***ing stitch up. On behalf and at the bidding of Merkel, Hollande and no doubt Nick Clegg of HMG and.......of the world's bankers, Obummer, the Club of Rome/Bilderbergers, George Soros.

Forthwith, someone needs to inform them [the EU] to - get out of the fucking kitchen - and tell Barroso to FO and take his rat featured sidekick with him.

Edward Spalton said...

Not forgetting that Catherine Ashton's appointment was her reward for getting the Lords to renege on the promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution, rehashed as the Lisbon.

A touch on the expensive side, perhaps bt 'twas a reward for a famous victory of the Project over us aboriginals

Mike Spilligan said...

I think that Baroness Ashton ticks all the boxes to be short-listed for a Nobel Peace Prize - even if peace doesn't break out any time soon. Watch this space.