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Friday, 28 February 2014

Merkel & Immigrants drive more voters to UKIP?

Yesterday was not a good one for Cameron. On top of the immigrant stats, which showed a substantial rise in EU immigration, came Angela proclaiming that Dave's Big Idea of renegotiating the UK's place in Europe was a no-go. Undoubtedly there will be voters who despite the evidence were prepared to give Cameron the benefit of superior knowledge - that he must have better advice than bloggers and pundits - whose support Merkel has just brought down in flames. Very well, they will reason, if it's really in or out then I'll go with UKIP - I least I know they won't lie about a quick referendum.

Events in Ukraine can also do nothing but highlight the EU's failures and inadequacies, and if Miliband seeks to stem the slow bleed of Labour supporters to UKIP by backing a referendum it won't be Cameron's referendum. All in all, this is news beyond the government's powers of news management; there is nothing I can see on the horizon that could boost Cameron's position on Europe with the voters. 


Anonymous said...

Lets face facts, not one of the 3 larger parties... errr, maybe that should now read "not one of the 3 traditionally voted for parties has any interest in giving us a referendum and they all to a man break their promises.

The most effective strategy for the short term is to vote UKIP in May with such overwhelming results, that they all have to sit up and take note.

Coney Island

Robert said...

Merkel has stated in English that there can be no renegotiation of Britain's 'relationship' with the EU. That leaves only two possibilities with regard to our position vis a vis the EU: we are in or we are out. There is no longer the Cameron 'repatriation of powers'. His policy is in tatters but it makes things simpler. We have now to decide if we stay in an unreformed EU which is pushing for further integration or do we take the article 50 option and join the IEA and EFTA?

Out is looking like the only option.

Anonymous said...

Surely another option is to restore the death penalty, which would satisfy a lot of voters and have the effect of making us leave the EU rather quickly, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "another option is to restore the death penalty, [snip] and have the effect of making us leave the EU rather quickly,"

While I believe the death sentence is outlawed by the EU as a sanction to member states, there is, I believe circumstances where is can be applied by the EU courts.

It's the usual EU trick.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Article 50, I don't pretend to be an expert but there is a very interesting article in blog which is saying Article 50 is a trap, a means to keep us in the EU not a means of exit.

G. Tingey said...

NO to the "death penalty - except, perhaps, for Treason.

The usual problem is: What do you do WHEN (Not IF) you get it wrong.
You can always let a wrongly-convicted person out, but not if you have murdered them.

On subject, well, yes
IN to IEA / EFTA /Schengen
OUT of the EU.

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron won't give up on his "renegotiate/Referendum" claims.

As the LibCONs have no intention of ever letting us leave, it's either that, or try to convince us that IN on the current terms is in our interests. And he knows that's a non-starter.

So he'll continue to deny that Merkel, Hollande, Barosso, Rumpuy and anyone else with any clout in the EU have all said NO.

The Elite's response was made clear on Channel; 4 News and Newsnight yesterday: ignore the issues; smear UKIP and attack the man.

Cascadian said...

Camoron gets spanked in public by the frau, all good fun for public school types who don't do their homework.

However he is useful, the best recruiter UKIP has ever had.

Anonymous said...

I don't think UKIP really wants Britain to leave the EU. Farage had his chance with the Somerset floods to make political capital, due to the major EU involvement. He's failed to do that. He's happy being a small protest party taking the EU shilling.
As for the death penalty, why not let the people decide? My main thought against is not a moral one but simply that I don't trust the police.

G. Tingey said...

10 Rillington Place
Birmingham Six
Sally Clark
and others ...
NO to the death penalty - that's why!

Or are you too stupid to see this?

visc said...

Indeed G Tingey, - trust the corrupt state not to murder us? You'd have to be lunatic to engage in the double think that says the state is corrupt, we have seen it over and over again(see your examples as a start), but we should give hand it the power of life and death into vile hands