Thursday, 13 February 2014

Reding's meaningless roadshows

Viviane Reding is meeting Europe's 500m citizens. However, as an unelected EU official detached from the democratic process, this means in practice, if Monday's event at the Royal Institution is anything to go by, taking questions from just eight nationals from each nation. 

I counted about 150 people in the audience for her UK roadshow. As it turned out, many of these were European nationals working in London (one of whom thought it unfair that the 2.2m EU citizens in the UK were going to be denied a vote in our Referendum). A whole block in the centre, from whom most questions came, were from a single pressure group - European Youth, or European Future or some such. I didn't quite catch the name - which seemed to be a sort of dating club for geekish EUphiles. Only one angry little chap in a purple blazer asked a couple of intelligent questions that challenged Reding, and satisfyingly pulled her up sharply when she slipped and referred to Europe as a country.

The rest of the two hours was dull pap and tedium of the sort at which the EU excels. Reding proved that in contradiction of the mantras of the MBA dummies, there is an 'I' in 'Europe', and it's Frau Reding. I lost count of the directives she claimed to have sired, and with the mention of each one she swelled like a little red balloon with Europride and hubris. The defining moment came when she described her latest triumph - a Charter for the Rights of Victims. I tasted sick at the back of my throat. Was I a Victim of Euro-hubris? What rights could I claim?

Like the idiot colleague who once remarked to me 'I think I won that conversation', the EU's video of Reding's hectoring monologue is titled  'Vice-President REDING's citizens' dialogue in London'. Dear God, the woman loves herself. Here's a taste if you've the stomach for it.


DeeDee99 said...

Got as far as respecting each others roots and gave up in disgust.

The EU respects no country's roots. It aims to destroy the nation states of Europe as well as national culture, national laws, national pride and, eventually nationalities.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't have the stomach for it.

Not sure whose Vice-President this jumped-up little turd thinks she is, but sure as hell she isn't mine.

God Save The Queen!

Nick Drew said...

there is a breed of politicos who are shameless in their self-publicity

I had the misfortune to be represented on the GLA by one Andrew Pelling, who became chair of their Transport committee. The committee conducted an enquiry into some technical incident on the Underground

the resulting full-colour document contained 6 photos: 2 were of widgets pertaining to the incident, and 4 were of Pelling

also to be treasured is the first annual report of Ofgas (as was) which contained 13 (thirteen) photos of its Director General James McKinnon

Anonymous said...

Wow, should we be impressed by her command of useless factoids?

Should we be awed by her determination?

Should we be worried about her authoritarian tones?

Should we be worried?


G. Tingey said...

I keep thinking ...
Is she related in any way to F├╝rst von Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein ??

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 @ 07:19

'The EU respects no country's roots. It aims to destroy the nation states of Europe as well as national culture, national laws, national pride and, eventually nationalities.'

Nationhood is anathema to them, social psychologists call it group polarization: them and us. Instead of many opinions from many sources born of many experiences, they see only two.

You're either for a United States of Europe or, you're a neo-Nazi xenophobe.


cuffleyburgers said...

Godalmighty, what a horrendous woman.

Anonymous said...

Weekend Yachtsman: "God Save The Queen!"

One of the successes of the EU is to have completely compromised the person of HM the Queen.

She has agreed to 'citizenship' of the EU, which one presumes means she is of no more or less significance than any other 'citizen' of the EU.

Lizzy Windsor is a waste of space, and her heir apparent even worse.

God save the Crown.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Anon 1259: I cannot disagree.

My comment was intended as a point of principle rather than a statement of support for any individual monarch.

God save the Crown would indeed have been more accurate, but doesn't somehow have the same ring imho.

But I fear it may too late even for God.